Who Is The Father Of The Baby In Strange But True?

The book’s initial mystery – one of many – is a whopper. Ronnie Chase tragically dies on the night of his high school prom. Five years later, his girlfriend, Melissa Moody, shows up at Ronnie’s family home, pregnant. She tells Ronnie’s mother, Charlene, and brother, Philip, that Ronnie is the baby’s father.

What happened to Ronnie in Strange But True?

Melissa gives birth to her baby and a flashback shows the night Ronnie died in an accident while being chauffeured in a limousine. He was standing out the sunroof shouting that he loved Melissa, at her behest, and the limo driver was distracted. Charlene is seen holding Melissa’s baby while Philip and Richard look on.

Is Strange But True religious?

Also, the psychic in the movie turns out to be right in the end, though her predictions are a bit vague. Furthermore, STRANGE BUT TRUE contains some brief anti-Christian content, where Christians are viewed as hypocrites.

What happens in the book Strange but true?

Strange But True is founded on an audacious puzzle. Five years after the tragic death of her high-school sweetheart Ronnie (Connor Jessup) during an eventful prom-night date, Melissa (Margaret Qualley, Fosse/Verdon) turns up unannounced to inform the dead boy’s family that she is miraculously pregnant with his baby.

Is Strange but true a good movie?

Critic Reviews for Strange but True. What’s strange is that anyone thought this movie was worth making. It’s a thriller with no thrills, almost no action and even less tension. … September 6, 2019 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

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