Who In Diamond City Is A Synth?

Geneva may become hostile during or after dialogue, or when Piper, the player, or another companion attacks and this triggers McDonough to become hostile as well. … If this happens and the player engages/kills the mayor, the other NPCs (including Piper and Geneva) will become hostile.

Is everyone in the railroad a synth?

So of all the “synths” in the railroad, none have synth components. … Every synth has much higher resistences, but the railroad ones only have the values provided by their armor, for example Glory only has 51/86 ballistic and energy res while wearing the railroad heavy armor, which is suspiciously low.

Is Myrna a synth?

Myrna, referred to as Crazy Myrna by Piper, is an anti-synth conspiracy theorist and the proprietor of a junk shop operating in Diamond City in 2287. She and her robot assistant, Percy alternate between shifts, the former taking the day shift and the latter taking the night shift.

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