What Is The Shortcut For Thesaurus On Microsoft Word?

What is the shortcut for Thesaurus on Microsoft Word?

For the thesaurus, just select a word, then press Shift+F7. Watch the video below to see these shortcuts in action.

What is purpose of Thesaurus tool is MS word?

The Thesaurus is a software tool that is used in the Microsoft Word document to look up (find) synonyms (words with the same meaning) and antonyms (words with the opposite meaning) for the selected word.

Which key is used for Thesaurus?

Shift + F7 is the shortcut key of Thesaurus.

How do you insert synonym for a word without using Thesaurus?

Answer:T insert synonym for a word without using thesaurus, right click on the word and select synonym….

How do you use Thesaurus in word for Mac?

Click in the term, then go to Tools> Thesaurus, or. Click in the word, then click the Thesaurus button in the Proofing group on the Review tab, or. Right-click the word, then point to Synonyms or select Thesaurus in the contextual menu.

Where is Thesaurus on word?

Click the word in your document that you want to look up. On the Review tab, click Thesaurus.

How do you use Thesaurus in pages?

You can quickly look up the definition and spelling of words. Some listings also include a thesaurus entry and a Wikipedia entry. Control-click the word, then choose “Look up ” in the shortcut menu that opens.

How do you use the thesaurus in the word processor you have used?

A thesaurus is a software tool included with some word processors that provides synonyms for selected words on command. Users using Microsoft Word can open a thesaurus by highlighting the word they want to look up and pressing the shortcut key Shift+F7.

Which tool can be opted for a synonym word in a document?

Thesaurus can be opted for a synonym word in a document.

The thesaurus locates words that can is similar in meaning to a given word.

What is F7 on keyboard?

F7. Commonly used to spell check and grammar check a document in Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Word etc. Shift+F7 runs a Thesaurus check on word highlighted. Turns on the Caret Browsing in Mozilla Firefox.

What is the closest word to synonym?


  • approximate,
  • close,
  • immediate,
  • near,
  • nearby,
  • nearest,
  • next-door,
  • nigh.

What is thesaurus used for?

A thesaurus is a reference work that lists the synonyms and sometimes antonyms of words. Synonyms are words with similar meanings, and antonyms are words with opposite meanings.

What are the steps involved in opening the thesaurus?

The three steps in the process included: (i) extracting words and phrases from the title field of the metadata; (ii) applying a method to identify and select the specific and meaningful key words based on the associated controlled vocabulary terms from the thesaurus used to catalogue the objects; and (iii) inserting …

What is thesaurus how is it used while preparing a document?

A thesaurus is used on a computer while writing an e-mail, letter, or paper to find an alternative meaning for words. For example, repeating the same word throughout your writing can become repetitive to a reader, and you could use a thesaurus to get a synonym of the word.

Why do we use thesaurus?

Thesauri can be used to clarify the meaning of an unfamiliar word when its definition in a dictionary can’t be understood. This can be particularly useful for a nonnative speaker, because the range of synonyms offered by a thesaurus might include at least one word that he or she already knows.

What is thesaurus how is it useful?

A thesaurus (plural thesauri or thesauruses) or synonym dictionary is a reference work for finding synonyms and sometimes antonyms of words. They are often used by writers to help find the best word to express an idea: …to find the word, or words, by which idea may be most fitly and aptly expressed.

What is a thesaurus example?

The definition of a thesaurus is a book or catalog words and their synonyms and antonyms. An example of thesaurus is Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus. A book of selected words or concepts, such as a specialized vocabulary of a particular field, as of medicine or music.

How do you use power points thesaurus?

Select a word, and then press the Shift + F7 keyboard shortcut. Either way, you end up with a list of related words within the Thesaurus Task Pane, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 4. This list contains synonyms, adjectives, and antonyms of the typed/selected word.

How can we find the synonyms of a difficult word in word?

You can easily find synonyms for a word (from the thesaurus, of course) by right-clicking on a word and then choosing Synonyms from the resulting Context menu.