Who Is The Mother Of Labaw Donggon?

Hinilawod Characters

  • Alunsina. Goddess of the eastern sky also known as Laun Sina “The Unmarried One”
  • Kaptan. King of Gods.
  • Datu Paubari. The mighty ruler of Halawod. …
  • Maklium-sa-t’wan. God of the plains who called a meeting of the council of gods.
  • Suklang Malayon. …
  • Bungot-Banwa. …
  • Mount Madya-as. …
  • Labaw Donggon.

Who killed Manalintad?

The father agreed in one condition: Labaw Donggon must kill the monster Manalintad as part of his dowry. Labaw Donggon agreed and went away to confront the monster. With the help of his magic belt, he was able to kill the Manalintad.

Why did Saragnayan laughed at Abyang Baranugon?

Why did Saragnayan laughed at Abyang Baranugon? Saragnayan noticed that Abyang Baranugon umbilical cord have not yet been removed, he laugh and told the child to go home to their mother.

Who saved Labaw Donggon?

Who defeated Saragnayan and rescued Labaw Donggon? In fact, Labaw Donggon was defeated and imprisoned by Saragnayan in the “silong” of Saragnayan’s house, directly under the kitchen. His two sons, Asu Mangga and Buyung Baranugun had to travel to find their father, rescue him, and kill his captor.

Who is the first wife of Labaw Donggon?

Saragnayan imprisoned the exhausted demigod under his pig pen. Meanwhile, Labaw Donggon’s two wives each gave birth to a son. Anggoy Ginbitinan called her child Aso Mangga, while Anggoy Doronoon called her son Buyung Baranugon. Both sons went in search of their father a few days after they were born.

Who is Abyang Durunuun?

A goddess of the underworld, in charge of magic charms. She works together with Sumpoy and Magyan.

How did Labaw Donggon win the hand of Abyang Durunuun in marriage?

This giant had a hundred arms and he won’t let the young demi god pass without a fight. And fight they did. In the end, the hundred-armed giant admitted defeat and allowed the Labaw Donggon to pass the ridge. Labaw Donggon won the hand of the legendary Abyang Durunuun and also took her home to his mother.

How did Alunsina and Datu Paubari got married?

Kaptan, the king of the Gods, decreed that the beautiful Alunsina (also called Laun Sina, The Unmarried One) marry upon reaching her maidenhood. Though all the unmarried gods from every corner of the universe tried to win her hand in marriage, she chose to marry a mortal, Datu Paubari, ruler of the Halawod.

Who is the goddess of eastern sky?

Alunsina was regarded as the most powerful female diwata brings in the light of the sun and cool winds during hot days of the dry season; she is also the guardian against strong typhoons and of beauty.

Who is Suklang Malayon?

A sky goddess of the Visayans. She protects the households and brings them happiness.

Where is Labaw Donggon located?

Hinilawod’s setting is in Sulod a part of central Panay. This epic poem means “from the mouth of the halawod rivers”. The focus of the story is the three Sulodnon Demigod brothers named Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap. Capiz is a part of Panay island.

What is Filipino regional epic?

Philippine epic poetry is the body of epic poetry in Philippine literature. Filipino epic poetry is considered to be the highest point of development for Philippine folk literature, encompassing narratives that recount the adventures of tribal heroes.

What makes Humadapnon a hero?

Humadapnon is one of the 3 demigod heroes in the epic of Panay. He is the offspring of Datu Paubariand Alunsina, the goddess of the South Heavens. Coming from the gods, Humadapnon and his siblings, Labaw Donggon and Dumalapdap posses special powers and all receive assistance from the gods in time of trouble.

What is the summary of Hinilawod?

Hinilawod recounts the story of the exploits of three Sulodnon demigod brothers, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap of ancient Panay. It would take about three days to perform the epic in its original form. Thus, making it as one of the longest epics in the world.

How many arms did Sikay Padalogdog have?

Before he can get to the place he has to pass a ridge guarded by a giant named Sikay Padalogdog who has a hundred arms. The giant would not allow Labaw Donggon to go through without a fight.

What difficulties does Humadapnon encounter before finally meeting Nagmalitong Yawa?

They also killed Sumagulung. In his anger, Humadapnon confronted Nagmalitong Yawa about her infidelity. He refused to listen to the woman’s explanation. The latter told him that it was her mother who arranged the wedding and that she had nothing to do with it.

How is Alunsina described?

Alunsina, a goddess in the Philippine Mythology, was often described as lazy, jealous, and selfish. She was branded as lazy, for not doing enough; jealous, for wanting more in life; and selfish, for doing what she wants.

What is the region of Labaw Donggon?

The musical revolves around Labaw Donggon, a demigod in an epic poem called the Hinilawod from the island of Panay in the Philippines.

Why Hinilawod is an epic?

Hinilawod is an epic poem written by the early inhabitants of Sulod in central Panay who lived by the mouth of the Halawod River. It literally means “Tales From The Mouth of The Halawod River.” … Hinilawod is thus considered to be one of the longest epics known—even longer than the “Iliad” which has 15,700 verses.

Who is Alunsina in Hinilawod?

Who is Alunsina? Alunsina was one of the main characters in Hinilawod, an ancient epic poem in central Panay Island in the Visayas, Philippines. Hinilawod is one of the longest epics in the world with over 28,000 verses, even longer than Iliad (with 15,000 verses).

What qualities of the human spirit were covered in the Hinilawod?

As a link to those cultural memories that in part explain our character as a people, Hinilawod offered not only a sumptuous visual feast but also a glimpse of the mindset of our forebears: Devotion to family, love that knows no boundaries, courage in the face of adversity, and belief in the supernatural or spiritual …

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