What Is The Meaning Of The Term Opalescence?

OPALESCENT (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What part of speech is opalescence?

noun. a lustrous play of colors like that of an opal: This moonstone pendant has a lovely pearly opalescence.

How do you use opalescence in a sentence?

(1) The sunset was making great splashes of fiery opalescence across the sky. (2) Colorless transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities, allowing microstrip opalescence. (3) Clinically affected teeth have a dark amber opalescence .

What is opalescent color?

Opalescent means colorless or white like an opal, or changing color like an opal.

What’s the difference between opalescent and pearlescent?

As adjectives the difference between pearlescent and opalescent. is that pearlescent is pearl-like, either in color or luster while opalescent is exhibiting a milky iridescence like that of an opal.

What is the difference between opalescence and turbidity?

As adjectives the difference between turbid and opalescent

is that turbid is having the lees or sediment disturbed; roiled; muddy; thick; not clear; — used of liquids of any kind while opalescent is exhibiting a milky iridescence like that of an opal.

Is opalescence a word?

The general definition of opalescent is a milky iridescence displayed by an opal which describes the visual effect of precious opal very well, and opalescence is commonly used in lay terms as a synonym for iridescence.

How long do you wear Opalescence go?

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What belligerence means?

: an aggressive or truculent attitude, atmosphere, or disposition. Synonyms & Antonyms Belligerent, Belligerents, and Belligerence Example Sentences Learn More About belligerence.

What does the opposite of predecessor?

predecessor. Antonyms: posterity, junior, successor. Synonyms: ancestor, forerunner, elder.

What does iridescent look like?

Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is the phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to gradually change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. Examples of iridescence include soap bubbles, feathers, butterfly wings and seashell nacre, as well as certain minerals.

What is a opalescent crystal?

The term “crystal opal” refers to any kind of opal (i.e. black opal, white opal, semi-black opal) which has a transparent, translucent, or semi-translucent body. This is also referred to as the “diaphaneity” of a stone. … Crystal opals can display any colour of the spectrum in a beautiful play of colour.

What is opalescence in pharmacy?

Liquid–liquid phase separation into a protein-rich and protein-poor phase occurs at lower temperature and may be observed for protein formulations stored at refrigerated conditions. Dictionary definition of opalescence is “reflection of iridescent light (dichroism) similar to opal”.

What does predecessor mean here?

1 : one that precedes especially : a person who has previously occupied a position or office to which another has succeeded. 2 archaic : ancestor. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About predecessor.

How do you spell Opulescence?


  1. wealth, riches, or affluence.
  2. abundance, as of resources or goods; plenty.
  3. the state of being opulent.

Is Luminous an adjective?

Luminous, like its synonyms radiant, shining, glowing, and lustrous, is generally a positive adjective, especially when it describes something that doesn’t literally glow, such as a face, a performance, or a poem.

What does it mean if water is turbid?

Turbidity is the measure of relative clarity of a liquid. … Material that causes water to be turbid include clay, silt, very tiny inorganic and organic matter, algae, dissolved colored organic compounds, and plankton and other microscopic organisms. Turbidity makes water cloudy or opaque.

What causes opalescence?

Opalescence is caused by the reflection of short wavelength light. It usually occurs in the blue spectrum, and due to this reflection of light a milky blue, pearly appearance occurs.

What does NTU measure?

NTU stands for Nephelometric Turbidity unit, i.e. the unit used to measure the turbidity of a fluid or the presence of suspended particles in water. The higher the concentration of suspended solids in the water is, the dirtier it looks and the higher the turbidity is.

What’s the difference between iridescent and holographic?

duochrome—what’s the difference? Holographic is a specific term. A holographic item breaks the spectrum of light and the same fleck of glitter will reflect the whole spectrum of the rainbow. … Iridescence is reflective and glittery, but only one color, so it appears to glow.

What is an opalescent diamond?

Natural fancy white diamonds, or ‘opalescent’ diamonds, must not be confused with colorless diamonds, which are commonly denominated ‘white’ diamonds. Natural fancy white diamonds have an inherent snow-white color, giving them a translucent, ‘milky’ appearance, similar to that of opals.

What is oil slick color called?

What is oil slick hair? Sometimes called oil spill hair, this is a style that applies a mix of dark blue, green, and purple tones over darker hair, which gives it a shimmery appearance. It’s similar to the pastel hair trend, but its iridescent effect comes from blending darker shades rather than ultra-pale ones.

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