Why Is UNTUCKit So Expensive?

All three brands offer mass-produced, imported goods. So why are you paying a premium for Untuckit? Because the guys who run the brand think you’re willing to shell out extra cash to know you can untuck your shirt. Or, put another way: They think you’re a rube.

Does UNTUCKit run big or small?


Discover your UNTUCKit Fit with our all-new Fit Finder. Our classic cut, runs slightly smaller than traditional shirt brands. One inch less fabric in the torso and a half inch less in the sleeve. Three extra inches of room in the body without any extra length.

Are there companies like UNTUCKit?

UNTUCKit’s top competitors include Eloquii, Dia&Co, Bonobos, Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers.

Will my UNTUCKit shirt shrink?

Machine wash (hot) / Machine dry (normal):

Minimal shrinkage (shirt will shrink about 1/4 inch around.)

Who is the owner of UNTUCKit?

…from 2010 when founder Chris Riccobono first created the Original Untucked Shirt. In 2011, he brought on Aaron Sanandres, a classmate from Columbia University, to help him develop the idea into a stand alone business.

Is UNTUCKit made in the USA?

@stevedahnke We have factories in a number of countries (including the US), but the majority are made in China and Vietnam.

Are Untuckit shirts worth the price?

Untuckit is billed as premium menswear, and that means most of its catalog carries a premium price tag with some shirts running north of $100. But, I’m of the mind that it’s worth paying more for one great piece of clothing than one-third the price for three inferior alternatives.

What is slim untucked J Crew?

J Crew says that their Untucked fit is “based on Slim fit, with a shorter hem meant to be worn untucked.” But, what exactly does that mean? … The sleeves on this Untucked fit shirt are also shorter by about an inch than their regular Slim fit casual shirts.

Does Untuckit have free returns?

We’re happy to accept returns within 30 days of the delivery date. Return shipping for domestic orders is always free, and we’ll send an email confirmation once we’ve processed your return. … Once processed, it could take an additional 3-5 days for your bank to generate a refund back to your original form of payment.

How long is an Untuckit shirt?

The optimal length for an untucked shirt would be 1 inch higher than the “butthigh” The front length should fall no longer than the front crotch point and no shorter than 2 inches above the front crotch point. A good guideline would be to have your shirt front length fall right at the bottom of your zipper.

How do you measure sleeve length?

Start with the end of the tape measure on the backbone at the nape or your neck. The measure should then run over the top of the shoulder (following a seam line, if one were to be there), down the arm to just below the wrist bone. Alternatively, you can take the measurement from a trusty favourite shirt.

Where are UNTUCKit shirts manufactured?

Yes, it is made in China. I’ve ordered UNTUCKit shirts directly from their website and they were also made in China. I ordered one that was made in Vietnam. The company has factories in different countries, including the US and China.

What is OCBD?

The Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt (or OCBD) is one of those dress shirts that just isn’t a dress shirt. A sports shirt of sorts, the Oxford Cloth button down shirt can be used to add some casual tones to an otherwise formal outfit.

Was there an UNTUCKit shirt on Shark Tank?

Funny story: Many people who’ve heard of UNTUCKit think the brand was born from the entrepreneur game show Shark Tank. Although Founder Chris Riccobono and CEO Aaron Sanandres never appeared on the show, they did recently chat with Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary on his podcast, Ask Mr. Wonderful.

What does flex washed mean?

Flex Car Wash combines Express Exterior and Full-service type of car wash. … The process of cleaning, shining and drying your car will be done as you move along the tunnel, all in 5 minutes or less while you wait inside your car.

What is poplin shirt?

What is a poplin shirt? Poplin is the lightest shirt weave. So fine, even and smooth, it’s almost silky to the touch and very cool to wear. This silky smoothness comes from the way the fine threads are densely woven, evenly crossing under and over each other.

What does untucked shirt mean?

chiefly US. : not tucked into something (such as a pair of pants) an untucked shirt.

How do you get wrinkles out of UNTUCKit shirts?

Tip #3: Find A Wrinkle-Free Option

More than half of UNTUCKit shirts are wrinkle free, so they always come out looking clean and crisp. Just hang the shirts right out of the dryer, and they’re ready to be worn—no iron necessary.

What happened Trumaker?

Uber’s done it with limos, Fancy Hands with personal assistant services, Everlane with luxury-caliber t-shirts. Trumaker is another startup in this realm, with the aim of bringing made-to-measure men’s clothing to the mainstream. And the company just closed on $6.5 million to scale out its service nationwide.

What Are No Tuck shirts?

The new trend has been the creation of collared, button-down shirts that are specifically shorter with flat hems. This means that the shirts are branded as being “untucked” – made specifically to be worn with the hem outside your waistband.

How much is UNTUCKit worth?

Untuckit has roughly $150 million in sales and is profitable, the people said. It raised $30 million from venture firm Kleiner Perkins last June, reportedly valuing it at more than $200 million.