How Is John B’s Father Alive?

It turns out, John B’s dad, Big John, is actually alive (insert shocked Pikachu meme). In the final Season 2 scene, Carla Limbrey, the rich socialite on the hunt for the cross of Santo Domingo, visits a very much alive Big John.

Did John B find his dad?

John B’s dad is alive!

And this man, is Big John Routledge. The reappearance of John B’s dad will shake up the entire series. Everything started with John B continuing his father’s treasure hunt with the hope of avenging his death, so learning that his dead dad is actually alive will probably shake him up.

Do Sarah Cameron and John B break up?

According to multiple sources, co-stars, who plays John B. and Sarah Cameron in the hit Netflix series have split after a little more than a year together.

Do the Pogues get the gold?

The Pogues lost the gold again, but shifted focus to the Cross. When John B. and Sarah left Nassau, the focus of Outer Banks Season 2 shifted to clearing John B.’s name of Sheriff Peterkin’s murder. Then, a new treasure came into play: the Cross of Santo Domingo, which the Royal Merchant also carried.

Does John B go to jail?

John B ended up behind bars during Outer Banks Season 2, but he didn’t stay there for long. … Of course, it didn’t take long for others to realize that John B and Sarah were still alive, and it wasn’t long before people tried to get the reward money. The two ended up back home, and that’s where it all went wrong.

Is Rutledge Big John alive?

In a twist that was as inevitable as it was improbable, Big John Rutledge was revealed to be alive and still treasure hunting his heart out at the end of Outer Banks Season 2. Now, how he escaped death after Ward tossed him overboard with a head injury and he washed ashore on a deserted island remains to be seen.

Who killed John B dad?

Unfortunately, as we learn in Outer Banks season 1, Big John was actually murdered while on his quest for gold. And as it turns out, Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) was the one who killed him.

Is Sarah Cameron dead?

Here’s where it gets dicey: Sarah technically did die in this scene, because her heart stopped. But, thankfully, not for long! Although the “doctor” insisted that Sarah had lost too much blood, John B. was able to bring her back to life by performing CPR and screaming that he loves her.

What episode does John B dad come back?

The big reveal in the season 2 finale is that John B’s dad, Big John, is actually alive!

What happened to JJ’s dad in Outer Banks?

After one terrible fight between JJ and Luke during Outer Banks season 1, JJ even puts a gun to his father’s head while he’s passed out. He doesn’t shoot, but you can tell it takes everything out of him not to. … Luke has a reputation in the town and almost everyone thinks JJ is going to end up just like him.

How old is JJ in real life?

Rudy Pankow plays JJ, and in the series JJ is also 16. Rudy was born in August 1998, so is 22 and has a six year age gap with his character.

Who is Scooter in Outer Banks?

Scooter Grubbs is a character in Season 1 of Outer Banks. He is portrayed by David Ury. Scooter is found dead in the first episode of the series after a storm on the island.

Does Sarah date John B?

The short answer is yes, John B and Sarah do end up together by the end of Outer Banks season 2. However, they also break up earlier on in the season.

What episode do they find Big John’s body?

In Episode 8, we see a flashback in which Scooter (David Ury) finds Big John’s body, mummified on one of the Outer Banks islands due to the South Carolina heat. At that point, it seems as if we have the whole story of exactly what happened to John B.’s father.

How did Big John survive?

Big John Was Found By A Passing Boat Like John B And Sarah

It’s possible that Big John was never actually found by other Royal Merchant searchers, and was simply discovered half-dead by a ship at sea.

Do they find out Jon B is innocent?

Before John can be exonerated, he is caught and sent to jail, where a fellow inmate nearly kills him. Ultimately, John proves his innocence with the evidence taken from Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Does Ward Cameron get caught?

Although we were made to believe that Ward blew himself up on his boat, we later discover it was all part of an elaborate ruse to fake his death and evade arrest. Simply put, Ward did not die on the boat explosion and was very much alive when Outer Banks season 2 came to an end.

Does Sarah get back with topper?

Fortunately for those shipping John B and Sarah, they do end up together by the end of Outer Banks season 2. Although Sarah is grateful for all the help Topper provided for her, they do not get back together at all.

Is Sarah dead Outer Banks?

Luckily, no. Sarah Cameron does not die in Outer Banks Season 2 – but she has some very close shaves. In the course of the series, Sarah’s brother attempts to drown her and her father tries to strangle her. After a heated discussion, Rafe tries to drown Sarah to death but Topper comes to the rescue.

How do they clear John B’s name?

and Sarah teaming up with that boat crew to plan a heist to steal back the gold treasure Ward stole from them last season; Ward continuing to murder in OBX; Kiara almost drowning in a sewer drain in order to get the gun Rafe used to kill the sheriff so they can clear John B.’s name; John B.

How much is the cross worth in Outer Banks?

In the second season of the hit Netflix adventure series, the Pogue teens are also seeking the valuable Cross of Santo Domingo. With an estimated value of $400 million and a potential healing cloth locked inside, the aforementioned cross has the ability to alter lives — depending on whose hands it gets in.

How did Ward Cameron get rich?

He went on to become a multimillionaire real estate developer via his company Cameron Development, thanks in part to the Limbrey family funding his first development project.

How old is Kiara from OBX?

Kiara, or Kie, is the only female member of John B.’s group of friends, known as the “Pogues.” She’s 16, too. Kiara’s parents own a restaurant in the Outer Banks, which sometimes means that she gets dragged to Kook events, like the Midsummer party in episode five of season one.