Which Of The Three Domains Are Most Closely Related?

The five Kingdom system is more specific, in a way, but the three domain system allows to go back further and recognize a common ancestor. That is one of its greatest benefits: it shows how different kingdoms are related to each other. It also explains archaebacteria much better.

What is the primary reason why three kingdom system in classifying organism existed?

Woese argued, on the basis of differences in 16S rRNA genes, that bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes each arose separately from an ancestor with poorly developed genetic machinery, often called a progenote. To reflect these primary lines of descent, he treated each as a domain, divided into several different kingdoms.

Which of the three domains are most closely related to each other quizlet?

Although their cell structures are very different, archaean and eukaryotic cells are more closely related to each other than to bacteria, as evidenced by the fact that Bacteria was the first domain to split from the shared ancestor of Archaea and Eukarya.

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