Why Did McManus Leave Taggart?

THE actor who played the pathologist in the Scottish Television series Taggart died early yesterday morning after collapsing in the middle of a Burns night recital.

Who took over when Taggart died?

Taggart first burst on to screens with Mark McManus in the lead role and Neil Duncan playing his sidekick, DS Livingstone. After McManus’ untimely death at the age of 59 from pneumonia in 1994, Taggart was replaced by DI Mike Jardine, played by James MacPherson.

Did Taggart say there’s been a murder?

Glasgow’s most famous detective Jim Taggart first appeared on our TV screens in 1983 with his famous catchphrase, ‘There’s been a murder! ‘ Since then the show captured the imagination of its audience for more than 30 years who were left bamboozled with each episode as they tried to work out whodunnit.

What is James MacPherson doing now?

James MacPherson

James was forced to leave the show in 2002 after dealing with a collapsed lung. Since then he’s gone on to take theatre roles and set up an acting company with fellow actress, Emma Currie.

Who was taggarts brother?

Born in Hamilton, near Glasgow, in 1949, Connolly was probably the half- brother of the actor Mark McManus (who played the Scottish television detective Taggart).

How did taggarts wife become disabled?

Jean Taggart was the wife of DCI Jim Taggart. Jean Taggart in Death Call They married in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Jean was in a wheelchair due to paralysis after giving birth to daughter Alison.

What does Taggart mean?

Taggart is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin. It is a reduction of the surnames MacTaggart and McTaggart, which are anglicisations of the Gaelic Mac an t-Sagairt, meaning “son of the priest“. The name is sometimes written Teggart or Tegart or Tagart.

Who was taggarts boss?

Taggart’s boss in the pilot was Superintendent Robert Murray (Tom Watson). This humour was continued in the subsequent series when Taggart’s boss after the second episode, “Dead Ringer”, being Superintendent Jack McVitie (Iain Anders).

Why did Sweet split up?

Manager David Walker issued a prepared statement to the press saying that the break up was due to musical differences. “Well, I would have, in fact, left two years before I did, but I just stuck out to tour – out of loyalty I suppose Brian added. … No one had seen Brian all day, but he showed up in time for the gig.

Who said there’s been a murdah?

“There’s been a murder” is a well known quote from ‘Taggart’, the much loved and longest running police drama in the UK. It’s usually pronounced with a surfeit of ‘Rs.

Is Taggart still being made?

ITV has closed the casebook on long-running detective drama Taggart, although the Glasgow-based series could live on in Scotland. The series began on ITV in 1983 and starred Mark McManus in the title role until his death in 1994.

Which member of Sweet has just died?

Steve Priest, the bassist and co-founder of glam rock band Sweet, has died at the age of 72.

Why does Taggart call his boss biscuit?

It was first held by Robert Murray who was nicknamed The Mint after the well-known sweet (Tom Watson) in the original pilot episode, Killer, and after the second episode, Jack McVitie, (who was nicknamed The Biscuit due to the fact he shared his name with the popular brand of biscuits) was Taggart’s boss.

Where does the name McTaggart come from?

MacTaggart is a surname of Scottish or Ultonian origin. It is an Anglicisation of the Scottish Gaelic Mac an t-Sagairt, meaning “son of the priest” Also having the forms McTaggart and Taggart.

Where was Taggart filmed?

The drama was filmed largely with a focus on Glasgow as it was portraying the mean streets of the city, however the show does venture across the M8 to Edinburgh.

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