Who Does Cristina Yang End Up With?


Owen Hunt and Cristina decided to get married after the shooting at Seattle Grace Mercy West. However, Cristina’s second wedding was much more true to herself: A low-key ceremony where she didn’t wear white.

Does Christina remarry after Owen?

In the seventh season premiere, “With You, I’m Born Again,” Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) decide to get married after the infamous hospital shooting at Seattle Grace Mercy West. After the emotional trauma of the shooting, the couple realizes that it’s time to get married.

Does Cristina Yang have a baby with Owen?

Theo Hunt is the son of Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang.

Does Christina tell Burke she’s pregnant?

Cristina finds out that she is pregnant with the child of her “sort of” ex-boyfriend Preston Burke: she decides not to tell him and makes an appointment with an abortion provider.

Does Christina get an abortion?

In 2011, a rare event occurred on American television: Cristina Yang, one of the main characters of Grey’s Anatomy, a widely popular TV show, decided to have an abortion and went through with her decision.

Does Christina marry Burke?

Cristina and Burke didn’t get married. After Cristina freaked out because the vows she wrote on her hand got washed off, Burke came out to find her and decided that he knew she didn’t want to marry him. He gave her a speech that pretty much said just that.

Do Amelia and Owen marry?

In Season 11, Owen develops a relationship with Amelia Shepherd. This is off and on throughout Season 11 and 12 until the end of Season 12 where he and Amelia get married, after Amelia proposes to him.

Who did Dr Hunt cheat on Christina Yang with?

There was also a time when Owen cheated on Cristina, something that he brought up during the thrilling premiere of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Season 17. He has just found out that Teddy (Kim Raver) was cheating on him with Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), and let’s just say that he was not pleased about it.

Why did Christina not marry Burke?

He began a relationship with intern Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) but broke it off because he feared it would ruin both of their reputations. Her miscarriage brought them back together.

What episode does Christina marry?

“Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” is the twenty-fifth episode and the season finale of the third season of the American television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and is the 61st episode overall.

Who did April Kepner marry?

When Grey’s Anatomy fans last saw April, she married Matthew Taylor (Justin Bruening), the man she left at the altar in season 10. April also quit her job at Grey Sloan Memorial to provide medical care for homeless communities. But even so, the character remained in Seattle and co-parented Harriet with Jackson.

Why did Cristina and Owen break up?

Love is never easy on Grey’s Anatomy and even the show’s most popular pairs have hurt each other. Owen cheated on Cristina, which was hard to believe, as he had always seemed to be all in with the relationship. This decision didn’t make any sense, as he wanted to settle down and start a family with her.

Who does Lexie end up with?

Hooking Up With Alex

Lexie first came up to Alex one night when they were leaving the hospital. She initially asks for something more and Alex catches on and tells her that he’s not that kind of guy. He tells her that he’s the guy that people go to for the one-nighters and solely for the sex.

Why does Christina leave?

Sandra Oh played Cristina Yang, an ambitious cardiothoracic surgeon, for 10 seasons. … When Oh decided it was time to leave the show after 10 seasons, her character moved to Switzerland for a high-level position. About leaving, Oh told The Hollywood Reporter, “I came apart because I saw everyone was in one room.

Does Tom marry Teddy?

In Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Teddy and Owen planned to get married and live happily ever after together. But Teddy had an affair with Tom Koracick (Greg Germann). … In the end, Teddy and Owen did not get married on Grey’s Anatomy.

Did Owen adopt Ethan?

During his weeks at the hospital, Ethan formed a friendship with Owen. … Owen secretly wanted to adopt Ethan, unbeknownst to him, so he rather abruptly broke off their friendship once it became clear that Ethan would be able to stay with his dad.

Does Preston Burke and Cristina Yang get back together?

During the first season of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina begins dating Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). Early on in the season, Burke breaks off the relationship because he does not want it to ruin their reputations. When Cristina has a miscarriage, the two get back together.

Is Derek cheating on Meredith?

She then came to Seattle to put things right with Derek. However, their marriage was soon cut short when Derek cheated on her with Meredith.

Does Christina ever have a baby?

When she got intimate with Preston Burke, she ended up getting pregnant. While debating whether to get an abortion or not, Cristina soon found herself rushed to the OR with an ectopic pregnancy. The operation almost went badly, but luckily she survived.

Does Cristina have a baby in Season 7?

Meredith and Derek officially and legally get married. Meredith and Derek consider adoption, while Cristina finds out she’s pregnant with Owen’s baby. While Owen is delighted at the news, Cristina is not exactly all pleased with the fact that she’s pregnant.

Does Meredith adopt Zola?

While treating Zola, Doctor Derek Shepherd fell in love with the little girl. He later suggested to Meredith that they adopt Zola. … After several interviews with a social worker and careful review by the court, the adoption of Zola was finalized. Meredith and Derek became parents in Season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy.

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