What Is The Meaning Of Fruitlessly?

Fruitless sentence example

  1. He must have thought it fruitless to pursue that angle so he moved on. …
  2. With a sinking feeling my call would be fruitless , I called the hospital. …
  3. Denying it seemed fruitless yet I couldn’t bring myself to confirm what she was saying.

What is a sentence for use?

Use sentence example. It was ridiculous to live in a 3-bedroom apartment and only use two bedrooms. Then come in and use the phone if you want. One can at least be of use on the staff…

How do you use Ravage in a sentence?

Ravage in a Sentence ?

  1. The category five hurricane will ravage the city.
  2. Despite the efforts of the firemen, the fire continued to ravage the forest.
  3. It took the teething puppy only a few minutes to ravage the stuffed animal. …
  4. If diabetes is not controlled, it can ravage many organs in the human body.

How do you use a ravage?

: to attack or act upon with great violence The forest was ravaged by fire.

What is an example of Ravage?

To ravage is to destroy something or cause severe destruction. When you burn down and destroy a city, this is an example of a situation where you ravage the city. To bring heavy destruction on; devastate. A tornado ravaged the town.

What are sentences 10 examples?

10 example of simple sentence

  • Does he play tennis?
  • The train leaves every morning at 18 AM.
  • Water freezes at 0°C.
  • I love my new pets.
  • They don’t go to school tomorrow.
  • We drink coffee every morning.
  • 7.My Dad never works on the weekends.
  • Cats hate water.

What are types of sentences?

The Four Types of Sentences

Declarative Sentences: Used to make statements or relay information. Imperative Sentences: Used to make a command or a direct instruction. Interrogative Sentences: Used to ask a question. Exclamatory Sentences: Used to express a strong emotion.

What sentences have example?

Have sentence example

  • “You have done well” said his grandfather. …
  • You’ll all have to walk. …
  • It is a little speech that I have written for him. …
  • Where in the world have you been, my lad? …
  • “I have only six nails,” he said, “and it will take a little time to hammer out ten more.” …
  • You have a good family. …
  • Will you have some tea?

What is fruitless effort?

Fruitless actions, events, or efforts do not achieve anything at all. It was a fruitless search. Talks have so far been fruitless. Synonyms: useless, vain, unsuccessful, in vain More Synonyms of fruitless.

Is inefficacious a word?

not able to produce the desired effect; ineffective.

What is the sentence of pounced?

Pounced sentence example

He pounced , tearing at the jumper. He pounced on her again, pinning her to the floor. His penetrating gaze prowled over her face and pounced on her eyes. He tried to run, but she pounced and clamped onto his neck with her huge fangs.

Who is a frivolous man?

self-indulgently carefree; unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose. (of a person) given to trifling or undue levity: a frivolous, empty-headed person.

What does the word barren?

1 : not reproducing: such as. a : incapable of producing offspring —used especially of females or matings barren women. b : not yet or not recently pregnant.

What does accusingly mean?

: directing blame or responsibility toward someone or something an accusing look/glare Many were quick to point accusing fingers at Hughes.—

What is sentence Give 5 examples?

A simple sentence has the most basic elements that make it a sentence: a subject, a verb, and a completed thought. Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. The train was late.

What are the 7 types of sentences?

The other way is based on a sentence’s structure (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex).

  • Statements/Declarative Sentences. These are the most common type of sentence. …
  • Questions/Interrogative Sentences. …
  • Exclamations/Exclamatory Sentences. …
  • Commands/Imperative Sentences.

What are the 12 types of sentences?

Types of Sentences

  • 1 (1) Declarative Sentences.
  • 2 (2) Imperative Sentences.
  • 3 (3) Interrogative Sentences.
  • 4 (4) Exclamatory Sentences.

What are 5 simple sentences?

Examples of simple sentences include the following:

  • Joe waited for the train. “Joe” = subject, “waited” = verb.
  • The train was late. …
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. …
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. …
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

How do you write 5 sentences?

A five sentence paragraph consists of a main idea sentence, three sentences that explain the main idea with reasons, details or facts and a concluding sentence.

  1. Brainstorm. To begin, the elementary student puts her ideas down on paper in a web centered around the main idea. …
  2. Outline. …
  3. Write the Paragraph. …
  4. Look It Over.

What are 10 simple sentences?

50 examples of simple sentences

  • She doesn’t study German on Monday.
  • Does she live in Paris?
  • He doesn’t teach math.
  • Cats hate water.
  • Every child likes an ice cream.
  • 6.My brother takes out the trash.
  • The course starts next Sunday.
  • She swims every morning.

What is the sentence of ravaged?

1 The forest was ravaged by fire. 2 Bands of soldiers ravaged the countryside. 3 The area has been ravaged by drought/floods/war. 4 His health was gradually ravaged by drink and drugs.

Is it ravage or ravish?

To “ravish” is to enrapture, to fill someone with immense delight, or to carry someone off by force. To “ravage” is to devastate or destroy.

What do ravage means?

to work havoc upon; damage or mar by ravages: a face ravaged by grief. verb (used without object), rav·aged, rav·ag·ing. to work havoc; do ruinous damage.

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