Who Voices The Pirate In The SpongeBob Opening?

Patchy the Pirate (portrayed and voiced by Tom Kenny) is the host of the series’ special episodes. He is a live-action pirate and the president of the fictional SpongeBob fan club.

Who is the voice of Burger Beard?

Antonio Banderas is promoting his new role as the villainous Burger Beard in the latest Spongebob Square Pants movie and in his next film he plays the celebrated Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

What is Squidward’s IQ?

What is SpongeBob’s IQ? SpongeBob: 85, he can live on his own and sometimes seems pretty clever but overall he’s not only very naive but also extremly dumb. Squidward: 110, I would put him at slightly above average.

What is SpongeBob’s grandpa’s name?

Grandpa! Grandpa Franklin Rodrick SquarePants is SpongeBob’s Grandfather, and he hints of being blind. He was first revealed to exist in the episode Rock Bottom where SpongeBob imitates him with the explanation that you should not run for a bus, “especially when it is drivin’ up on a 90-degree angle!”.

Who is SpongeBob’s girlfriend?

Sandra Jennifer “Sandy” Cheeks is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon franchise SpongeBob SquarePants. She is an anthropomorphic squirrel who wears a diving suit and lives underwater. Sandy is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence and first appeared in the episode “Tea at the Treedome” that premiered on May 1, 1999.

Who voices Potty the Parrot?

Potty’s voice is raspy. The voice was originally provided by the series’ creator, Stephen Hillenburg from 2000 to 2004. Paul Tibbitt took over the role from 2007 to 2012. Since the season 10 episode “Feral Friends” in 2017, the character has been voiced by Doug Lawrence.

What happened to Patchy the Pirate?

SpongeBob SquarePants’ biggest fan, Patchy the Pirate, has been left out of the movies, but there’s a good reason behind that decision. … Patchy is the self-appointed president of the (fictional) SpongeBob SquarePants fan club founded by himself, and his house is filled with SpongeBob-themed memorabilia.

What is patchy the Pirates parrot?

Potty the Parrot is a Patchy the Pirate’s puppet friend. Potty is a little argumentative and often makes fun of Patchy. The viewers are constantly reminded that Potty is a puppet with very obvious strings and big googly eyes. From 2000 to 2004, Potty was voiced by the creator of SpongeBob himself, Stephen Hillenburg.

Is Potty the Parrot a girl?

Potty’s gender is never confirmed, in books Potty is referred to as a “she” and in “The Sponge Who Could Fly” Potty lays an egg. However, in “Friend of Foe” Patchy usee “his” to refer to Potty.

What is the name of King Neptune’s Daughter?

Princess Mindy (age: 13-14) is King Neptune’s daughter and the future queen of the sea. She knows the names of all the sea creatures and is a good friend of SpongeBob and Patrick.

Who is Pearl’s real dad?

Pearl is a teenage sperm whale who lives in a hollow anchor with her father Eugene “Mr.” Krabs, the greedy founder of the popular Krusty Krab restaurant. Pearl will inherit the restaurant and become its owner when she grows older.

Is Sandy Cheeks death?

On July 16, 2017, Sandy Cheeks, the bassist of the American-British band The Infection, was found dead in her Johannesburg home, located at 1 St Pauls Road, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was later determined that Sandy Cheeks died on July 14th just two days before her body was found.

Who are SpongeBob’s 3 cousins?

SpongeBob SquarePants

He is the only known child of Margaret and Harold SquarePants. He is also the cousin of Larry, Stanley, BlackJack, and Todd, a grandson of Grandpa and Grandma SquarePants, a nephew of Sherm and Blue, a descendant of SpongeBuck, Primitive Sponge, and SpongeGar, one of SpongeTron’s ancestors.

Does Patrick from SpongeBob have a sister?

Meanies go home! Samantha “Sam” Star is Herb and Margie’s daughter and the older sister of Patrick Star and Squidina Star. She first appears in the episode “Big Sister Sam.”

Do SpongeBob has a sister?

SpongeBob asks him why he is doing it and he responds by saying his sister Sam Star, is coming. Patrick also reveals that they were lost in the surf when they were only kids.

Who made SpongeBob?

He was designed by the former marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg. Hillenburg based SpongeBob on Bob the Sponge, a character he had created for his educational book “The Intertidal Zone” in the late 1980s.

Who is the oldest character in SpongeBob?

Squidward is most likely older than Spongebob and Patrick by several years, and Krabs is definitely older than the main cast.

Who is the most popular SpongeBob character?

SpongeBob SquarePants Characters, Ranked By Likability

  • 8 Plankton.
  • 7 Mrs. Puff.
  • 6 Pearl Krabs.
  • 5 Gary.
  • 4 Karen.
  • 3 SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • 2 Sandy Cheeks.
  • 1 Patrick Star.