What’s The Meaning Of Shamefaced?

1 : showing modesty : bashful. 2 : showing shame : ashamed.

How do you use shamefaced?

modest or bashful. showing shame: shamefaced apologies.

How to use shamefaced in a sentence

  1. She finished amid much applause, some shamefaced, some hearty, but there were a number of lowering brows. …
  2. Father and son shook hands, and Sir John walked feebly to the stiff-backed chair, where he sat down in shamefaced silence.

What is a hangdog mean?

hangdog. noun. Definition of hangdog (Entry 2 of 2) : a despicable or miserable person.

What does the word Compunctious mean?

compunctious • kum-PUNK-shus • adjective. 1 : arising from remorse or regret 2 : feeling remorse or regret.

What does Compuntions mean?

a feeling of uneasiness or anxiety of the conscience caused by regret for doing wrong or causing pain; contrition; remorse. any uneasiness or hesitation about the rightness of an action.

What does Trammled mean?

1 to confine or restrain with or as if with chains. years after his death, she was still trammeled by inconsolable grief for her deceased husband.

What does hang dog fury mean?

adjective. shamefaced; guilty: He sneaked out of the room with a hangdog expression. browbeaten; defeated; intimidated: He always went about with a hangdog look.

What does fastidiously mean?

1a : showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care fastidious attention to detail— Robert Evett. b : reflecting a meticulous, sensitive, or demanding attitude fastidious workmanship. c : having high and often capricious standards : difficult to please critics …

Is Zeitgeist a German word?

In German, such a spirit is known as “Zeitgeist,” from the German words Zeit, meaning “time,” and Geist, meaning “spirit” or “ghost.” Some writers and artists assert that the true zeitgeist of an era cannot be known until it is over, and several have declared that only artists or philosophers can adequately explain it.

How do you use shamefaced in a sentence?

showing a sense of guilt.

  1. Conner looked a little shamefaced.
  2. He looked somewhat shamefaced when he realized his mistake.
  3. He came to my office, shamefaced, to apologize.
  4. And yet we are shamefaced about this.
  5. A shamefaced spokesperson admitted that mistakes had been made.

What is the adverb of shamefaced?

/ˌʃeɪmˈfeɪsɪdli/ ​in a way that shows that you feel ashamed because you have done something bad or stupid synonym sheepishly. He smiled rather shamefacedly.

What is the meaning of not specific?

: not specific: such as. a : lacking in detail or particulars nonspecific answers a nonspecific description. b : not caused by a specific or identified agent nonspecific enteritis. c : not restricted to a particular category, situation, or group nonspecific flu-like symptoms.

What is the synonyms of embarrassed?

Some common synonyms of embarrass are abash, discomfit, disconcert, and rattle. While all these words mean “to distress by confusing or confounding,” embarrass implies some influence that impedes thought, speech, or action.

Is light hearted a mood?

Someone who is light-hearted is cheerful and happy. They were light-hearted and prepared to enjoy life. Something that is light-hearted is intended to be entertaining or amusing, and not at all serious.

What is guilt ridden mean?

adjective. feeling or revealing a sense of guilt. “so guilt-ridden he could not face his father” Synonyms: guilty. responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act.

Who is fastidious person?

If you want to describe a person who insists on perfection or pays much attention to food, clothing and cleanliness, the right word is fastidious.

What is the meaning of indefatigably?

: incapable of being fatigued : untiring an indefatigable worker.

What does fastidiousness mean dictionary?

excessively particular, critical, or demanding; hard to please: a fastidious eater. requiring or characterized by excessive care or delicacy; painstaking.

Where does the word hangdog come from?

also hangdog, 1670s, apparently “befitting a hang-dog,” that is, a despicable, degraded fellow, so called either from being fit only to hang a dog (with construction as in cutthroat, daredevil) or of being a low person (i.e. dog) fit only for hanging. The noun, however, is attested only from 1680s.

What is a hang dog look?

A hangdog look is one that betrays a feeling of shame, embarrassment, or fear. Your hangdog expression after sneaking a whoopee cushion onto your teacher’s chair is a dead giveaway that you’re guilty. Use the adjective hangdog to describe someone’s cowering appearance or the sheepish look on her face.

How do you use hangdog in a sentence?

frightened into submission or compliance.

  1. I could tell from his hangdog look that things had gone badly.
  2. Ross was still sporting his hangdog look.
  3. Tortoni is a bald man with a hangdog face.
  4. His hangdog gait belied his real attitude.

How do you spell trummel?

Trommel, trom′el, n. a revolving cylindrical sieve for cleaning or sizing ore.

How do you spell tremel?

German (frequent in Bavaria): variant spelling of Tremmel.

What are trammels used for?

Trammels are used to measure distance between two points that are too great to be reached with dividers.