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I Introduction. Secondary metabolism occurs in bacteria during the stationary phase of growth and is concomitant with a switch in energy and carbon flux away from biomass production toward the production of small, bioactive molecules (secondary metabolites) (Ruiz et al., 2010). Where are metabolites produced? Primary metabolites are synthesized byRead More →

Fairfield. Anniston. Lanett. Birmingham. Tarrant. What is Citronelle Alabama known for? In 1955, oil was discovered in the area. Today Citronelle is known as the oil capital of Alabama. How dangerous is Enterprise Alabama? The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Enterprise is 1Read More →

Rick Schwartz, ambassador and keeper for the San Diego Zoo, dug into his memories of the worst farts he has ever encountered to select the sea lion as the number the producer of the foulest wind on earth. Why is called a fart? The word “fart” comes from the OldRead More →

Tibetan Mastiff. Highlights: Brave, Independent, Reserved. … Bullmastiff. Highlights: Loving, Devoted, Courageous. … English Mastiff. Highlights: Dignified, Confident, Good-natured. … Argentinian Mastiff. Highlights: Friendly, Happy, Respectful. … Dogue de Bordeaux. … German Mastiff. … Alangu Mastiff. … Abruzzese Mastiff. Which breed of dog is the strongest? Top 8 Strongest DogRead More →

an individual who moves from location to location selling things. Examples of Peddler in a sentence. 1. As a teenager, I worked as a peddler selling magazines door-to-door. 2. What twittering means? 1. To utter a succession of light chirping or tremulous sounds; chirrup. 2. a. To speak rapidly andRead More →

Clionidae, also known as Clione or “Sea Angels” are known for their beauty, but also for being extremely delicate due to needing their natural arctic environment. As a result, it’s very difficult to keep them as pets without expensive equipment. What depth do sea angels live? Clione limacina, known asRead More →

Moses is the baby and biblical character who is referred to as ‘the baby in the bulrushes’. By the end of Exodus 1 in the Bible (King James Version), the pharaoh of Egypt (perhaps Ramses II) had decreed that all the Hebrew boy babies were to be drowned at birthRead More →

The definition of oblige is to compel, force or obligate someone to do something by force, or to do as someone wishes, or to be indebted to someone. Does obliged mean required? “Obliged” means to feel the need to pay back a previous benefit or service. Example sentences with “obliged”:Read More →

Aeration helps loosen the soil and helps decompose the excessive thatch layer at a faster rate. Both services accomplish a similar goal, but lawn aeration does so without the possibility of damaging your lawn in the way that dethatching would. How often should you dethatch and aerate your lawn? PlanRead More →