Can I Use GCash For Food Delivery?

Customers also have the option to pay via cash-on delivery or online using their credit and debit cards. So, whenever you’re craving for delicious meals, just go to and your orders are a few clicks away.

What Stores Can I use GCash?

Where Can You Cash-In?

  • Globe stores.
  • Bayan Center.
  • SM Business Center.
  • Cebuana Lhuillier.
  • 7-Eleven CLiQQ kiosks.
  • Puregold.
  • RD Pawnshop.
  • Tambunting Pawnshop.

How do I pay with GCash in fast food?

Option 1: Paying via GCash auto-debit

  1. During payment, select GCash as your method.
  2. GCash would be asking for consent to charge you via auto-debit.
  3. You would be receiving an OTP and you need to input this as verification.
  4. Once linked, you would be charged immediately. Make sure that you have sufficient balance.

How do I pay Jollibee delivery with GCash?

  1. On your chosen delivery service, choose the ‘Debit/Credit Card’ payment option.
  2. Use the details on your GCash Mastercard to complete your payment details. Ensure you have sufficient balance on GCash before ordering.

How do I use GCash to pay for groceries?

To use this, in the GCash app, here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Click on “Scan QR Code” from the Pay QR/Barcode page.
  2. This will open a camera page. …
  3. If you scanned a static QR, you will need to input the amount.
  4. In the confirm page, you can input vouchers, or select GCredit before confirming the payment.

Can I pay GCash in Watsons?

By paying using the GCash App! … Leading mobile wallet provider GCash and Watsons Philippines have partnered up to provide cashless payments at over 600 Watsons branches nationwide.

Can I cash in GCash in Watsons?

Watsons – Ready for cashless shopping? GCash is NOW… | Facebook.

What fast food accepts GCash?

Tons of restaurants accept direct online payments with GCash, such as Shakey’s and Max’s Group (which owns Max’s, Pancake House, Krispy Kreme, Yellow Cab and more). Restaurants and online sellers that are powered by PayMongo also accept GCash — choose from Wildflour, Lugang Cafe, Annyeong Fried Chicken, and many more.

How do you pay for Jollibee app?

Users can as well choose from multiple payment options. They can pay in cash upon delivery or do online payments via PesoPay portal. Senior Citizens and PWDs can also avail their regular discounts when they order online through the Jollibee App.

Is peso pay legit?

Unrivaled Reliability – Our servers are located offshore and uses state-of-the-art infrastructure uninhibited by the intermittent internet connection in the Philippines. This means that PesoPay can guarantee a 99.99% uptime leading to higher transaction success rates and eventually – greater sales for your business.

Can I pay GCash on Foodpanda?

You don’t have to go out to satisfy your cravings—order what you crave the hassle-free way on foodpanda with GCash! For quick, cashless, and safe payments, just select GCash as your payment method.

Can I use GCash in Jollibee Delivery?

You can now scan to pay for your favorite Jollibee meals using GCash QR!

How can I transfer money from GCash to food?

Launch the GCash app, hover at the dashboard, and then select the “Bank Transfer” button to start the transaction. Once you clicked the “Bank Transfer” button, lists of selected partner banks will be displayed. From there, scroll down and then select “GrabPay.”

Does Watsons accept COD?

Cash on Delivery (COD)

We accept, through our authorized logistics services provider, cash payment upon order delivery to your delivery address. Our COD option is simple and secure.

Where can I cash in GCash for free?

Cashing in can be done easily online and for free in the GCash app via a linked BPI or UnionBank account. For clients of other banks, users have the option to cash in conveniently from their bank apps via the InstaPay and PESONet fund transfer networks.

How do I cash in 7 11 GCash?

Visit a 7-Eleven branch and go to the CLiQQ kiosk. Select e-money, then select GCash. Enter your GCash-registered number, enter and confirm the cash in amount, and wait for the printed receipt. Present receipt to the cashier and pay.

How can I pay GCash with GCash?

How to Send Money to GCash

  1. From the GCash dashboard, tap “Send Money.”
  2. There are three ways to send money via GCash. For now, tap “Express Send.”
  3. Enter the recipient’s GCash mobile number. …
  4. Enter the amount to send. …
  5. Wait for the text confirmation of your transaction.

Can I pay GCash in puregold?

Puregold is 1st National Supermarket Chain to Accept Mobile Payments via GCash Scan to Pay. … The GCash QR scan to pay feature is now accepted in 233 Puregold stores in Metro Manila and nationwide.

How install GCash in Watsons?


  1. Select GCash Cash In > Cash In on the machine.
  2. Enter your 11-digit GCash mobile number and Cash In amount.
  3. Insert cash payment.
  4. Receive receipt from the machine and a text confirmation.

Can I use GCredit in Jollibee?

There are over 60,000 stores and merchants that accept GCredit including: Puregold. The SM Store. Jollibee.

Can I use GCash in SM supermarket?

All you have to do is log in to the GCash App, swipe left, and scan the QR code at the counter upon payment. … GCash is accepted at over 200 SM Markets nationwide, so you can try contactless payments on your next socially-distanced grocery trip!

Can I use GCash without Internet?

Globe and TM subscribers without load can now have free access to select GCash services!

Is Jollibee delivery free?

Aside from GrabFood, Foodpanda, the Jollibee website, and their hotline, customers can now also order their Jollibee faves from the chain’s newly-launched delivery app, available starting Wednesday, August 19. … For delivery fees, your order will automatically incur a 10% inclusive delivery charge.