Why Does Depicted Mean?

represented graphically by sketch or design or lines.

  1. He was depicted as a traitor.
  2. The statistics can be depicted as a graph.
  3. The artist depicted him strolling through a garden.
  4. The artist depicted them strolling through a park.
  5. The artist had depicted her lying naked on a bed.

What is the closest meaning of depict?

/ (dɪˈpɪkt) / verb (tr) to represent by or as by drawing, sculpture, painting, etc; delineate; portray.

How do you use the word depict in a sentence?

Depict sentence example

  1. The artist did not depict emotion: he depicted the subjects that produce emotion. …
  2. Road maps depict major roads in a state. …
  3. Colorful pictures depict the varied wildlife of the area.

What does accurate depiction mean?

1 faithfully representing or describing the truth. 2 showing a negligible or permissible deviation from a standard.

How do you use the word differentiate?

Differentiate in a Sentence ?

  1. The cashier told me a sticker would differentiate the regular cheeseburger from the cheeseburger without pickles.
  2. Although the newer model of the car costs more, I cannot see any features that differentiate it from last year’s model.

What is a different word for depicted?

Synonyms & Antonyms of depict

  • delineate,
  • describe,
  • draw,
  • image,
  • limn,
  • paint,
  • picture,
  • portray,

What does depicted mean in history?

: a representation in words or images of someone or something The book is fascinating in its depiction of the country’s early history.

What is character depiction?

A character depiction is giving a physical representation to a something/character before the viewer or reader comes in contact with the character in life or in a text or video form.

What does depicted mean in math?

represented graphically by sketch or design or lines.

Is depicted in a sentence?

Depicted sentence example. “You’ve got a rat,” he said, reviewing the past hundred years of battles depicted on the map. The next depicted the planet, the next a woman holding a knife, then the fountain, a plant, a river. On the altar of Pergamum he is depicted taking part in the battle of the giants.

What is the meaning sarcastic?

sarcastic, satiric, ironic, sardonic mean marked by bitterness and a power or will to cut or sting. sarcastic implies an intentional inflicting of pain by deriding, taunting, or ridiculing. a critic known for his sarcastic remarks satiric implies that the intent of the ridiculing is censure and reprobation.

What is a deprecating?

: tending or serving to disparage or belittle someone or something a deprecating remark Allagash tells you, with a deprecating roll of his eyes, that Vicky is studying Philosophy at Princeton.—

What is a detested?

transitive verb. 1 : to feel intense and often violent antipathy toward : loathe detests politics They seem to truly detest each other. 2 obsolete : curse, denounce.

Is a movie a depiction?

Depict and Depiction

If you depict someone or something, you show what that person or thing is like—either in some kind of image (such as a drawing, painting, photograph, or movie), or with words. What results from your efforts to depict that person or thing can be called a depiction.

What means farfetched?

1 : brought from a remote time or place. 2 : not easily or naturally deduced or introduced : improbable a far-fetched story.

What does illustration mean in a book?

English Language Learners Definition of illustration

: a picture or drawing in a book, magazine, etc. : an example or story that is used to make something easier to understand. : the act or process of producing or providing pictures for a book, magazine, etc.

What is the closest synonym for the word showcases?


  • display,
  • disport,
  • exhibit,
  • expose,
  • flash,
  • flaunt,
  • lay out,
  • parade,

What is a better word for evil?


1 sinful, iniquitous, depraved, vicious, corrupt, base, vile, nefarious. 2 pernicious, destructive. 6 wickedness, depravity, iniquity, unrighteousness, corruption, baseness. 9 disaster, calamity, woe, misery, suffering, sorrow.

What is the synonym of the word change?

alter, make different, become different, undergo a change, make alterations to, adjust, make adjustments to, adapt, turn, amend, improve, modify, convert, revise, recast, reform, reshape, refashion, redesign, restyle, revamp, rework, remake, remodel, remould, redo, reconstruct, reorganize, reorder, refine, reorient, …

Is it correct to say differentiate between?

If you differentiate between things or if you differentiate one thing from another, you recognize or show the difference between them. A quality or feature that differentiates one thing from another makes the two things different.

What exactly is differentiation?

Differentiation is a process of finding a function that outputs the rate of change of one variable with respect to another variable. Informally, we may suppose that we’re tracking the position of a car on a two-lane road with no passing lanes.

What does it mean to differentiate something?

: to make (someone or something) different in some way. : to see or state the difference or differences between two or more things.