Who Took Over Craftsman Warranty?

Ace will exchange a product covered that they have in stock. Return damaged product to a stocking Retail Partner or call 1-888-331-4569 for details. No proof of purchase required. This covers all Craftsman tools that were covered by the lifetime warranty regardless of manufacturer or where they were purchased.

How do I contact Craftsman warranty?

Call 888-331-4569 for details. If the product fails to perform due to defects in material or workmanship, we will replace it. Note: Proof of purchase is required. Call 888-331-4569 for details.

Does Sears still honor Craftsman warranty?

Details of the Craftsman warranty policy is available here. The lifetime warranty only applies to hand tools and not to things that are meant to wear out, like saw blades. … Under the agreement, the tools will still be sold at Sears and Kmart locations. They were already also available at Ace Hardware stores.

How do I call Craftsman?

Call 888-331-4569 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll handle all your repair needs.

Does Lowes do Craftsman tool warranty?

CRAFTSMAN is known for its competitive warranties which will also be honored at Lowe’s , providing customers a guarantee promise. If customers have questions about the warranty, they are encouraged to call CRAFTSMAN’s Customer Care Hotline at 888-331-4569.

Is Craftsman warranty still good?

Yes, Craftsman and Craftsman Industrial hand tools are still covered by a Hand Tool Full Warranty, at leaast those that are labeled as such in their warranty heading. … If this Craftsman (or Craftsman Industrial) hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

What company bought out Craftsman tools?

Three years ago Sears, as part of its ongoing deconstruction of what was once the country’s largest retailing corporation, sold the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker, the well-known tool and hardware company, for $900 million.

When did Stanley Black and Decker buy Craftsman?

Stanley Black & Decker bought the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings Corp. in 2017. The deal, valued at $900 million, let both brands continue making and selling products under the Craftsman label.

Did Lowes buy out Craftsman?

On January 5, 2017, Stanley Black & Decker announced its intent to acquire the Craftsman brand in a deal with a total value of $900 million (with an up-front payment of $525 million, and a payment of $250 million after three years). … Lowe’s announced in October of 2017 that it would start carrying Craftsman tools.

Does Ace have Craftsman?

Craftsman, America’s most trusted tool brand, will now be sold through Ace Hardware stores. … In June, Ace will promote a number of Craftsman products, giving all 4,500 Ace stores the opportunity to offer the Craftsman brand to customers.

Does Lowes honor Craftsman tool replacement?

As always don’t waste your money. FULL STATEMENT FROM LOWE’S CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS: “We will honor all lifetime warranties no matter where the CRAFTSMAN hand tool was purchased. We ask that customers bring in the item, and we’ll replace it if we have the product.

Is Kobalt made by Snap on?

In 2003, the Danaher Corporation took over the manufacturing of Kobalt tools as J.H.Williams became Snap-On Tools. In 2011, Lowe’s again switched manufacturers to J.S. Products of Nevada, which still makes the tools today.

Are any Craftsman tools still made in the USA?

Verdict: Is Craftsman Made in the USA? The majority of Craftsman tools are not produced in the United States. … Craftsman uses another manufacturer called Western Forge to make tools like screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, pliers, and bigger mechanic tool sets – these products are still made in the U.S.

What happens to Craftsman tools when Sears closes?

Sears Holdings will still sell Craftsman products at Sears, Kmart, and Sears Appliance & Hardware stores for at least 15 years. Meanwhile, the Stanley Black & Decker purchase means it will also be able to sell Craftsman tools through non-Sears channels — which may include Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other stores.

Where is craftsman manufactured?


We’re proud to continue expanding our U.S. manufacturing footprint with our factory in Fort Mill, South Carolina. There, our workers make select V20* power tools with global materials and take pride knowing they’re part of the CRAFTSMAN family.

Are Craftsman ratchets guaranteed for life?

Craftsman ratchets and other tools carry a lifetime replacement warranty. … Each tool carries a lifetime warranty. You can get a replacement tool free of charge if it breaks or fails for any reason.

What tools have a lifetime warranty?

This list pertains only to the United States.

  • Away. away. …
  • Big Green Egg. biggreenegg. …
  • Craftsman. craftsman. …
  • Dewalt. Dewalt is also a tool manufacturer with a generous guarantee, but it doesn’t cover tools that have been “improperly used, abused, altered or repaired.” …
  • JanSport. jansport_cl. …
  • Kobalt. kobalttools. …
  • Osprey. …
  • Red Oxx.

Is craftsman still a good brand?

Craftsman has become synonymous with durability, quality, and all-around usefulness. All the products manufactured by this multi-award-winning company are backed by a strong warranty and for a company to be able to provide such a generous warranty shows that it has a lot of confidence in their products.

What year was my Craftsman mower made?

Write down the first six numbers of the mower’s serial number. The first two numbers are the mower’s month of manufacture. The second two numbers indicate the day of manufacture and the third two will signify the year of manufacture.

Does Craftsman warranty torque wrenches?

Does Craftsman warranty torque wrenches? A. Yes, Craftsman covers its torque wrenches with a one-year limited warranty unless you use it for commercial services. In that case, Craftsman offers a 90-day warranty for its torque wrenches.

Does Sears own Ace Hardware?

Sears Holdings Corp. … Sears and Ace Hardware Corp., the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the hardware industry by sales, said Friday they’ll start the partnership with 100 Ace stores selling about 10% of the total Craftsman line in May.

Does Menards sell Craftsman?

Craftsman Now At Menards – Machinery, Tools, Research, Reviews and Safety – The Patriot Woodworker.

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