Why Did Krall Mutate?

Idris Elba’s Star Trek character is name Krall, which almost sounds Klingon in origin– but the character is not a Klingon.

Why did Krall look like that?

Why did Krall/Edison’s face keep changing? It looks like the alien machines he used to prolong his life (which he found on Altamid after the Franklin crashed there) gave him the appearance of whichever alien/aliens he absorbed life-force from.

How did Uhura know who Krall was?

Between changing the pitch of the Video, and Krall’s changing voice, and the specific keyword of Frontier, it clicked in her head. She still didn’t know exactly how or why, but she knew Krall is Edison from watching the video.

Who was captain of the USS Franklin Star Trek?

USS Franklin (NX-326) is a fictional starship featured in the film Star Trek Beyond (2016). The ship was commanded by Captain Balthazar Edison and vanished during a mission in the Gagarin Radiation Belt, an incident later taught to future Starfleet officers at Starfleet Academy.

Who is the bad guy in Star Trek Beyond?

The Kelvin Timeline featured revenge-seeking foes like Eric Bana’s Nero and Cumberbatch’s Khan, with Idris Elba playing the primary antagonist of Star Trek Beyond. The backstories of Krall and his henchwoman Kalara are fairly dark and tie into the Federations past.

Is Krall a Cardassian?

In Star Trek Beyond, it’s revealed that Krall wasn’t born an alien — he’s actually a human, and not just a human, a former Starfleet Captain. In the last act of the movie, it’s revealed that Krall was actually Balthazar Edison, Captain of the USS Franklin, in the early years of Starfleet.

Who is Jala in Star Trek?

One of the breakout stars of “Star Trek: Beyond,” which opened this weekend, is Sofia Boutella. The 34-year-old Algerian-born actress plays Jaylah, a strong-willed technologically-savvy alien the Enterprise crew discovers after they crash land on uncharted planet.

What is a Romulan in Star Trek?

The Romulans were a humanoid race from the planet Romulus. The Romulans were biological cousins of Vulcans, descended from those who rejected Surak’s reforms during the Time of Awakening. By the 24th century, the Romulan Star Empire was one of the major powers in the galaxy.

Who is Khan villain?

Khan Noonien Singh is a major antagonist in the Star Trek franchise, serving as the main antagonist in The Original Series episode “Space Seed” and as the titular main antagonist of the 1982 classic feature film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He was the leader of the Augments and the archenemy of James T. Kirk.

Why does Krall want to destroy Yorktown?

Krall sent Kalara to Yorktown under the pretense of seeking help for her distressed crew and was able to successfully lure the Enterprise into the Necro Cloud and to Altamid. In the battle that followed, the Enterprise was destroyed, but Captain James T.

Will there be a 4th Star Trek?

Paramount has dated Star Trek 4’s theatrical bow for June 9, 2023. Seeing as how it’s only in the script stage and no cast or official title have been announced, a two-plus year wait for fans from now seems about right.

What happened to the USS Franklin after Star Trek beyond?

After many further missions and adventures the ship vanished in 2164 while on a mission in the Gagarin Radiation Belt, an incident later taught to future Starfleet officers at Starfleet Academy. … The ship eventually crash landed on the planet Altamid.

What is Yorktown in Star Trek?

Yorktown, also known as Starbase Yorktown, Yorktown Base and Yorktown Station, was a massive Federation space station located on the frontier, near the Necro Cloud nebula, in the alternate reality.

Is Sofia boutella black?

People don’t know if I’m Indian, half-white, half-black. Sometimes they think I’m Brazilian!” Despite not fitting “in any box”, it was Boutella’s athleticism, movements, and elegant look unlike any other actress that helped secure her a role as Gazelle, the double amputee, blade legged assassin.

Who is the white haired girl in Star Trek Beyond?

Sofia Boutella is sitting in a prime position after her breakout performance as the alien Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond, which topped the weekend box office.

What kind of alien is jaylah?

She’s an individual, as much as any of the humans and other aliens in that universe are individuals. But it’s possible that her engineering talents are in part learned from a strong technical tradition and the rest developed in practice and out of necessity.

What is the most powerful race in Star Trek?

Romulans are probably the most notorious species in Star Trek to harness cloaking technology in all of their combat worthy starships. This made their armada one of the most fearsome in the galaxy. Besides their underhandedness, Romulans are also known for their arrogance and xenophobia.

What is the best starship in Star Trek?

Most Powerful Star Trek Ships, Ranked

  • Krenim weapon ship. …
  • U.S.S. …
  • The “Doomsday Machine” …
  • The Narada. …
  • Species 8472 bioship. …
  • V’Ger. …
  • The Whale Probe. …
  • The Borg Cube. No other starship strikes fear into the Federation like a Borg cube.

Why did Star Trek Beyond fail?

“Star Trek Beyond” earned favorable reviews from critics, with many saying director Justin Lin delivered a rebound after Abrams’ divisive “Star Trek Into Darkness.” Pegg says Paramount is partly to blame for “Beyond” underwhelming financially because the studio failed to market the film as effectively as it could have.

Who was Kalara?

Kalara, formerly Jessica Wolff, was a Human female who served as a Federation Starfleet officer until she was stranded on the planet Altamid. Wolff became the alien Kalara after the use of energy transference technology severely mutated her body.

What is the Abronath Star Trek?

The Abronath was an ancient bioweapon of mass destruction created by the “Ancient Ones” of Altamid.

Who plays Krall?

Harlow created over 50 creature designs for the film, including lead villain Krall (Idris Elba) and the warrior Jaylah (Sofia Boutella). Inverse spoke to Harlow about his workload, and what it took to turn Idris Elba into a threatening alien monster.

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