Why Did They Refer To The Banana Tree As Gustus Naval String?

Gustus became closer with his father, and him and the banana tree both survived, but the hurricane caused to have Gustus a broken arm, and it severely damaged their home.

What is the main idea of the banana tree?

An important theme in The Banana Tree is what? Never run out into a hurricane. Family is to be valued.

What is the banana tree story about?

In Jamaica A boy named Gutus who believes that the banana tree that he has watched over ever since he was little, gives him joy in life, is going to be in danger. Suddenly a hurricane hits and Gustus goes out of his way to save his banana tree.

Which is a conflict that influences the events in the banana tree?

What is the external struggle or conflict of the story? The mother is afraid that the hurricane will destroy their kitchen. The boy is afraid that the hurricane will destroy his banana tree. The townspeople are afraid the hurricane will destroy the schoolroom.

What is the resolution of the story the banana tree?

What is the resolution of the story? The boy saves the banana tree from falling down. The father realizes that it is his fault that his boy ran out into the hurricane. The townspeople learn how to take care of themselves during a tragedy.

Who is the protagonist of the banana tree?

The main character in the story is Gustus, his father plays an important role in the story, affecting Gustus’ childhood and his father was part of the reason Gustus was so attached to his banana tree.

How are gustus and Mr Bass different?

How are Gustus and Mr. Bass different? They are both different because of their confidence. Gustus struggles to tell his dad what is bothering him.

What is the climax of the banana tree?

Climax. Gustus fails to save the banana tree and the tree dies.

How the storm may change the relationship between gustus and his father?

How did the storm change the relationship between gustus and his father? Their relationship is immediately changed. Not only is Mr. Bass relieved to find his son alive, but he also begins to understand Gustus’ needs.

Why does gustus go out into the hurricane?

He went out into the hurricane to make sure that his banana tree hadn’t been blown down. … Gustus can’t save the bananas, and they are destroyed. What is the climax of the story? Gustus tells his father that he wants his own shoes.

How does gustus get to the other side of the river group of answer choices?

Gustus flung himself into the air and fell in the expanding water on the other side. When he surfaced, the river had dumped the entire wreckage into the gurgling gully. For once the wind helped. It blew him to land.

What are the elements of the story bananas in the tree?

Terms in this set (32)

  • protagonist. the HERO or Main Character in the story.
  • antagonist. the character who is in a struggle with the main character.
  • setting. the time and place in which a story occurs (ex: day or night, past, present, future, any season)
  • exposition. …
  • theme. …
  • plot. …
  • climax. …
  • resolution/conclusion.

What is the rising action of the banana tree?

Rising Action

Gustus falls asleep and after the storm when he wakes up he sees his tree still standing and is really proud of it. Gustus is worried that his banana tree will get destroyed because the fruit will give him money to buy shoes that he really needs so, he goes out into the storm to find his banana tree.

Who is the antagonist in the banana tree story?

Who is the antagonist in the story? Both the hurricane and Mr. Bass could be considered antagonists.

How does gustus feel about his father?

Gustus thinks his father is evil. Their relationship is based on honesty. “As the repressed singing grew louder and louder, it sounded mournful in the room.”

Why does gustus sit farthest from his father?

Who are the main characters? Why does Gustus sit farthest from his father while they wait for the storm to pass? Gustus feels his father doesn’t doesn’t understand him. For Gustus “strength is proven in the number of innings he can pitch for his cricket team,” but to Pappy, “Cricket is Satan’s game for idle hands!”

What type of conflict occurs between the protagonist and the antagonist?

External conflict is a struggle that takes place between the main character and some outside force. Therefore, it is outside the body of the protagonist. Usually, it occurs when the protagonist struggles against the antagonist, a character that opposes the protagonist in the main body of the story.

What might make you repress a laugh the banana tree?

What might make you repress a laugh? You are at a funny movie. You need to be quiet.

What is the meaning of the class went on bananas when their teacher gave a series of quizzes without discussion?

Here the given sentence has a phrase ‘go on bananas’, which has the meaning ‘to becοme very excited or angry‘.

Where does the banana tree take place?

Today they are grown in tropical regions across the globe, from South and Central America to India, China and Africa. Bananas grow in hot, tropical climates. Banana plants look like trees but are actually giant herbs related to lilies and orchids. The plant grows from a root clump (rhizome), similar to a tulip bulb.

What is gustus saying to the wind?

He told the wind that he almost had him that time and that if the wind blew hard at him again, he would fight it.

When was the Banana Tree written?

This sheet music is for the song “Under the Banana Tree.” Arthur J. Lamb wrote the lyrics for the song and Lawrence B. O’Connor composed the music. The sheet music was published by G.W. Setchell of Boston, Massachusetts in 1904.

Which stage of the plot diagram is being described when we begin to learn what the conflict is and suspense is building?

Plot Diagram Defined

The exposition or the introduction introduces the characters, describes the setting and establishes the problem in the story. The rising action is where the suspense builds and the problem gets worse and becomes more complicated. There are often multiple steps or parts in the rising action.