Why Is Leanne Battersby In Hiding?

Gail Platt is one of the ITV soap’s longest-running characters after first joining the soap back in 1974 but viewers who tuned in to watch the latest storyline unfold during episodes rescheduled around the Euros 2020 were left devastated over the shock news that Gail is to leave Weatherfield.

What happened to Fiona’s son in Coronation Street?

In August 2019, John passed away from stomach cancer but revealed that he wasn’t Emma’s real father to her on his deathbed. When Emma’s friend Audrey Roberts discovered that Fiona was Emma’s mother, she realised that Steve could potentially be her father and shared her findings with his mother Liz.

Is Craig leaving Corrie?

Colson Smith has revealed he is taking a month-long break from Coronation Street. The actor, who plays Craig Tinker in the ITV soap, announced the news in during a recording of the Sofa Cinema Club podcast which he hosts with co-stars Jack P Shepherd and Ben Price.

Who plays Nick Tilsley now?

The producers decided to reintroduce the character of Nick a year later in 1997, with the character being recast and now played by Adam Rickitt.

Who is Natasha in Corrie?

Natasha Blakeman is a fictional character from the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, played by Rachel Leskovac.

Who is Nick Tilsley’s son?

Sam is played by young actor Jude Riordan and there’s a reason why he may look so familiar. Jude’s first TV appearance was in the popular Channel 4 show The Secret Life Of Five Year Olds back in 2017.

Are Nick and Leanne still together?

Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley seem to be in a good place at the moment. The coupled married for the first time in the late 1990s, but split up before marrying again in 2013, before going their separate ways again a year later.

How old is Gail?

The 70-year-old Corrie legend isn’t on Gail’s level of marriages as she’s only walked down the aisle twice in real life. The actress’ first husband was actor Michael Angelis, who is best known for narrating the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends childrens’ series.

What was Gail Platts maiden name?

Gail Rodwell (also Potter, Tilsley, Platt, Hillman and McIntyre) is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, Portrayed by Helen Worth. The character first appeared on-screen on 29 July 1974.

Did Leanne Battersby have a miscarriage?

Years later in 2011 Leanne found out she was pregnant by second husband Peter Barlow, only to tragically miscarry and be told by doctors she would struggle to conceive naturally due to medical complications.

Why did Samantha leave Corrie?

In June 1998, Samantha rode out of Coronation Street on her motorbike after telling Des that she really was still pregnant with his child, and although Natalie told him that Samantha was lying, Des felt that he would never find out the truth.

Is Sam really Nicks son in Coronation Street?

He may have turned up out of the blue but young Sam Blakeman has certainly made a name for himself in Coronation Street. The plucky youngster was introduced to viewers of the ITV soap last October as the secret son of Nick Tilsley and his ex Natasha Blakeman.

Did Leanne and Nick have a baby in Corrie?

Despite the circumstances, she successfully gave birth to her son Oliver, also choosing to forgive Toyah over her relationship with Peter. Later that week Nick’s family decided to celebrate the birth of what they thought was Nick’s baby in the Bistro.

Did Raquel marry Curly?

In December 1995, Raquel finally married Curly as a marriage of convenience, after she found that Des was only after casual sex. … In July 1996, Raquel did an aromatherapy course in Maidenhead. Her and Curly’s marriage was short lived, and had no solidity, so in November 1996, she took a modelling job in Malaysia.

Who plays Sam’s mum in Corrie?

Rachel Leskovac (born 5 June 1976) is an English actress and singer, known for her roles as Natasha Blakeman in Coronation Street and Joanne Cardsley in Hollyoaks.