Who Was Ernst Weil And Why Was He Famous?

Albert Einstein at School. … Albert told Yuri of his plan of staying away from the school. Yuri told him to go to Dr. Ernest Weil to get a medical certificate for that purpose.

Why did the doctor agree to Albert?

The doctor agreed to help Albert. He noted that Albert was close to a nervous breakdown. He handed Albert a medical certificate, certifying that the boy must stay away from school for at least six months.

What opinion do you form of Dr Ernst Weil?

What opinion do you form of Dr Ernest Weil? Answer: Young Ernest Weil had just qualified to be a doctor, but he was intelligent. He could not be deceived easily.

What was Einstein’s reaction to the history teacher sarcasm?

2) What was Einstein’s reaction to the history teacher’s sarcasm? Answer: Mr Braun, his history teacher, was unhappy with Albert unwilling to leam facts or dates. When he admitted that he did not see any point in learning dates, the teacher taunted him by calling his views the ‘Einstein theory of education’.

Why did Einstein leave the school?

(i) Albert Einstein left the school in Munich because he hated the school’s strict and controlled environment, and often had disagreements with his teachers. (ii) According to Einstein, Switzerland was more liberal than Munich. Hence, he wanted to study in Switzerland.

Who was Elsa *?

Elsa was Albert Einstein’s cousin from Berlin whose dad had a business there. She advised Albert to just repeat the lesson in the examination, as and how it was taught in the class.

Why did the history teacher dislike Albert?

The history teacher disliked Albert because Albert was disturbing the class asking some questions like “what is the use of rote learning the facts” etc.

How long did Albert’s father want him to attend the school for?

ANSWER:- Albert’s father want him to attend the school until he completes his diploma.

Who was Dr Ernst Weil who was his first patient?

As Albert was his first patient he helped him with a certified leave of 6months.

Why did Dr Weil give Albert the certificate of nervous breakdown?

Ernst, being a clever doctor, had surmised that the only reason a person like Albert would come to him to get a certificate for his nervous condition was because he, in actuality, was dangerously close to a breakdown. … In true doctor spirit, he wanted to prioritize his patient’s wellbeing above everything else.

Why did Weil not charge any fee from Albert?

Ernst Weil, though not a specialist in nervous disorders. He asked Albert to be honest about his intention on meeting the doctor. The doctor agreed to certify that Albert had a nervous breakdown, and he must stay away from school for six months. The doctor didn’t charge any fee for his service.

What was Albert’s theory of education 11?

Class 11 Question

Albert Einstein’s theory of education is based on reasoning and logic. He believed that education is not about learning facts but thinking about ideas. Education according to him is not something to mug up like remembering the year of battle or any event but the reason why it all started.

Why was Mr Braun cold and cruel?

When Einstein remarks that there was no point in learning historical facts, Mr. Braun rebukes him. His rebuke leads Einstein to believe that his teacher was a cold and cruel person who did not like anyone to contradict him. Hope this information will clear your doubt.

Why did Mr Braun get angry at Einstein?

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Braun, the history teacher was an orthodox and ordinary teacher. He expected his students to be passive listeners only. When Einstein expressed his thoughts and ideology while answering a question, Mr. Braun was annoyed at him.

What incident did Yuri tell about a duel?

what did Yuri say to him about the violence in the hostel? Dear Student, When Albert and Yuri were discussing about the conditions at their respective stays, Yuri told him about the uncivilised poor students that lived in his hostel, one of which was killed in a duel.

Who was Mr Braun Why was he angry with Einstein?

Answer: Mr Braun, the history teacher laid stress on learning dates and facts. He repeated them often enough for his students to learn them. The teacher felt angry as well as amazed at Albert’s stubbornness.

How did Mr Braun treat Einstein?

Mr Braun felt exasperated. His eyes were cold and cruel. He punished Albert by making him stay in for an extra period that day. He had a low opinion of Einstein and called him ‘a disgrace’.

Who was Elsa Where did she live?

Elsa was Albert’s cousin. She lived in Berlin. Her father was a businessman.

Who were Elsa and Yuri?

Elsa was Albert’s cousin who lived in Berlin. She believed that one must just learn enough to pass exams. Yuri is a student like Albert and he was his only friend in Munich. His role was vital as he showed the abysmal state of academics where students are stuck with rote learning facts and can’t get out of it.

What does the last line tell you about Einstein?

What does the last line tell you about Einstein? Answer: The last line tells us that Einstein believes in making others understand the joy there is in knowing the beauty that is all around us.

Who was Mr Braun?

Mr. Braun was Albert Einstein’s history teacher at the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich, where he was admitted for advanced primary and secondary education.

Why was Einstein called to the head teacher’s office?

Why did the head teacher call for Albert? Ans. Einstein got a false medical certificate and was about to go to the head teacher’s office to submit it. To his surprise, however, the headmaster himself sent for him and informed that the school had decided to rusticate him for his hostile presence in the school.

Would you term Albert school days as happy or unhappy Why?

Einstein was unhappy in his school because he did not like the conventional system of education. He was studied in a school in Munich and he had several other schoolmates at his age. He hated the oppressive atmosphere of the school and was sure he would fail in the examination.

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