Will Be Succeed Meaning?

to be successful in your job, earning money, power, respect, etc.

  1. You will have to work hard if you are to succeed.
  2. succeed in something She doesn’t have the ruthlessness required to succeed in business.
  3. succeed as something He had hoped to succeed as a violinist.

How do you use success in a sentence?

success in a sentence

  1. Hard work is the only road to success.
  2. We are confident of success.
  3. Hard work is the only key to success.
  4. We are proud of the success that our country has achieved in the field of space.
  5. He told me about his all the struggle of life and his success.

What is the difference between success and success?

Feel free to just provide example sentences. Success is a noun (a ‘naming word’ like chair, house, cat) and successful is an adjective (a ‘describing word’ like beautiful, quite, loud).

When should I use succeed?

to accomplish what is attempted or intended:We succeeded in our efforts to start the car. to attain success in some popularly recognized form, as wealth or standing:The class voted him the one most likely to succeed.

Did you succeed meaning?

2 verb If something succeeds, it works in a satisfactory way or has the result that is intended., (

How do you express success in words?


  1. accomplishment.
  2. acquirement.
  3. acquisition.
  4. act.
  5. actualization.
  6. attainment.
  7. completion.
  8. conquest.

What words describe success?

  • accomplishment,
  • achievement,
  • acquirement,
  • attainment,
  • baby,
  • coup,
  • triumph.

Which preposition is used after success?

In 61% of cases successful in is used

Successful in passing healthcare reform. They were largely successful in the south.

What is a sentence for succeed?

1 : to do what you are trying to do : to achieve the correct or desired result You can succeed where others failed. She hopes to succeed at her job. 2 : to happen in the planned or desired way The plan just might succeed. Their attempt seemed unlikely to succeed.

What does it mean to succeed in something?

1. To complete or accomplish something as one desires, hopes, or intends. During my time as the regional manager, I succeeded in implementing a new sales technique that quadrupled our profit in the space of two years.

What does succeed yourself mean?

3 intr to acquit oneself satisfactorily or do well, as in a specified field.

Do you say succeed in or succeed at?

It all depends on the object. But as a general rule you can succeed in a specificsituation, or you can succeed at a general activity. I´m going to succeed in life. I´ve succeeded at public speaking every time.

What does I will succeed mean?

to happen or terminate according to desire; turn out successfully; have the desired result: Our efforts succeeded. to thrive, prosper, grow, or the like: Grass will not succeed in this dry soil. to accomplish what is attempted or intended: We succeeded in our efforts to start the car.

How do you say someone is successful?


  1. fortunate.
  2. fruitful.
  3. happy.
  4. lucky.
  5. lucrative.
  6. outstanding.
  7. prosperous.
  8. rewarding.

How do you say something will be successful?


  1. feasible. adjective. possible or likely to succeed.
  2. promising. adjective. likely to be successful or very good.
  3. up-and-coming. adjective. likely to develop, become successful, or become popular soon.
  4. sure-fire. adjective. certain to be successful.
  5. likely. adjective. …
  6. rosy. adjective. …
  7. sure. adjective. …
  8. bright. adjective.

How do you say you will be very successful?


  1. punch above your weight. phrase. a country or organization that is punching above its weight has more influence internationally than its size would suggest.
  2. thrive. verb. …
  3. prosper. verb. …
  4. succeed. verb. …
  5. establish. verb. …
  6. be a roaring success. phrase. …
  7. be/get there. phrase. …
  8. get ahead. phrasal verb.

How do you say more successful?

more successful

  1. fortunate.
  2. fruitful.
  3. lucky.
  4. lucrative.
  5. outstanding.
  6. prosperous.
  7. rewarding.
  8. wealthy.

Did you succeed or succeeded?

Succeed is in infinitive tense or future tense. It is used for or anything other than past tense or present tense. … Succeeded is only past tense.

What is the meaning of succeed?

succeed verb (ACHIEVE SOMETHING)

to achieve something that you have been aiming for, or (of a plan or piece of work) to have the desired results: She’s been trying to pass her driving test for years and she finally succeeded. He succeeded in building the business into one the leaders in its field.

How can I succeed in life?

If you want to learn how to be successful, these tips are essential:

  1. Think Big. …
  2. Find What You Love to Do and Do It. …
  3. Learn How to Balance Life. …
  4. Do Not Be Afraid of Failure. …
  5. Have an Unwavering Resolution to Succeed. …
  6. Be a Person of Action. …
  7. Cultivate Positive Relationships. …
  8. Don’t Be Afraid of Introducing New Ideas.