How Old Is Tyler Moon?

Tyler Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Tony Discipline. Tyler is the son of Eddie Moon (David Essex), half brother of Michael (Steve John Shepherd) and Craig Moon (Elliot Rosen), brother of Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas) and cousin of Alfie Moon (Shane Richie).

What happened to Michael from EastEnders?

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You can also follow us on Twitter. After Alice makes a run for it, Michael got back to his feet and went for Janine again before she delivered a fatal blow with the knife. It was Janine Butcher who murdered Michael Moon, despite the villain framing Alice for the killing.

Who was Alfie Moon’s brother?

Spencer Moon is a fictional character from the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Christopher Parker between 2002 and 2005. Spencer is the brother of Alfie Moon, played by Shane Richie.

Are the Moon brothers coming back to EastEnders?

Now, the Moon brothers are back in action together, with both Tony and Matt working on a mystery acting gig in the Essex countryside. Alongside an on-set photo of the pair shared on Instagram, Tony revealed his excitement to be working alongside Matt once again. “Sooo good to be back on set with my broski”, he wrote.

Is David Essex going back to EastEnders?

David Essex has admitted that he is unlikely to return to EastEnders. The actor and singer had a four-month stint on the BBC soap in 2011, playing Michael, Tyler and Anthony’s father Eddie Moon. … It was a privilege to work with some of the actors that I worked with. It’s fast, it’s furious.

Who plays Alfie Moon’s cousin in EastEnders?

Michael Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Steve John Shepherd. The character is a second cousin once removed of Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), and first appears on 1 October 2010 after Alfie’s return.

Who did David Essex play in EastEnders?

Eddie Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by David Essex. Eddie is the father of Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd), Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline) and Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas).

Is Mick leaving EastEnders?

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Mick and Linda Carter have decided to leave Walford in EastEnders. The couple has been embroiled in a feud with Rainie Highway ever since Rainie discovered that Max Branning is the father of Linda’s baby.

Is Tiffany Butcher leaving EastEnders?

Earlier this month, the BBC announced the actress who plays Tiffany Butcher has filmed her final scenes in Eastenders. Tiffany will have a dramatic final few months, with the breakdown of her relationship with husband Keegan and the return of her brother Liam. At the time she said: “It’s time to say farewell to Tiff!

Is Ruby Allen leaving EastEnders?

In July 2018, it was announced that producer John Yorke had decided to reintroduce the character. After a twelve-year hiatus, Ruby returned on 18 September 2018 to reunite with her best friend Stacey. … She departed in the episode broadcast on 17 September 2021 as Lytton goes on maternity leave.

Did Kat sleep with Michael Moon?

Michael was then eliminated in the episode broadcast on 14 September, when Kat confessed her affair to him. Richie was interviewed in Soaplife and said that he thought it was important that no characters knew about the affair before Alfie did, because “if Kat had confided in anyone that would mug Alfie off.

Who is Tommy’s real dad?

Tommy Alfred Charles Moon is the son of Michael Moon and Kat Slater, he was born at The Queen Vic, making his first appearance on 30 December 2010.

Is Michael Moon Tommy’s dad?

Michael Moon made his first appearance on 1 October 2010. He is the father of Scarlett and Tommy Moon and ex-husband of Janine Butcher.

How is Scarlett butcher related to Tommy?

Scarlett Patricia Butcher (previously Moon) is the daughter of Michael Moon and Janine Butcher and half-sister of Tommy Moon.

How are Tommy and Scarlett related Eastenders?

While he was the biological father of Tommy, Alfie raised him as his own. Therefore, Tommy and Scarlett are half-siblings.

Who is Janine Butcher related to in Eastenders?

Janine Butcher (previously Evans, Malloy and Moon) is the daughter of Frank and June Butcher, sister of Clare, Ricky and Diane Butcher, as well as being the mother of Scarlett Butcher. She made her first appearance on 22 June 1989.

Is Ian Beale leaving EastEnders 2021?

He is currently on a 10-month sabbatical from the show and has been touring around the UK in his motorhome while also starring in the play Looking Good Dead. “I won’t be going back until this time next year at the absolute earliest,” he told Metro.

Is Kush leaving EastEnders for good?

Yes, Kush is leaving EastEnders, and will make his final appearance in the long-running serial drama tonight. It was confirmed last year that actor Davood Ghadami would be exiting the BBC One soap. … Davood has been a wonderful addition to EastEnders and we wish him all the best for the future.

What age is Frankie in EastEnders?

Frankie’s exact age has never been confirmed but the actress who plays her, Rose Ayling-Ellis, is believed to be 30 years old.

How rich is David?

David Essex net worth: David Essex is an English musician, actor, and singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $30 million. David Essex was born in Plaistow, London, England in 1947. Essex has had 16 Top 40 albums and 19 Top 40 singles in the United Kingdom.

What was David Essex’s name in EastEnders?

Singer and actor David Essex will join the cast of EastEnders later this year, the BBC has announced. The 1970s pin-up will play Eddie Moon, the father of Michael and uncle to Alfie.