What School Is Reardon Based On?

The private school with the highest tuition in New York is THINK Global School, with a cost of $94,050.

Where is the reardan school in The Undoing?

Stalk It: The Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, aka The Reardon School from “The Undoing,” is located at 75 E. 93rd St. on New York’s Upper East Side.

Is Reardon The Gossip Girl school?

The Reardon entrance in ‘The Undoing’ is the same as the school in ‘Gossip Girl’ … Jude’s School for Boys. Yes, Serena van der Woodson and Blair Waldorf used to trek the steps of that building, which is actually located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Is Reardon a real school in NY?

If you’re hoping to enroll your child in Manhattan’s prestigious Reardon School after seeing its stately brick courtyard and gated entryway, you’ll have to look elsewhere. There is no Reardon School in New York City — the private school where Henry witnessed his father and Elena chatting is not a real place.

Is the school in the sinner the same as The Undoing?

The scenes at the school were actually filmed at New York’s Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, on East 93rd Street. The site is a popular filming location and was used on Sky series The Undoing as the Reardon School and on massively popular teen series Gossip Girl.

Is The Undoing realistic?

To the casual eye, or NOW TV user, you might not know that The Undoing is loosely based on a novel called You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz. The 2014 thriller was well received and prime for a TV adaptation.

Where was The Undoing filmed in NYC?

The Upper East Side brownstone, situated between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue near Central Park, serves as the exterior for the home owned by Kidman’s character Grace Fraser and her husband Jonathan, who is played by Hugh Grant.

When was The Undoing filmed in New York?

EAST MARION, NY — Those riveted by the new HBO series “The Undoing” may find the scenes filmed on the rock-strewn waterfront familiar: The series was shot in 2019 on the North Fork, with the Long Island Sound providing a haunting backdrop for the suspenseful drama.

What is the richest high school in the world?

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St Gallen is the most expensive school in the world; tuition and boarding fees together add up to a staggering sum of more than US$150,000. It’s also one of the most exclusive, limiting its student body to no more than 260.

What is the most prestigious private school in NYC?

Trinity School, Manhattan: State rank #1. Regis High School, Manhattan: State rank #2. Horace Mann School, The Bronx: State rank #3. Collegiate School, Manhattan: State rank #4.

What bridge was the undoing filmed on?


The Wurts Street Bridge has several names. Officially it is the Kingston–Port Ewen Suspension Bridge but it is also known as the Rondout Creek Bridge or the Old Bridge.

Where is the undoing?

The show filmed in New York City and Kingston, New York.

What is the plot of the undoing?

Kelley, The Undoing focuses on Grace and Jonathan Fraser (Nicole Kidman, who also sings the show’s theme song, and Hugh Grant), a successful New York couple whose life is, well, undone when a young woman named Elena (Matilda De Angelis) turns up dead and Jonathan is accused of her murder.

Where is the house in The Undoing?

Located in East Marion, New York, on the North Fork of Long Island, the six-bedroom residence started out as a station for the U.S. Life-Saving Service (a precursor of the Coast Guard) in the 1890s.

What restaurant do they eat at in The Undoing?

Re last nights finale, did you guess correctly?! Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman dining at Sistina in “The Undoing.” Niko Tavernise/HBO At “Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s table” at Sistina. The restaurant has a great menu and its “new” home is also a great location for dining; it’s beautiful.

Is The Undoing filmed in New York?

Besides Nicole Kidman’s fabulous coats, and OK, we guess that whole murder thing, the real stars of HBO’s enthralling miniseries The Undoing are obviously the perfectly rich-person locations used for filming across New York.

How will undoing end?

The finale proved once and for all, and with uncomfortable brutality, that Jonathan was the guilty party all along. He and Elena had sex, which he’d confessed to, but he ended up snapping after she talked about Grace.

Who killed in The Undoing?

Viewers had all kinds of ideas, but in the end, the answer was right under our noses. The murderer was Grace’s husband, Jonathan Fraser, the pediatric oncologist on trial for murdering his lover.

Is Big Little Lies based on a true story?

Moriarty’s main inspiration for the story came from a radio interview she heard in which a woman recounted her parents’ abusive relationship. The woman narrated how, even as an adult, she hid under her bed to escape her parents’ fighting, an experience Moriarty ended up using as a scene in the book.

Is Dorchester in New York?


As mentioned, there is no town of Dorchester in New York. The town is fictional but the show clearly worked with Metro-North (and the MTA) to create signage that looks authentic for the fictional Dorchester train station.

Is the school in Season 3 of the sinner the same as Gossip Girl?

The school is actually the same as the one in Gossip Girl, and that shot of the front was where so many Upper East Side kick-offs took place between Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate et al. The building is actually the Synod of Bishops Russian Orthodox Church and is located on East 93rd Street in New York City.

What school is in the sinner?

The Briarton School. The Briarton School, the private school that Jamie works out, is filmed at the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church located at 75 E. 93rd Street.

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