How Do You Get Honey On Viva Pinata?

Attract it by having a Sunflower in the garden.

Which pinatas can evolve?

Hint – Evolution Pinatas

  • Twingersnaps (evolves from Syurpent)
  • Fourheads (evolves from Twingersnap)
  • Candary (evolves from Spearowmint)
  • Redhott (evolves from Taffly)
  • Lackatoad (evolves from Lickatoad)
  • Zumbug (evolves from Horstacio)
  • Salamago (evolves from Newtgat)
  • Juciygoose (evolves from Quackberry)

What does the Dastardos Shovelhead do?

Shovel head that detects buried coins in your garden. Shovel head to daze Dastardos while he is in the garden. Decreases the time it takes to dig a pond.

What happens when you hit Seedos?

If you hit Seedos multiple times, his teeth will break down to 3 or 4 and his glasses will be damaged. He will laugh madly, go away and then he will come back to your garden later and start planting Venus Piñata Trap plants or weeds. Which can ill (sicken) your piñatas.

How do you get rid of ruffians?

Getting Rid of Ruffians

A Ruffian will not leave until it finishes causing mayhem or one of the following actions is preformed. Bribe them with Chocolate Coins. Placing a Captains Cutlass in the garden will stop Ruffians from showing up completely. Directing a Mallowolf, S’morepion or Smelba to them to scare them off.

How do I get a Chewnicorn?

Appear requirements: Become a Master Horstachio Breeder (Have 7 Horstachios). Visit requirements: Have a fully grown gem tree in the garden. Resident requirements: Has eaten 15 gems.

How do you get rid of Ivor in Viva Piñata?

After reaching level 12 in Viva Piñata, a beggar by the name of Ivor Beggar roams around the garden and Lottie asks the player to get rid of him, after which the player can donate chocolate coins to him.

How do you get a master romancer on Viva Piñata?

To become a master romancer, all you have to do is have 7 of any one species of Piñata. You can do this by either romancing 5 times or buying 7 of the species you need. Note: if you use the buy method, you will get the award for Master Romancer but not the Romance award.

How do you make sour Profitamole?

Resident requirements: Have 2 mushrooms in the garden. Has eaten one Red Flutterscotch. Other information: As a sour, it attacks your flowers. If you tame it, the Profitamole will eat up the patches of dirt from a Mine.

How do you get Cluckles on Viva Pinata?

The Cluckles cannot be found in the wild. Instead, it must be purchased from Paper Pets’s Piñata category for 1100 Chocolate Coins after reaching Gardener level 8.

Romance Requirements

  1. Has eaten an ear of corn.
  2. Has eaten a pumpkin seed.
  3. Have a Cluckles house in the garden.

How do you get Eaglair?

Requirements (Original)

  1. Have a fully grown Oak Tree in the garden.
  2. Has eaten 4 Buzzenges.
  3. Have 15 different species as residents in the garden.

How do I stop Professor Pester?

In Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise, he can be scared off by having a Mallowolf or a Barkbark equipped with a Spiked Collar scare him off from the garden.

How do you make a Crowla sour resident?

Resident requirements: Have 1 birdbath in the garden. Has drunk 1 bottle of medicine. Other information: As a sour, it eats sick pinatas. If you tame it, the Crowla will have an ability to momentarily distract Dastardos..

How do you evolve Sparrowmint?

Evolution Requirements

Feeding a Buttercup flower to a Sparrowmint evolves it into a Candary.

What does the captain’s cutlass do in Viva Pinata?

The Captains Cutlass is a decoration that can be purchased from Ivor Bargain. It prevents Ruffians from entering the garden.

What does the water waiver do in Viva Pinata?

The Water Waiver is a decoration that can be placed in the garden, which when placed reduces the rate at which plants consume water. The flag has the garden owner’s label applied to it.

What does Bart do in Viva Pinata?

Bart is able to transform items into other items. Bart’s Exchange is one of the village shops found in Viva Piñata, which offers a service to transform items into other items. Bart will open his shop when after reaching level 9.

How do you make a Cinnamonkey?

Visit requirements

  1. Have 5 monkeynuts in the garden.
  2. Have 1 fully grown banana tree in the garden.
  3. Have a barrel in the garden.

What is the highest level in Viva Pinata?

In the original Viva Piñata the maximum level possible is 108. In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise the maximum level is 196, however this level can be reached before getting all the awards. In Just for Fun mode in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise the player is always at level 999.

How do you turn a Sparrowmint into a Candary?

Feeding a Buttercup flower to a Sparrowmint will evolve it into a Candary.

What do Watchlings do?

The Watchling will keep pests (Sours and Ruffians) away from the garden. There is also a Night Watchling available.

How do you get a sour Mallowolf in Viva Pinata?

Sour Mallowolf

  1. Appear requirements: You are a level 31 gardener or better.
  2. Visit requirements: You are a level 32 gardener or better.
  3. Resident requirements: Has eaten a Pigxie.
  4. Other information: As a sour, it prevents visitors to your garden. …
  5. Appear requirements: Moozipan is a domestic pinata.

Who is Dastardos on Viva Pinata?

Dastardos (ダスタード Dasutādo), named Stardos earlier in his life, is one of the characters in the Viva Piñata series who made his first appearance in the first Viva Piñata game. He is known to smash any sick Piñatas with a stick, breaking them open and leaving nothing but Life Candy behind.