What Is The Summary Of Chapter On The Face Of It?

The story is about a teenage boy, Derry, who has a burnt face, and Mr. Lamb who is a disabled old man with an artificial leg made of tin. Derry accidentally enters his garden so that he can hide from people who hate him because of his ugly face.

What is the moral of on the face of it?

The positive moral of the story is the ones who are physically challenged and disabled must focus on the brighter side of the life and they must not brood over the shortcomings they have. Besides, the society must accept them the way they are and must be helpful towards them and expand their social interaction.

What is the message that the play on the face of it underlies?

The play is about the friendship between an old man, Mr Lamb, and a young boy, Derry, who is withdrawn and defiant. The child is very disturbed because of his scarred face and feels that people do not want to associate with him.

What is the conclusion of the story on the face of it?

Derry accidently enters his garden so that he can hide himself from people who hate him because of his ugly face. Mr. Lamb not only welcomes him in his garden but also encourages him to lead a normal life, leaving behind his past.

What lesson do you learn from the story on the face of it?

The lesson ‘On the Face of It’ aptly depicts the loneliness and sense of alienation experienced by Derry and Mr. Lamb on account of a disability. The actual pain and inconvenience caused by the disabilities is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the disabled person.

What are the three themes that set in the story on the face of it?

On the Face of It Themes

  • Human Connection and Openness. On the Face of It, a short play that mostly consists of a conversation between an old man, Mr. …
  • Disability and Perception. …
  • Loneliness and Alienation. …
  • Nature, Observation, and Contemplation.

What does the title on the face of it mean?

The title ‘On the Face of it’ is used to mean that something seems to be good, true etc. but that needs to be changed when you know more about it. Appearances are deceptive and most often, we go on dealing with impressions and prejudices about others without bothering to know them.

How was Mr Lamb different from Derry?

Mr. Lamb had a tinned leg whereas Derry had a burnt face. But both of them differ in their attitude towards handling their problems. Mr.

Why was Derry startled?

Why was Derry startled on entering the garden? Derry was startled on entering the garden because he had not expected anybody there. When he entered there, he found that somebody else was already present there.

Why is Derry’s heart filled with bitterness?

It means that there is still a sensitive part in his heart but it is hidden because of the bitterness. Derry tells Mr Lamb that even his family has pity on him. They think about his future and what will he do with that face. They feel that it would be difficult for him to get on in this world with a face like that.

How does Mr Lamb view his bees?

Answer: Mr Lamb view his bees as singing. … But when you listen to them for a long time, they do “hmmm” which sounds like they are singing. He thrills on the thought that his bees are singing for him.

What is the age of Derry?

Derry was a 14-year-old boy whose self-esteem was poor and who preferred to stay alone.

How did Derry burn his face?

Derry’s face was burnt by acid. One side of his face looked very ugly and frightful.

Why did Derry weep in the end?

He wanted to listen to his peculiar talks. He wanted to help him in collecting apples and making jelly. But Mr. Lamb died before all this leaving him crying and weeping.

Why did Mr Lamb grow weeds?

Mr. Lamb grew weeds in his garden because according to he believed that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He did not differentiate between other flowering plants and weeds.

How was the friendship between Mr Lamb and Derry?

Answer : The friendship that flourished between Mr Lamb and Derry was ineed fruitful. Mr Lamb’s unending enthusiasm and zeal to live life despite all odds helped Derry change his outlook towards life.

What draws Derry towards lamb?

Acid burns only the face, but hatred burns one away inside. He advices Derry never to think of his burned face and tells him that if he has a firm mind, he can do better than others. Thus, such words of encouragement that draws Derry towards Mr. Lamb.

What is it that draws Derry towers Mr Lamb in spite of himself?

Lamb did not show any dislike or horror at the way Derry looked, which surprised him. Although Derry wanted to leave the garden the moment he noticed that he was not alone, the old man’s interesting and “peculiar” conversation kept him glued. … This realization draws him closer to the old man.

What qualities of Mr Lamb attracted Derry to him?

Lamb’s positive attitude towards life, his way of living, his optimistic character, friendly behaviour and finally he wanted to live his life to the fullest. These are the qualities of Mr. Lamb that attracted Derry towards him.

Who is Mr Lamb What kind of person is he?

Mr. Lamb is a considerate man who has a positive view towards life, people and things. Inspite of his one leg, we cannot see any sign of seclusion, loneliness, disappointment and dejection in life. Kids call him ‘Lamey-Lamb but he does not mind.

Why does Mr Lamb leave his gate open what does it symbolize?

Lamb keeps his windows without curtains and he keeps the doors and gates open because he is always ready to accept visitors in his house. … He always needs a companion, he does not want anyone to turn away from his house after watching the doors closed and locked. He wants to be in touch with the outer world.

What happens to Mr Lamb in the end?

The end of the play takes a tragic turn. Mr lamb falls from the ladder, breaks his neck and dies. Derry had feared such a thing would happen if he did not come to help him .

Why does Derry’s mother not want him to go see Mr Lamb?

when Derry told his mother about Mr Lamb then , she refused him to return back because she thought that world is not like it seems to him. And Mr Lamb is not a good person . And as a mother she was concerned about him and didn’t want to see him upset. So, she didn’t want to allow him to go back to him .