How Much Are Worlds Of Fun Tickets 2021?

At Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, we have plenty of exciting rides and shows for everyone, and we are proud to have earned one of the best safety records in the industry. We are committed to providing our guests with a safe environment and enjoyable day.

Has anyone died at Worlds of Fun?

Ryan Bielby of Kansas City died late Friday while riding the Timber Wolf roller coaster at the Worlds of Fun amusement park with friends. It was the first fatality at the amusement park, which opened in 1973.

Is Fast Pass worth it at Worlds of Fun?

Fast Lane Tickets: If you have older kids or a family who really is interested in the roller coasters and the more popular rides, then the Worlds of Fun Fast Lane Ticket is worth it. It’s pricey, but it does get you to the front of the line more quickly!

Who owns Worlds of Fun in Kansas City?

Cedar Fair LP, owner of Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, has agreed to be purchased for $2.4 billion by an affiliate of Apollo Global Management.

Is the timber wolf still at Worlds of Fun?

Timber Wolf Work Continued

As of the 2020 season, almost 90-percent of Timber Wolf’s track is new. This massive project started in 2014 with an all-new operating system, followed by a reengineered first drop the following season.

Is VIP parking at Worlds of Fun worth it?

Parking pass is totally worth it. I believe it is $25 for the V.I.P.. We’ve never been on a holiday weekend but we always purchase V.I.P. to get parking close to the W.O.F entrance.

What is the fright lane at Worlds of Fun?

What’s the difference between Fast Lane and Fright Lane passes? Fast Lane passes are valid only for select rides, while Fright Lane passes are for Haunt attractions and valid only for 1 entry at each attraction.

How high is the sky flyer?

Rider Safety Information

Xtreme Skyflyer is a high-thrill Skycoaster attraction made to simulate flight. Riders are hoisted 153 feet into the air.

How much does RipCord cost?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget. Ripcord is not included with park admission; a separate fee is required to experience this heart-thumping attraction. Pricing: 3 flyers is $15 each, 2 flyers is $20 each and 1 flyer is $15.

How much is a no boo necklace?

This means that while you’re wearing the necklace, our monsters will do their best to not jump out and scare you. You can get your No-Boo Necklace online for just $10. They are also sold at most retail locations.

How old do you have to be to work at Worlds of Fun?

In order to be a ride attendant you have to be 16 years of age. No experience needed. There for they have on site training.

Will Knotts Scary Farm Be Open 2020?

Regrettably, due to continued operating restrictions related to the pandemic, we have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel our highly anticipated 2020 Knott’s Scary Farm event.

Is there alcohol at Worlds of Fun?

Cool off with a Beer, Seltzer or Cocktail from Boulevard Deck at Worlds of Fun! Thrills, family rides and pint sized fun, Worlds of Fun attractions have it all!

How many rides are at Worlds of Fun?

Today, Worlds of Fun stretches over 235 acres and features 64 rides and attractions.

Does fast lane include admission?


The fastest way to thrills all season long. Enjoy priority boarding on select rides when you add Season Pass Fast Lane to your 2022 Season Pass! Hurry, only a limited number are available. Fast Lane offered select days only.

What happened to the Orient Express at Worlds of Fun?

Orient Express was a steel roller coaster located at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. … In 2004, the ride was replaced by Spinning Dragons, a Gerstlauer spinning roller coaster, which is still in operation as of 2021.

Will Worlds of Fun Get a new coaster?

The Re-Tracking of Timber Wolf: Worlds of Fun’s Oldest & “Newest” Coaster. It’s been twelve years since Worlds of Fun christened a new roller coaster at the park, but after a multi-year retracking, the park’s oldest operating coaster, Timber Wolf, is essentially brand new, and in 2021, will be running like a dream!

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