What Type Of Animal Is An Antelope?

The gerenuk, whose name means “giraffe-necked” in Somali, is an exceptionally long-necked antelope. … Like many other gazelles, these large antelopes have preorbital glands in front of the eyes that emit a tar-like, scent-bearing substance they deposit on twigs and bushes to mark their territory.

Is the gerenuk related to the giraffe?

The common name derives from the Somali name for the animal (gáránúug); the first recorded use of the name dates back to 1895. It is also known as the “giraffe gazelle” due to its similarity to the giraffe. Two subspecies have been proposed, but these are considered to be independent species by some authors.

Does gerenuk drink water?

This unique-looking antelope, called a gerenuk can survive its entire life without ever taking a drink of water. Instead, the gerenuk derives water from the foliage that it eats. To better reach this foliage it has evolved a long, slender neck upon which is perched a disproportionately small head.

What is the gerenuk scientific name?

Scientific Name. Litocranius walleri walleri. Conservation Status. Near threatened. Gerenuks make their home on the dry savannahs of East Africa.

Why do gerenuk have horns?

Their coloring provides camouflage allowing them to freeze and hide in bushes, using their long necks to watch predators; hiding behavior is important because they are not fast runners. Males use their heavy horns to defend their territories against intruding males. Denver Zoo has several gerenuks.

Do lions eat gerenuk?

Gerenuks are browsers, not grazers. They favor trees and thorn bush and can stand on their hind legs, and elongate their neck to get higher leaves and branches than can other antelope. They will also eat fruit, flowers, new buds, and plants. … Lion, cheetah, leopard, and jackals also hunt gerenuks in Africa.

What is the only mammal born with horns?

File:The giraffe is the only animal born with horns (15080255893).

How do gerenuk reproduce?

Gerenuk Reproduction

Mating rituals involve the male approaching the female and repeatedly tapping her belly or flanks with his front leg. The male may also rub her with his pre orbital glands to deposit his scent before mating. Females reach sexual maturity at one year and males reach sexual maturity at 1.5 years.

How fast is a gerenuk?

Gerenuks also run or gallop toward a place of safety. Although these antelopes are not particularly fast, reaching speeds of only about 35 miles per hour, they are difficult to chase because they dart in, around, and between the bushes and trees.

Is an antelope a gazelle?

The answer is simple: all gazelles are antelopes, but not all antelopes are gazelles… Gazelles are a genus of antelope group and antelopes belong to the bovidae family. Together they make up quite a miscellaneous group which include impala, gazelle, oryx, waterbuck, eland, wildebeest and many more.

What is a adaptation of a gerenuk?

The elongated limbs and neck (gerenuk means “giraffe-necked” in Somali) and the pointed snout are adapted to selective nibbling of small leaves on thorny shrubs and trees—including foliage too high for other antelopes, which the gerenuk reaches by standing on its hind legs.

What are two adaptations the gerenuk has?


  • A pointed snout and long upper lip and tongue allow them to reach foliage among thorny bushes and trees.
  • The diet of southern gerenuks fills virtually all of their water needs, allowing them to thrive in dry thorn bush or desert habitat.

Why is the gerenuk endangered?

Number of gerenuks in the wild is dropping due to uncontrolled hunting and habitat destruction (as a result of accelerated development of agriculture and overgrazing). Gerenuk is classified as near threatened, which means that it can become endangered in the near future.

How does a gerenuk communicate?

Gerenuks communicate mainly by head rubbing. Although vocal communication is very rare, these gazelles will emit a short snort when they are in distress, and young gerenuks bleat for their mothers.

What are the Gerenuks predators?

Its main predators are leopards, lions, jackals and wild dogs. Gerenuk babies are able to walk shortly after they are born and they start to stand up on their hind legs to eat when they are only two weeks old.

How many Gerenuks are left?

There are said to be 95000 gerenuks left in the world. They are near threatened and very vulnerable to being endangered.

Where can I see gerenuk?

Top tips for viewing gerenuk

To find a gerenuk, you should search the reserves of northern/central Kenya, notably Samburu and Meru. Smaller numbers also occur in the Laikipia region, Tsavo East and south to Tanzania’s Tarangire.

What is an African antelope?

The Savanna grassland and rainforests of Africa continent is home to the largest species of antelopes,deer and wild goat. The most elegant antelope species in the Africa includes Eland ,Kudu, Nyala, Sable and Scimitar oryx, Grant’s gazelle, Lechwe, Gerenuk, Topi, Hartebeest, Bontebok and Bongo antelope.

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