What Is Difference Between SDM And Tehsildar?

Half of the total strength of PCS officers is filled by promotion from Uttar Pradesh Lower Provincial Civil Service (Tehsildar cadre) who are known as promotee PCS officers.

What is tehsildar called in English?

tahsildar in American English

(təsilˈdɑːr) noun. (in India) a collector for, or official of, the revenue department. Also: tahseeldar.

Who comes under SDM?

A Sub-Divisional Magistrate is a title which is sometimes given to the head official of a district subdivision, an administrative officer that is sometimes below the level of district, depending on a country’s government structure. SDM is generally an officer of state civil service.

Is SDM a Class 1 officer?

Each Subdivision is under the charge of an officer designated as a Subdivisional Magistrate (S.D.M.) or Deputy Collector who is a member of the State Civil Services cadre. … SDM’s in Sub-Divisions are normally of 2nd Class and tehsildars in a state are treated as 3rd Class magistrates.

Who is bigger SDM or DM?

A DM has greater powers than SDM. There is only one DM in a district. Both DM and SDM enjoy similar perks and benefits in their service, but a DM will get a little increase in their salary.

How can I become tehsildar?

The Tehsildar qualification requirements are given below: Tehsildar: Candidates must have completed graduation in Law from a recognized institution or university. Candidates must also have relevant work experience of at least two years to be eligible for the vacancy of Tehsildar.

What is the duty of tehsildar?

The principle duty or the responsibility of Tehsildar (A Tehsildar is also known as an Executive Magistrate of the concerned tehsil) is to collect land revenue(rent) , canal revenue, cesses, and other government dues and perform other duties connected therewith in accordance with the rules such as the government may …

Do PCS officers get car?

The salary of a PCS officer may not look very attractive at the entry-level; however, they receive a lot of other benefits, including free accommodation, vehicle, and transport allowances.

Who is above tehsildar?

The Sub-divisional Officer(Civil) is the chief civil officer of the Sub-Division. In fact, he is a miniature Deputy Commissioner of his Sub-Division. He possesses adequate powers to co-ordinate work in the sub-division. He exercises direct control over the Tehsildars and their staff.

Can PCS become DM?

The PCS officers had to go through various promotions to get promoted as an IAS officer. … Due to a lack of recommendation, if he is not promoted to IAS rank then he will get a post correspondent to DM.

What is SDM salary?

SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate), SDO or Sub-Collector. Junior Scale. 15,600-39,100. 5400.

Does SDM get house?

The SDM enjoys benefits along with the pay. These benefits include: Residence for self and staff quarter at no cost or at a nominal rent. Security guards and domestic help like cook and gardeners.

Is SDM an IAS officer?

At the beginning of their career, IAS officers receive district training with their home cadres followed by their first posting. Their initial role is as a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) and they are placed in charge of a district sub-division.

Is Naib Tehsildar exam easy?

The PPSC Naib Tehsildar selection process is very simple and consists of a written examination. The candidates who are aspiring for the post of Naib Tehsildar should prepare very hard for the examination.

Which government job has highest salary?

Here are 15 of the highest paying government jobs in India (in no particular order):

  1. IAS Officer. …
  2. ISRO Scientist. …
  3. Flying Officer in Defense Services. …
  4. Government Doctor. …
  5. IPS Officer. …
  6. Professor in Government Universities. …
  7. Bank PO (Probationary Officer) …
  8. Indian Foreign Services.

What is the salary of IAS?

As per 7th pay Commission an IAS officer gets Rs 56,100 rupees basic salary. Apart from this these officers get many allowances including travel allowance and dearness allowance. As per information an IAS officer gets around more than one lakh rupees as salary every month including the basic salary and allowances.

Is DM and DC same?

A District Magistrate, is an officer who is in-charge of a district, the basic unit of administration, in India. They are also known as District Collector or Deputy Commissioner in several Indian states. In general parlance, they are referred to by the abbreviation DM or DC.

Can SDM be promoted to DM?

If you are under UPPCS, then the starting post will be of SDM that is level-10, and it will take five promotions to be an IAS officer. … Due to lack of recommendation, if he is not promoted to IAS rank then he will get a post correspondent to DM.

How do I become a SDM?

To become an SDM, the candidate has to first Clear 12th and then obtain a Graduation Degree from any recognized Educational Institution. The next step is to appear for the Civil Services Examination conducted every year by a highly reputed organization Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

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