Did Cecil And Joe Get Married?

Charlotte and Joe got married today at their William Cecil Stamford Wedding and I can honestly say that they are two of the most delightful people I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

What happened to Joe’s wife on The Flash?

According to Joe, Francine had a severe drug addiction which caused her to overdose several times, despite his attempts to help her with rehab. The last incident occurred when Joe was a beat cop and received a call from a child saying her mother had passed out.

Does Joe have a baby on Flash?

3. Joe and Cecile Have Their Baby. The season four finale also brings a new life into the world: Jenna West!

Why is Joe not in season 5 of The Flash?

In season five of The Flash, Joe made less appearances due to Martin taking a medical leave of absence after suffering a back injury, and thus Joe became an unseen character before Martin’s return.

Is Jesse L Martin returning to The Flash?

‘The Flash’: Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker & Candice Patton Ink Deals To Return For Season 8.

Why did Carlos Valdes leave The Flash?

In a recent Entertainment Weekly (EW) feature, Valdes was asked exactly why he decided to step away from the role. He said: “I’m the child of an immigrant, so my whole ethos is “earn your place or card” and I think that’s what I did for a long time. I just put my head down and I made it work.

Is Jenna West a speedster?

In the comics, Jenni Ognats is the granddaughter of Barry and Iris West-Allen. She is a speedster called XS in the future, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and one of the few African-American members of the West bloodline. On the show, Jenna is also African-American, just like the rest of the West family.

Do Joe and Cecile break up?

Ally of Team Flash

Joe simply stated that part of his life was complicated and he didn’t feel ready to share it with her, believing they should break up. Heartbroken, Cecile left in tears.

What episode does Cecile get pregnant?

The Flash revealed Cecile was pregnant a few episodes prior, in “Luck Be A Lady.” Soon after, she mysteriously gains telepathic abilities.

Who is Francine on the flash?

“The Flash” Family of Rogues (TV Episode 2015) – Vanessa Williams as Francine West – IMDb.

How tall is Cecile Horton in the Flash?

1 Shortest: Cecile Horton 5’0″

Almost like the mother of the team, Cecile never relied on her height to assert her dominance in the courtroom, that was thanks to her intelligence and other personality traits. When her pregnancy activated her telepathic powers, nothing could stop her.

What’s wrong with Cecile?

In the hour, an anxious and frightened Cecile was trapped inside her own mind, which took the shape of a psychiatric facility, after Psycho-Pirate’s mask possessed her. Barry (Grant Gustin) wound up there too after the possessed Cecile whammied him, thereby making it easier for her to steal the mask from a museum.

What episode does Cecile get powers?

While these fluctuating power levels could have been easily explained away as a side-effect of her body adjusting after pregnancy, Cecile’s powers as presented in The Flash season 6, episode 16, “So Long And Goodnight“, raise questions as to what her limits are precisely.

Is Iris pregnant in the flash?

But still, we are a couple of episodes away from the season finale, and it is yet to be known if Iris will get pregnant in season 7. … Earlier in 2019, the actress had shared pictures of herself on social media sporting a baby bump, but she clarified in the caption itself that she was not pregnant in real life.

Who possessed Cecile?

In last night’s (June 15) episode ‘Masquerade’, viewers were taken into Cecile’s (Danielle Nicolet) mind after being possessed by Psycho-Pirate’s mask. In the scenes, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) learnt that she spent time in a psychiatric institution after having a breakdown following her mother’s death.

What episode do Cecile and Joe start dating?

Though Cecile debuted in the Season 1 episode “Who Is Harrison Wells?“, she reemerged in Season 3’s “The New Rogues” as a potential love interest for Joe. After a few missteps, the two began dating, only for Joe to break it off when the burden of keeping Barry’s secret proved to be a strain on the relationship.

Is Nora faster than Barry?

Despite Nora and Bart representing the next generation of speedsters, Barry is still way faster than both of them, and it boils down to a few key factors. … Barry’s had to best Zoom, Reverse-Flash and Savitar — all who had incredible speed.

Is Nora West Allen a twin?

Let’s talk a little more about XS’ comic book mother, Dawn Allen. For many months people theorized that the “Mystery Girl” was actually Dawn. After all, Dawn was the longest standing canonical daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West. Much like the comic book Nora Allen, she has a twin brother—his name is Don.

Who is Barry Allen’s son?

Bart Allen was born to Don Allen, the son of Barry Allen, the second Flash, and his wife Meloni, the daughter of President Thawne of Earth and descendant of the evil Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue in the late 30th century.

Who will replace Cisco on the flash?

Brainy, (Brainiac 5) joining the team to replace Cisco makes the perfect fit for Team Flash.

Why is everyone leaving the flash?

One of the reasons for this is the renegotiated contracts, and studios not negotiating new deals for actors to return in order to keep costs low also explains why some people don’t return to shows when their original contracts end.

What is wrong with Joe from The Flash?

Joe West was written out of The Flash for the majority of season 5 due to a back injury he sustained during the hiatus. Joe West was placed in witness protection for the final three episodes of season 6, and since his return in season 7, he hasn’t been as involved in major The Flash plotlines.