What Is Crystalline Sulfur Used For Subnautica?

The river was once listed by Ripley’s Believe it or Not as the “Shortest, deepest river in the world” because the blue hole is over 437 feet deep, while the river itself is only 400 feet long. In fact, the blue hole is only 16 feet deep, but is linked to a further underground river.

Are Crashfish in Subnautica below zero?

This article is about Crashfish (Below Zero) in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Crashfish (Below Zero). The Crashfish is a defensive fauna species. The Crashfish lives in a symbiotic relationship with a flora species named the Sulfur Plant.

What does sulfur look like in Subnautica?

Cave Sulfur is found inside squat, brown sulfur plants found randomly inside the Shallows’ claustrophobic cave systems, found simply by exploring the ocean floor for long enough. However, each plant also contains a Crashfish inside it who will try to defend its home to the death.

Is Subnautica a multiplayer game?

UPDATE (5 Sep 2016): Subnautica will be a single-player game only, and will not receive multiplayer.

What happens when the aurora explodes?

The explosion is focused towards the front section of the ship. The player can be killed by the explosion if in the crash zone biome when the event occurs. Only after the explosion is the Player able to explore inside the Aurora, but if they are not equipped with a radiation suit they will suffer damage over time.

How do I stop my fish from crashing?

Using evasive maneuvers to put obstacles between the player and the Crashfish rather than swimming away in a straight line is advisable in most circumstances. While the Crashfish is also scannable inside the Sulfur Plant, caution is advised when attempting this process.

How do you get food in Subnautica?

Cook only what you can eat

For the first part of the game, your primary source of food will be fish. Once you catch a fish by grabbing it out of the water, it will go into your inventory and will remain alive and unspoiled indefinitely, even if placed in the Storage Compartment.

Where is the ghost Leviathan?

The Ghost Leviathan is a Leviathan-Class lifeform belonging to the fauna category. It is the second largest aggressive creature of Subnautica. Six Ghost Leviathans spawn on the map: three juveniles in the Lost River, two adults in the Grand Reef, and one adult in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone.

What is the deepest zone in Subnautica?

The Crater Edge was originally called The Void and the Dead Zone. The Crater Edge is the deepest biome in the game. The Crater Edge is one of the two biomes that do not harbor flora, the other being the Lava Lakes.

How much kyanite do you need in Subnautica?

You only need 7 diamond and 5 Kyanite to make one of everything in the game, and they’re all one-time recipes (unless you need more purple artifacts.

Where is nickel found Subnautica?

Nickel Ore is a raw material that is found exclusively in the Lost River and some parts of the Inactive Lava Zone. It can be found as a Large Resource Deposit and as loose chunks of ore on the seabed. It is used to create several vehicle upgrades.

Where is the repair tool Subnautica?

The main ingredient in the repair tool is cave sulfur. You will find this inside a sulfur plant. The problem is that the sulfur plant is inhabited by a crashfish, which will charge you and explode. Once you get the sulfur, you can make a repair tool, which will let you fix the damaged systems in the escape pod.

What should I do first in Subnautica?

Subnautica: 10 Things You Need To Do At The Start Of The Game

  1. 1 Avoid The Aurora.
  2. 2 Collect A Medical Kit. …
  3. 3 Upgrade Your Wardrobe. …
  4. 4 Explore Local Biomes. …
  5. 5 Repair The Radio. …
  6. 6 Scan Fragments. …
  7. 7 Search For Raw Materials. …
  8. 8 Make A Few Waterproof Lockers. …

What does the repair tool do in Subnautica?

Databank Entry. The repair tool can be targeted at any common device – control panels, habitat modules, radios etc – to stitch wires and seams back together at the atomic level. All good technicians keep one of these under their pillow.

Do Crashfish Respawn Subnautica?

After the Crashfish is dealt with, the Sulfur Plant will remain open with the Cave Sulfur inside, safe for collection. If a player leaves the area without destroying the plant, both the Cave Sulfur and the Crashfish will respawn.

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