Who Is The Little Drug Dealer In Euphoria?

Angus Cloud — better known as Fez, the reticent drug dealer with a moral compass on HBO’s Euphoria — shies away from attention in the same way his character does.

What happens to drug dealer in Euphoria?

In the finale, Fez got desperate and robbed a man’s house in order to get the money he needed, but when he was confronted, Fez ended up beating the homeowner within an inch of his life in order to get his cash and get away.

How old is Fezco in Euphoria?

In his first acting gig, 21-year-old Angus Cloud plays character Fezco, unlikely hero of HBO’s youngest-skewing drama.

Who is older Lexi or Cassie?

Lexi is Cassie’s younger sister and Rue’s level-headed childhood friend who tries her best to support Rue through her struggles.

Who is older Cassie or Lexi?

Cassie is Lexi’s older sister who has been praised for her entire life about how beautiful she is.

Who is Fez taking care of?

Fez loves his granny

Early on, it was shown that Fez takes care of his ailing grandmother who’s bedridden and seemingly unaware that he runs a trap house.

Does Fez get shot?

Fez was killed by Mouse.

And with Mouse being as sinister as he is, we wouldn’t be shocked if he played like he was gonna say “yeah, we good” and then shot Fez right in the face because he didn’t want to be bothered by whatever risky business Fez had gotten into.

Is Fez Nate’s brother?

Theories about Fez’s future, or more notably, his past, have also been driving conversation around the show–the presiding one being that Fez is football player Nate Jacobs’ (played by Jacob Elordi) estranged third brother.

Is Mac Miller in Euphoria?

‘Euphoria’ Fans Say Fezco (Angus Cloud) Looks Astonishingly Like Mac Miller. One of the main characters on Euphoria is Rue’s friend Fezco, played by Angus Cloud. … Fans have been quick to point out just how much Cloud looks like Mac Miller.

Is ashtray a child?

He is a little boy, and instead of playing arcade games and watching Batman cartoons, he’s counting cash, spitting expletives, and dealing LSD-like pills. Euphoria’s pint-sized pill seller’s name is Ashtray — ASHTRAY!!! His parents didn’t even give him a proper noun for a name!

Does Fez get in trouble?

In the finale, we watch Fez break into an affluent doctor’s home and rob him — but when he’s caught, the scuffle turns violent, and Fez brutally beats him before escaping with the cash. When we last see him, he’s handing over the money to Mouse.

What happened last episode euphoria?

Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) has an abortion and breaks up with McKay (Algee Smith), Kat (Barbie Ferreira) and Ethan (Austin Abrams) finally admit their feelings for each other and Fezco (Angus Cloud), desperate to pay off the drug dealers blackmailing him, takes a dark turn with a high-risk robbery.

What happened to Nate in euphoria finale?

In Sunday’s season finale, Nate and his father Cal (Eric Dane) had a violent fight that ended with Cal fleeing to his office while Nate banged his head on the floor and screamed. EW talked to Elordi, who’s Australian, about the shocking scene, Nate’s motivations and mastering his American accent.

Did Jules cheat on Rue?

Euphoria season 2 could throw us a curveball by revealing Rue and Jules were actually in an official relationship, but where things stand right now, Jules did not cheat on Rue.

Does Rue have feelings for Jules?

Despite their previous drama, the two reunite at the town carnival and pick right back up with their friendship like nothing ever happened. However, Rue’s sister is convinced their bond is more than a friendship: “Rue is in love with Jules, I think.”

How old is Fez City?

Fes History. The oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities, Fes was founded in 789 by Idriss I, who was fleeing the Abbasids of Baghdad. He led local Berbers in conquest of the region and established the Kingdom of Morocco, before being poisoned by the Abbasids.

Where is Fez from Euphoria from?

Before his fame as “Rue”‘s drug dealer on Euphoria as “Fez”, Angus Cloud had moved from Oakland to NYC two years prior to receiving his role. He spontaneously moved from West Coast to East Coast to visit some friends and worked at a chicken-and-waffle restaurant.

Who plays Fezco’s brother?

Since the pilot episode, Euphoria fans have been obsessed with the show’s kind-hearted drug dealer Fezco and his little bro Ashtray, played by Javon “Wanna” Walton.

Does Lexi have a crush on Rue?

2 Lexi: She Seems To Have A Crush On Rue

It’s subtle, but there are several instances where Lexi appears to be pining over her best friend. She had an odd reaction to finding out that Rue was in love with Jules and she didn’t act happy about it.

What grade is Nate Jacobs?

What Grade Is Nate Jacobs in on Euphoria? Nate is in 12th grade.

What is Alexa Demie real age?

In mid-Euphoria craze interviews from 2019, she was reported to be 24 years old, and her Wikipedia page lists her birthday as “December 11, 1994/1995.” This September, though, she fell subject to a viral conspiracy theory when Internet sleuths uncovered a list of alumni from her high school, which sparked confusion …

Does Fez get caught by the police?

A fall from the water tower leads to a brief truce between Kelso and Hyde. And Fez gets busted as he vandalizes the water tower for a senior prank. … Fez is arrested as vandal, so the cops discover his student visa expires after graduation, in a week. Red is proud that his wimpy son finally stuck to his guns like a man.

What happened Fez Whatley?

Health issues and death

Whatley suffered a mild heart attack on November 9, 2005, which he did not recognize. … Whatley died of heart failure at age 57 on August 14, 2021. During the August 16 tribute to Fez episode of Bennington, Ron Bennington announced that the previous Monday Fez had another heart attack.