Do You Need Exact Change For Tolls NJ?

Tollway Violation Enforcement Program

If you find yourself without exact change at an unmanned booth or accidentally drive through an Open Road Tolling or I-PASS lane without an I-PASS, you can pay a missed toll within seven days on the​ Illinois Tollway website, or by calling 1-800-UC-IPASS.

What happens if you don’t have money at a toll booth?

You could be fined

The toll booth operator may wave you through and ask you to wait in a holding area. There, you will be issued a fine and a processing fee. The fine will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. If you’re in a hire car, the highways authority will ask the rental company for the driver’s details.

Do tolls give change?

Transactions are all plastic and digital these days; people rarely carry cash or change on them — let alone exact change for an unexpected toll road. If you didn’t plan ahead and stash some coins in your car for emergencies like these, you might be stuck at a toll booth without a way to pay.

Do you need exact change for tolls in West Virginia?

Cash and E-ZPass® are the only payment options available when you arrive at a toll plaza on the West Virginia Turnpike. … To use these lanes you must have an E-ZPass® transponder. Exact Change: This lane has a coin collection machine with or without a staffed toll booth. E-ZPass® transponders are also accepted.

Is Illinois charging for tolls right now?

While initially intended to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, cashless tolling will remain in place throughout the Illinois Tollway system on a permanent basis, the agency announced Thursday.

What happens if I don’t pay tolls in Illinois?

When you miss a toll on the Illinois Tollway, you are expected to pay the toll online, within 14 days of travel. Failure to pay tolls can result in fines, fees and possible suspension of your license plate and/or your driver’s license.

Are New Jersey tolls cashless?

Bridges, tunnels, and toll roads across the nation use all cashless tolling, including the Bayonne Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge, and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

What happens if you go through EZ Pass without it in NJ?

If you did not have a valid E-ZPass tag in your vehicle, a Toll Bill will be mailed to you for your convenience. The Toll Bill is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, typically within 30 days of the transaction.

How do I pay a missed toll in NJ?

To pay online, visit To pay by phone, call 973-368-1425. And to pay Page 3 New Jersey Turnpike Authority Toll-By-Mail FAQ April 2020 by mail, send your check or money order along with the payment coupon or coupons to NJ E-ZPass, P.O. Box 4971, Trenton, NJ 08650.

Is i 90 a toll road in Illinois?

Tolled sections of I-90 in Illinois include the Jane Addams (Northwest) Tollway; between Beloit, Wisconsin and O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and the Chicago Skyway, between I-94 and the Indiana State Line. … This toll road connects the Chicago area with Hammond, Gary and South Bend.

Can you pay Illinois tolls with a credit card?

You can pay tolls on Illinois Tollway roads using an electronic I-PASS tag or with Cash. … You can pay tolls on Chicago Skyway Toll Plaza using cash, credit cards, and E-ZPass or I-PASS toll tags.

Does I 80 in Illinois have tolls?

In Illinois, I-80 is a tollway from the Indiana state line to Interstate 294.

Can I skip Illinois tolls and pay later?

Already miss a toll? No problem. For up to 14 days after you’ve traveled, you can now enter your vehicle and payment information into the Pay By Plate system, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ll avoid added fines and fees.

Can your license be suspended for unpaid tolls in Illinois?

According to the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, a person’s driver’s license may be suspended for failure to pay fines or penalties for five or more toll violations or evasions.

How do I pay a missed toll in Illinois after 14 days?


  1. Customers have a 14-day grace period – the longest in the nation – to pay unpaid tolls. …
  2. Set up Pay By Plate – Simply add your plate, payment method and dates of travel and you’re all set. …
  3. No transponder is necessary, and customers are charged the cash rate – no fees and no fines.

Can you pay Illinois tolls by phone?

Call 800-UCIPASS (800-824-7277).

Why is my toll not showing up?

It may take up to 5 weeks after the date you travelled for a toll notice to be issued to the vehicle’s registered owner. If it’s been more than 5 weeks and your toll invoice still hasn’t appeared using our licence plate number search or via the Linkt app, contact our customer care team and we’ll look into it for you.

Will an expired Ipass work?

If the transponder is not replaced within 45 days of the date on the letter, the transponder will be deactivated and continued use of that transponder will result in toll violations. … Transponders also can be mailed to the Illinois Tollway for replacement.

How do I pay a missed toll in West Virginia?

For your convenience, there are several ways you can pay a Toll Violation Notice: If you wish to pay by credit card, you may contact our Customer Service Center by calling 1-800-206-6222 or you can go online.

What happens if you don’t have cash for a toll in West Virginia?

How to pay missed toll in West Virginia. A vehicle is recorded by the West Virginia Parkways Authority for failure to pay the specified toll using cash or an E-ZPass® account. If the driver receives an Unpaid Toll Slip from a collector and does not pay within the 15 days allowed.

How do I find tolls on my route?

Get a tag or a pass

  1. Roads and Maritime Services E-Toll tag and pass. Phone: 131 865. or visit
  2. Roam e-TAG and e-PASS. Phone: 13 TOLL (138 655) or visit
  3. Transurban Linkt Tag and Sydney Pass. Phone: 13 76 26. or visit
  4. E-way (tag only) Phone: 1300 555 833. or visit

How far does I-90 stretch?

I-90 is a whopping 3,020 miles long, after all. In the east, I-90 begins right by Boston’s Logan Airport, passes through the Continental Divide by Butte, Montana and ends in Seattle, near Safeco and CenturyLink Field.