How Do You Make Knotty Pine Look Modern?

  1. Alternative #1: Add White/Light Furnishings to Knotty Pine Rooms.
  2. Alternative #2: Paint SOME of Your Knotty Pine White.
  3. Alternative #3: Use GREEN Paint to Give Knotty Pine Depth.

What is the best paint for knotty pine?

  • Always apply a wood primer to knotty pine to prevent stains on the finish.
  • Topcoat with a washable paint such as Plascon Double Velvet or Plascon Wall & All as an alternative to oil-based paints, as these won’t yellow over time.

Is Knotty Pine outdated?

Knotty Pine is still popular today, and for log cabin owners it’s used more now than ever before.

What colors go well with knotty pine?

It’s usually orangey-brown and full of dark knots. Colors that pair nicely with orange knotty pine include medium greens and blues and pops of bright, warm colors like yellow and red. Avoid neutrals like browns, tans, and grays, as they will look nothing but dreary in your space.

When was knotty pine popular?

Knotty pine paneling was popular in the ’50s and ’60s, especially for dens and club basements. The look can be quaint or dated, but most people who buy an old house long to update the surfaces.

How do you prepare knotty pine for painting?

Clean the Pine

  1. Clean the Pine.
  2. Clean the stained knotty pine surface with oil soap for wooden surfaces or mild dish soap and a sponge. …
  3. Sand the Pine.
  4. Sand the wood by hand, using fine-grit sandpaper. …
  5. Wipe Down the Pine.
  6. Vacuum off the sanding dust with a utility vacuum cleaner. …
  7. Apply Painter’s Tape.

Can u paint knotty pine?

Knotty pine paneling is an inexpensive material that works great for creating a rustic log cabin feel. If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, though, it’s fine to just paint over it.

What can you do with knotty pine walls?

Knotty pine is popular on walls in homes that favor a rustic look. Sometimes the knotty pine serves as an accent wall, such as around a stacked-stone fireplace, or every wall in the room could be covered with the wood. Changing the look of knotty pine walls could mean adding color or hiding the pine completely.

How do you brighten knotty pine walls?

A great solution would be to try an environmentally safe, non-toxic citrus stripper called CitriStrip before staining the wood to brighten up the room. The only other option — that would preserve the knotty pine — is to sand everything down, get down to the bare wood, and bleach the walls.

How do you paint over pine knots?

How to Paint Over Pine Knots With Latex

  1. Fill the creases and crevices in the pine knots with wood filler by using the edge of a putty knife. …
  2. Let the filler dry, then sand the knots until they are smooth to the touch. …
  3. Cover the knots with a triple-thick, stain-blocking latex primer.

What cleans knotty pine walls?

Remove mold from unfinished or raw wood paneling by combining 1 part liquid detergent, 10 parts of household bleach and 20 parts of water in a gallon bucket. Add the cleaning solution to the wall via the scrub brush or thick sponge. Allow the solution to air-dry on the wood.

Can u whitewash knotty pine walls?

Whitewashing works especially well on open-grained woods such as knotty pine because it actually soaks into the wood rather than sitting on the surface the way paint or lacquer does. Knotty pine that has been painted or sealed with a top coat will need to be stripped to reopen the grain.

Is Knotty pine valuable?

There’s knotty pine and clear pine and the clear is quite expensive,” reports Bob Laurie of L.L. Johnson Lumber in Charlotte, Mich. … Laurie sells knotty pine at $. 90/bf and a clear grade at $2.75/bf. Knotty isn’t the only rustic pine variation attracting consumers these days.

What kind of floor goes with knotty pine walls?

Knotty pine has a relatively busy texture with its ribbed paneling and plentiful knots. Therefore, try wood flooring with a subtle grain like birch or maple. Keep in mind that the optics of color and grain intersect. A lighter color will show a busier grain, while a darker floor will hide it.

Can you stain knotty pine dark?

After sanding the wood to smooth its surface, you can use virtually any stain on knotty pine. Simply choose the color and finish that best suits the room.

Can you paint tongue and groove pine?

Tongue-and-groove paneling typically has a finish coat of paint or sealer that protects the wood. This must be roughed up with fine-grit sandpaper so that paint will adhere properly; Today’s Homeowner recommends using 120 grit. When sanding the walls, make sure you sand the surface of the wood entirely.

How do you refurbish knotty pine?

If your knotty pine is in bad shape, sanding can create a smooth, polished finish and prepare the wood for staining and sealing. Start with a rough paper, such as an 80-grit, and sand the entire knotty pine surface. Repeat this process with a 120-grit, then sand once more using a 200-grit paper or finer.

How do you keep knotty pine from bleeding when painting?

How to Stop Wood Knots from Bleeding Through Paint

  1. Stop knots from oozing sap.
  2. Sand the knots.
  3. Apply a shellac-based primer.
  4. Sand the primer to remove any brush marks.
  5. Apply two coats of a quality paint.

Why do knots bleed through paint?

Knots bleeding through painted wood are caused by tannin or resin. Found in softwoods such as cedar or redwood, tannins help the wood resist rot, but they also pose a problem for painters and homeowners. Tannin stains are triggered by moisture.

Do I need to prime pine before painting?

If you don’t seal pine with a primer, the first coat of paint will be blotchy, because pine absorbs paint (and other finishes) very unevenly. … If you omit the primer when you’re painting knotty pine, you’ll be able to see dark spots around every knot.

What is the difference between pine and knotty pine?

Knotty pine refers to pine wood boards that have a large number of visible knots. … Considering the use of knotty cherry wood may be a more sensible alternative that can be made to look very similar in finished color but provides a significantly more suitable and durable cabinetry run.

How do you whitewash old knotty pine walls?

Whitewashing can be accomplished by mixing equal parts water and paint and applying them to your surface. For wood paneling or furniture, water-based paint works best and can be applied with a brush. For bricks, use a latex paint mixture applied with a spray bottle in order to see the best results.

Is paneling out of style?

Today, while many homeowners have phased out the dark and dreary feature in favor of neutral or brightly painted drywall, paneling remains in plenty of homes that haven’t been remodeled in decades. … If, however, the walls are covered by sheets of wood-look panels, pull them off now!