When Was Optiven Started?

Optiven is captained by its Founder and CEO, George Wachiuri, and is rightly living up to its mission, which is to create an environment that positively transforms its staff, customers and all its stakeholders through offering state of the art products and services.

What does Optiven do?

Optiven is a one-stop shop offering investment solutions to you. Our projects are suitable for immediate residential settlement, commercial purposes or futuristic capital gain. We have prime plots in Kiambu, Thika, Gatanga Road, Machakos, Kitengela, Nyeri , Konza and Kajiado.

What is the meaning of the name Kitengela?

“Kite,” Dusty South, Dustbowl County (DC), Triple K (Kitengela, Kajiado, Kenya) Kitengela. Location in Kenya. Coordinates: 1°31′S 36°51′E. Country.

What value would you add in Optiven group?

Creating Value: Optiven Limited creates value on unimproved land by adding amenities such as electricity, access roads and street lighting – thusmaking lives of those who settle in these lots way easier.

What does the name Nakuru mean?

Nakuru is Kenya’s 4th largest urban centre with a population of 570,674. (The modern town, as with many others in Kenya, derives its name from the ‘Maasai’ speaking people of Kenya.)

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