Does Brody Get Caught In Homeland Season 2?

“The Star” is the twelfth and final episode of the third season of the American television drama series Homeland, and the 36th episode overall.

How does Brody get caught?

On May 19, 2003, both Brody and a fellow Scout Sniper, Thomas Walker (Chris Chalk), were captured near the Syrian border by forces loyal to Saddam Hussein. He was held captive for eight years. After his return home, he was suspected of being turned against his United States country and assumed to be a terrorist.

Who killed Brody homeland?

At the end of Season 3, Nick Brody—an American soldier turned spy played by Damian Lewis and the main antagonist of the early seasons—was hanged from a crane in front of a raucous crowd in an Iranian town square.

Does Sgt Brody get caught?

On May 19, 2003, both Brody and a fellow Scout Sniper, Thomas Walker (Chris Chalk), were captured near the Syrian border by forces loyal to Saddam Hussein. The two men were sold to al-Qaeda commander Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) and held captive in Damascus for the next eight years.

Does Abu Nazir get caught?

Nazir finds Carrie and attacks her but retreats when the SWAT team approaches. They corner Nazir, but are forced to kill him when he reaches for his gun. … At the safe house, Brody and his family receive the news that Abu Nazir has been killed and they are free to go home.

Does Quinn shoot Brody?

After watching Carrie and Brody spend time together at her family’s cabin, Quinn had an opportunity to assassinate Brody from a distance with his sniper rifle while Brody was in the woods, praying. However, Quinn stopped and decided not to kill Brody.

Is Carrie Mathison a traitor?

Carrie discovers the identity of his source, a U.N. Russian translator who is outed and chooses to shoot herself just before capture. … Carrie, branded a traitor in her homeland like Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) before her, is now America’s only asset in the inner circle of Russian intelligence.

How did Carrie Clear Brody’s name?

Brody is convicted of treason and sentenced to death. Carrie tries desperately to secure his release, but to no avail. When she calls him in his cell, he asks her not to come to his execution. She goes anyway, however, and calls out his name as he is hanged in a public square.

Did Brody turn in homeland?

Brody was in fact turned after being held prisoner by Al-Qaeda for eight years — until Carrie turned him around again. In the waning minutes of Season 7, a physically and emotionally battered Carrie is returned to her CIA mentor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) as part of a prisoner exchange.

Who helped Nazir escape?

Carrie is certain he had help to escape and focuses on Danny Galvez. Once that is shown to be a false trail Carrie returns to the factory, convinced Nazir has to be there. They find his hideaway and it leads to a confrontation. Back at the CIA, Carrie interrogates Roya Hammad but it doesn’t go well.

Who bombed Walden’s funeral?

The Iranian mastermind of the attack, Majid Javadi, “The Magician“, hasn’t been seen in public since 1994. Six other members of the network that planned and carried out the attack on Langley have been identified and located by the CIA.

Did Brody bomb Langley?

In one of Homeland’s most chilling scenarios of post-9/11 terrorism, a bomb inside Brody’s car detonated outside the memorial service for Vice President Walden at the CIA Langley headquarters in the season two finale.

Why was Homeland Cancelled?

Homeland was canceled way back in 2018, when the Showtime series was announced to be ending after Season 8. … According to its showrunner Alex Gansa, he decided to bring Homeland to a close after Season 8 because after a decade it felt like the right time to move on.

Is Brody alive in Season 4?

Carrie shoots two men who approach her before turning her gun on the police, but then realizes she’s not even holding a gun. The police apprehend her and deliver her to a house where she is greeted by Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis). Carrie is shocked that Brody is alive and initially doesn’t trust what she’s seeing.

Why did Damian Lewis leave homeland?

Showtime bosses believed that Lewis “looked like a guy who’d led a show that only lasted two seasons” because of his time on the short-lived drama Life.

How did Brody pass the polygraph?

Carrie drunkenly fed Brody the information he needed (about Hamid and the razor blade) after he poured oak-aged bourbon down her throat, which gave him exactly what he required to pass the polygraph.

What happens to Carrie’s baby in homeland?

Carrie initially avoids taking care of her daughter, leaving the infant Franny to stay with Maggie while away in Kabul, and nearly drowning the child in a bathtub while spending a day watching over her. Carrie eventually embraces motherhood after returning from Islamabad, and takes Franny with her to stay in Berlin.

Who is the mole in homeland?

As for revealing that the C.I.A. super spy Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) had been running a highly placed Russian mole — the translator Anna (Tatyana Mukha) — that idea arose about midway through plotting out the season.

Does Saul leave homeland?

Saul was dead-set on protecting his asset at all costs, but Carrie was on a personal mission to stop a nuclear conflict from potentially killing millions.

Is Carrie a double agent?

(Carrie does love her jazz.) She’s not done. She’s not out of the life. She’s traded spots with Saul’s Russian mole, sacrificing her life in America to be a double agent in Russia and repaying her debt to Anna in the process.