What Is Unswitched Fused Connection Unit?

you can have maximum one double socket as a normal spur but if you are going from socket to FCU fused at 13 amp from there you can add as many sockets as you wish as all the sockets and cable will be protected by the fuse so no chance of overloading the cable the fuse will blow first.

Are FCU double pole?

Fused connection units (FCU) are used for connecting permanently installed appliances to a ring circuit, or to create a fused spur (branch) from a ring circuit. … Double pole switched fused connection unit with neon indicator light.

What is a switched spur outlet?

A fused spur is a switch that’s used to isolate electrical equipment from the mains supply. You’ll typically find them on the left or right of your oven or hob, and next to or underneath your heater.

Can you run a spur off a spur?

You mustn’t run a spur from a socket that’s already on a spur, or that already supplies a spur. … An alternative to running a spur from an existing socket is to run it from a 3-terminal, 30-amp junction box wired into the main circuit cable.

Can I install a fused spur myself?

As long as the job isn’t within a ‘special location’ such as a bathroom or outdoors, you’re also allowed to install additional new light fittings, switches, sockets and even add a single fused spur to an existing circuit (a ‘spur’ is a new cable and socket run as a branch from an existing socket on the ring main).

What is double pole switch?

Double pole switches are connected to two separate electric circuits. … They essentially contain 2 switches which are linked together and can complete the circuit either simultaneously or staggered.

How many sockets can you run off a spur?

How Many Sockets Can Be on a Spur? Only one spur can be connected to a single socket.

Can I use a plug instead of a fused spur?

“The regulations state that the appliance needs to be fused, either with a plug or a fused spur. … So as long as the plug sockets are accessible without touching the appliance to turn it off then this is fine, but also a fused spur is fine too.”

Can I spur off an outdoor socket?

You can wire an external socket in the same manner as a normal spur, by running the cable from a socket or junction box on a main ring circuit (via a switched connection unit) and mounting the socket on an external wall. Ensure your circuit has RCD protection, and that you use appropriate weatherproof outdoor fittings.

Can I take a fused spur off a double socket?

The rules for spurring off ring circuits are you are allowed ONE unfused spur to a socket (single or double) or ONE fused spur to as many sockets as you wish. You can’t have both on the same point.

Can you turn a single socket into a double?

Replacing a socket or converting a single socket into a double are simple jobs. Sockets can be surface or flush mounted.

Do I need a fused spur for an extractor fan?

The fan also requires a local means of switching off for mechanical maintenance (537.3. … 2.5) and, therefore, a standard switch fused spur should suffice, unless there is a permanent live also required; in which case the switch will need to be double-pole.

Can I use a switched fused spur in a bathroom?

Are sockets allowed in a bathroom then! Yes they are – 3m from the boundary of zone 1. This is my argument, you don’t plug anything into a spur – its permanently connected! The towel rail can be in zone 2 but the spur needs to be outside zones.

Can I fit a fused spur in a bathroom?

Even if were nearer, if the heater was sold as designed to go in a bath then it can go anywhere the makers instructions advise, but the fused spur can’t. As you describe it is perfectly within regs, although maybe not the brightest set up if you get condensation on the fused spur.

How many Spurs can I take off a double socket?

Bottom line is you can only spur once from each socket. You will either have to increase the number of sockets at the cooker location or run a long spur from a more distant socket in the ring to where you want the FCU.

How many sockets can you have on one ring main?

There is no limit to the number of sockets you can have on a ring main but there is a limit to the number of spurs you can have from those sockets or from the wiring between them. If you would like to know how to add a spur to an existing ring main, see our project on adding an extra socket.

How many sockets can be on a 2.5 mm radial circuit?

If it’s a pretty standard setup; 16amp MCB, 2.5mm cable, 15 sockets (more about this below) and you want to plug in and run 10 tumble driers all at the same time, then the draw on the circuit as a whole will be far too much for the MCB and it will trip straight away.

Why would you use a double pole switch?

Double pole light switches, also known as a four-way switch, are two single pole switches put together. … This is typically used to control a circuit from multiple locations in a series of three switches on one circuit. A double pole switch can be used to control light and a fan or 2 lights on separate circuits.

Do I need a double pole switch?

If you want to switch a 240-volt circuit, you must interrupt both hot wires at the same time. That’s why you need a double-pole switch, which is technically one that controls two circuits.

Do I need a single pole or double pole switch?

Whilst a single pole socket is generally cheaper it is always preferred that customers/electricians install double pole sockets for safer isolation of the plugged in appliances.

Can you rewire a house yourself?

It is allowed for you to rewire your own house as long as the job can be checked as you go. Most electricans will not agree to these terms as they want to do the whole job.

Is it illegal to do your own electrical work?

DIY (do it yourself) electrical work is dangerous and illegal. You may think you can save money by installing an electrical appliance yourself. But, doing electrical work yourself can: put you, your household or tenants at risk of injury or death.

Can I install a socket myself?

You can carry out non notifiable work such as changing sockets, move a cable or change a light, but if you wish to install new circuits, alterations in a special location(ie bathrooms etc) you MUST be Part p registered or notify building control.