What Is Infusion And Diffusion?

As verbs the difference between spread and diffuse

is that spread is to stretch out, open out (a material etc) so that it more fully covers a given area of space while diffuse is to spread over or through as in air, water, or other matter, especially by fluid motion or passive means.

Is it defuse or diffuse?

In summary: Diffuse is both a verb and an adjective, and refers to the spreading of something, or making it less concentrated. Defuse functions only as a verb and means “to remove the fuse from something.”

What does diffuse pain mean?

The word “diffuse” means “widespread” and refers to pain that is more or less all over, or at least in many areas. The goal of this guide is to provide information while awaiting evaluation with your doctor, or for additional information after you have seen him or her.

What is diffuse muscle weakness?

We’re sorry your muscles feel weak. The word “diffuse” means “widespread” and refers to symptoms that are not localized to just one or a few areas. Instead, it is more or less all over, or at least in many areas. This guide is intended for people who feel weak all over.

What does the pain from pancreatitis feel like?

The most common symptom of both acute and chronic pancreatitis is pain in the upper abdominal area, usually under the ribs. This pain: May be mild at first and get worse after eating or drinking. May become constant, severe, and last for several days.

What myalgia feels like?

Muscle pain is the main symptom of myalgia. The pain feels like a pulled muscle and it can hurt with both rest and movement. Muscles can also be tender and swollen.

How do you diffuse the situation?

11 Hacks To Help You Diffuse Tense Situations

  1. Have Open Body Language. …
  2. Address The Other Person’s Concerns. …
  3. Make An Approach, Don’t Confront. …
  4. Practice Active Listening. …
  5. Use “I” Statements. …
  6. Use Conflict As A Growth Tool And Own Up To Your Mistakes. …
  7. Don’t Take It Personally And Address Issues As They Come.

What does the word diffuse mean in medical terms?

1. (dĭ-fūs´) not definitely limited or localized. 2. (dĭ-fūz´) to pass through or to spread widely through a tissue or substance.

How do you use defuse?

Using Defuse in a Sentence

You can also use it to describe making any situation calmer or less dangerous. For example, When the two girls realized they were wearing the same dress, they decided to defuse the awkward situation by joking about it rather than becoming angry and fighting about it.