How Do You Use The Word Desolate?

  1. Since the anchor stores closed, the shopping center has become a desolate wasteland.
  2. The farmer hopes the fertilizer will moisturize the soil in the desolate field so he can grow crops.
  3. Before Las Vegas became a mobster’s paradise, the entire area was nothing but a desolate desert.

What does desolate in a sentence?

a desolate landscape of flat green fields. adjective. If someone is desolate, they feel very sad, alone, and without hope. He was desolate without her.

What are some examples of desolate?

Desolate is defined as someone or something which is unhappy or bleak. A barren and depressing landscape is an example of a desolate landscape. A person who is miserable and sad is an example of someone who is desolate. To rid or deprive of inhabitants.

What does desolate mean in simple terms?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : devoid of inhabitants and visitors : deserted a desolate abandoned town. 2 : joyless, disconsolate, and sorrowful through or as if through separation from a loved one a desolate widow. 3a : showing the effects of abandonment and neglect : dilapidated a desolate old house.

What is desolate person?

desolate Add to list Share. If you feel alone, left out, and devastated, you feel desolate. … If you know the word deserted, you have a clue to the meaning of desolate, a grim word that can describe feelings and places. When a person feels desolate, he feels deserted, lonely, hopeless, and sad.

What does the word desolate mean as used in paragraph 15?

Desolate. Deprived or destitute of inhabitants; deserted; uninhabited.

How do you use desolation in a sentence?

Examples of ‘desolation’ in a sentence desolation

  1. It was a picture of utter desolation. …
  2. And the utter desolation at the end was unforgettable.
  3. A season of such hope had ended in utter desolation. …
  4. A scene of desolation greeted him in the camp that will now become his home.

How do you use solace in a sentence?

Solace sentence example

  1. The student took solace in music. …
  2. He took solace from a world he could not control. …
  3. Did he take solace in drink or drugs? …
  4. It is with tears in my eyes that I pen this note, my only solace that I will shortly be one in heaven with this woman I loved more than life itself.

How do you use devise in a sentence?

Devise sentence example

  1. I prefer to use this app because it allows me to devise my own music playlists. …
  2. The engineers’ newest project is to devise a more efficient water filtration system. …
  3. Great efforts have been made to devise cottonpicking machines, but, as yet, complete success has not been attained.

How do you use desolate in a simple sentence?

Desolate sentence example

  1. How very desolate must that one be. …
  2. It was a desolate wasteland except for some grazing sheep. …
  3. Wilson said kindly: “Why, my boy, you look desolate .” …
  4. It presents a desolate appearance. …
  5. The desolate wilderness is bounded only by the distant Red Sea.

What is a noun for desolate?

desolation. The act of desolating or laying waste; destruction of inhabitants; depopulation. The state of being desolated or laid waste; ruin; solitariness; destitution; gloominess. A place or country wasted and forsaken.

What is a desolate woman?

The desolate woman represents Zion, which itself signifies the city of Enoch in ancient times, the hill where the temple was built in Jerusalem, the celestial city of God, the kingdom of God on earth, and a covenant community of temple-worthy Saints.

How do you use embark in a sentence?

Embark in a Sentence ?

  1. Tomorrow Grant will start college and embark upon a new phase in his life.
  2. An avid traveler, Heather will embark on another cruise next week.
  3. Lawrence has plans to embark on a new career as a journalist.

Is desolate a adjective?

desolate adjective (SAD)

extremely sad and feeling alone: … lonesomeUS I’m feeling lonesome.

What is solace used for?

comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort. something that gives comfort, consolation, or relief: The minister’s visit was the dying man’s only solace. verb (used with object), sol·aced, sol·ac·ing. to comfort, console, or cheer (a person, oneself, the heart, etc.).

Is solace a feeling?

Solace is a feeling of comfort that makes you feel less sad. I found solace in writing when my father died three years ago.

Does solace mean alone?

something that gives comfort, consolation, or relief.” Finding consolation and comfort in yourself and your own thoughts is a strength that many have a hard time finding in this day and age. …

What is the best definition of desolation?

Desolation is defined as the state of being uninhabited, lonely or dreary. An example of desolation is the situation of a person who is lost in a desert. noun.

How do you use blissful in a sentence?

Blissful sentence example

  1. A blissful bright smile was fixed on the baby’s broad face with its toothless open mouth. …
  2. If only the rest of their lives could be as blissful as this dance. …
  3. But tell me, where does Mrs. …
  4. The rocker was comfortable and a soft breeze caressed her into a blissful silence.

What part of speech is desolation?

verb (used with object), des·o·lat·ed, des·o·lat·ing. to lay waste; devastate.

What do you mean by degenerate?

1a : having declined or become less specialized (as in nature, character, structure, or function) from an ancestral or former state the last degenerate member of a noble family— W. E. Swinton. b : having sunk to a condition below that which is normal to a type …

What does conjure mean today?

to affect or influence by or as if by invocation or spell. to effect, produce, bring, etc., by or as by magic: to conjure a miracle. … to call or bring into existence by or as if by magic (usually followed by up): She seemed to have conjured up the person she was talking about.

What is the meaning of desolation given in the paragraph?

desolation noun (EMPTINESS)

the state of a place that is empty or where everything has been destroyed: a scene of desolation.

How do you remember the word desolate?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for desolate

desolate: de(the) + sol (solution) + ate (eaten); The solution of the examination destroyed, Therefore we are unhappy.