What Is Far-flung School Means?

extending over a great distance. widely disbursed or distributed.

How do you use far-flung?

  1. Email enables far-flung friends to keep in touch.
  2. The news spread to all corners of our far-flung empire.
  3. Her fame has reached the most far-flung corners of the globe.
  4. Ferries are a lifeline to the far-flung corners of Scotland.
  5. Our job is to organize the company’s far-flung offices.

What is the meaning of far fetch?

1 : brought from a remote time or place. 2 : not easily or naturally deduced or introduced : improbable a far-fetched story. Other Words from far-fetched Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More About far-fetched.

What does FONY mean?

: a person who pretends to be someone else or to have feelings or abilities that he or she does not really have : a person who is not sincere. : something that is not real or genuine. See the full definition for phony in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Is Farfetch legit?

FarFetch is a legitimate choice. Its partners are trustworthy, and it also has a good return policy.

What medium is more accessible in far-flung areas?

Duterte earlier suggested the use of radio as a mode of distance learning given that it is the most accessible form of media even in far-flung areas.

What is the synonym of far-flung?

distant. extensive. global.

How do you use well being in a sentence?

a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

  1. We are responsible for the care and well-being of all our patients.
  2. A good meal promotes a feeling of well-being.
  3. She was filled with a sense of well-being.
  4. We try to ensure the well-being of our employees.

What is a far-flung country?

Far-flung places are a very long distance away from where you are or from important places.

What does Half Moon signify?

1 : the moon when half its disk appears illuminated. 2 : something shaped like a crescent.

What do you mean by benevolence?

1 : disposition to do good a king known for his benevolence. 2a : an act of kindness. b : a generous gift. 3 : a compulsory contribution or tax levied by certain English kings with no other authority than the claim of prerogative (see prerogative sense 1b)

What does Enheartened mean?

: to give or restore strength and courage to their cheerfulness enheartened his saddened spirit.

What does ready made mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : made beforehand especially for general sale ready-made suits. 2 : lacking originality or individuality. 3 : readily available her illness provided a ready-made excuse.

What do you mean by time consuming?

1 : using or taking up a great deal of time time-consuming chores. 2 : wasteful of time time-consuming tactics.

What are two synonyms for murmured?

synonyms for murmured

  • babble.
  • burble.
  • growl.
  • moan.
  • mutter.
  • purr.
  • stammer.
  • whisper.

What does Ingenuitive mean?

1a : skill or cleverness in devising or combining : inventiveness. b : cleverness or aptness of design or contrivance. 2 : an ingenious device or contrivance.

Why do news stations include visual images in their news stories?

Visual traces showed that news story text links in the body of the page captured visual attention and served as a central point of regard. Newspaper sites may reduce variability in visual attention by grouping links consistently in upper regions of the page.

Does Farfetch sell authentic designer?

Are FARFETCH items guaranteed authentic? 100%. Our offering is expertly curated by the best luxury fashion retailers around the globe and our retailers guarantee all items are authentic.

Is Cettire second hand?

Are Cettire products new or pre-owned? We only sell new items.

What do you call someone who is phony?

humbug, impostor. (or imposter), mountebank, phony.

What does your fake mean?

A person who falsely claims to be, feel, or do something can be said to be fake. When your friend acts sweet but spreads rumors about you behind your back, you can call her a fake.