How Long Does It Take For RNA Test To Be Accurate After Exposure To HIV?

Undetected. If detected, results are reported in copies/mL. Interpretation: This assay has a plasma HIV-1 RNA quantification result range of 20 copies/mL to 10,000,000 copies/mL. An “undetected” result indicates that the assay was unable to detect HIV-1 RNA with the plasma specimen.

Is HIV NAT test conclusive?

HIV tests are between 99% and 100% reliable. Newer, so-called combination or fourth generation tests and other lab-based tests are close to 100% accurate. Rapid or at-home tests are right around 99% of the time if you’ve been infected for a while.

How accurate is HIV RNA test at 3 months?

HIV tests after the 3 month window are more than 99.97% accurate. They work for all types and subtypes of HIV. Very few medical tests have 100% accuracy. There will still be rare cases where someone is HIV positive and not picked up.

Can you Seroconvert after 3 months?

It is therefore important to stress that the majority of the population will seroconvert within 3 months; however, repeated re‐exposure is common and that can seemingly prolong the seroconversion period.