What Is Meant By Feet Of Clay?

The phrase originates from the Book of Daniel in the Bible. In it, Daniel interprets a dream of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. In that dream, a magnificent statue is seen with a head of gold, but weaker and less valuable metals beneath, until finally having feet of clay mixed with iron.

Who had feet of clay in the Bible?

In the Bible’s Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed that he saw a statue made of gold, silver, and brass, but with feet of clay. Daniel interpreted the vision to mean that the clay symbolized the Babylonian Empire’s vulnerability and imminent collapse.

What are examples of clay feet?

Meaning: have a flaw or weakness most people are unaware of. Example: Some of the greatest people in history had feet of clay.

What is the proverb of feet of clay?

If you say that a person who is respected or admired has feet of clay or has clay feet, you mean that they have serious faults which you or other people did not know about before. When those idols are found to have feet of clay, the pain of disenchantment can be profound.

What does it mean worth his salt?

Worth Their Salt Meaning

Definition: to be worth one’s wages or pay; a good employee; to be worthy or worthwhile. In other words, this idiom describes a person who deserves the pay he or she receives, or someone who is worth the cost.

What does Matthew 4 17 say?

‘ For repentance corrects the will; and if ye will not repent through fear of evil, at least ye may for the pleasure of good things; hence He says, the kingdom of heaven is at hand; that is, the blessings of the heavenly kingdom.

What does dragged his feet mean?

Act or work with intentional slowness, deliberately hold back or delay. For example, The British had been dragging their feet concerning a single European currency. This metaphor for allowing one’s feet to trail dates from the mid-1900s.

What does it mean to be made of clay?

phrase. If you say that a person who is respected or admired has feet of clay or has clay feet, you mean that they have serious faults which you or other people did not know about before.

What is the meaning of idiom heart and soul?

phrase. If you put your heart and soul into something, you do it with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. He was a committed man and put his heart and soul into everything he did. Synonyms: completely, entirely, absolutely, wholeheartedly More Synonyms of heart and soul.

What does the idiom bring down the house mean?

DEFINITIONS1. to make a group of people or an audience react in a very enthusiastic way, especially by laughing. Gerard Kelly’s performance brought the house down. Synonyms and related words. To make someone laugh.

Are you getting cold feet?

Definitions (psychological)

Apprehension or doubt strong enough to prevent a planned course of action. A loss or lack of courage or confidence; an onset of uncertainty or fear. To “have cold feet” is to be too fearful to undertake or complete an action. A wave of timidity or fearfulness.

What does back against the wall mean?

to have very serious problems that limit the ways in which you can act: He owes money to everyone – he really has his back to the wall now. Experiencing difficulties.

How many Discworld books are there?

In total, there are 41 Discworld novels published over 32 years. The books can be read in any order but for ease we have created two downloadable lists for you that will help you to fully explore the stories and characters of Discworld.

What is guard guard?

The story follows a plot by a secret brotherhood, the Unique and Supreme Lodge of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night, to overthrow the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork and install a puppet king, under the control of the Supreme Grand Master (Vetinari’s secretary, Lupine Wonse).

What is the meaning of Matthew 4 19?

Matthew 4:19 is the nineteenth verse of the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. Jesus has just begun preaching in Galilee and has encountered the fishermen Simon Peter and Andrew. In this verse he calls the pair to join him.

What is the meaning of Matthew 4 16?

This verse refers to the lands of Zebulun and of Naphtali mentioned in the previous verse, and where Jesus has chosen to reside according to Matthew 4:13. The verse is referring to the Assyrian invasion of Northern Israel and predicting that after this dark period a new light would shine.

What are the keys of the kingdom of God?

The keys of the kingdom is a Christian concept of eternal church authority. Christians believe it was established in the 1st century AD, initially through Saint Peter, then through the rest of the 12 Apostles.

What does being at a loose end mean?

: not knowing what to do : not having anything in particular to do With everyone on vacation she was at a loose end. Drop by if you find yourself at a loose end this weekend.

What does crusty mean to a person?

If you describe someone, especially an old man, as crusty, you mean they are impatient and easily irritated. More Synonyms of crusty.

What does the phrase break off mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to stop abruptly break off in the middle of a sentence. 2 : to become detached branches that broke off in the storm. 3 : to end a relationship broke off with his business partner.

What is the idiom of hard and fast?

: not to be modified or evaded : strict a hard-and-fast rule.

What does bolt from the blue mean?

: a complete surprise : something totally unexpected.