Is Chase Field Air Conditioned?

Phoenix, AZ

Opening in 1998, Chase Field was the first stadium ever built to have a retractable roof and a natural grass field. … Instead, a retractable roof stadium was constructed allowing for a natural grass field and allowing the team to play outdoors during games early or late in the season.

Why does Chase Field have a roof?

With average temperatures hovering around 99.1 (F) and regularly spiking over 100 (F) during baseball season, a retractable roof was an absolute must for this location. The Field itself hearkens back to the days of old with the distinctive dirt strip running between home plate and the pitcher’s mound.

What stadium do the Diamondbacks play in?

Nestled among Jefferson Street to the north, Fourth Street to the south and Seventh Street to the east, Chase Field is the epicenter of the downtown Phoenix sports scene. Attending a D-backs game at Chase Field is a unique and exciting entertainment experience.

Do the Diamondbacks play in Phoenix?

Where do the Arizona Diamondbacks play baseball? Chase Field, formerly Bank One Ballpark, is a baseball park located in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona and is the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise. The ballpark opened in 1998 when the Diamondbacks’ inaugural game as an expansion team.

Do the Diamondbacks have a retractable roof?

The retractable roof, comprising 9 million pounds of structural steel, operates on the same tried-and-true technology found in drawbridges and overhead traveling cranes. The roof status is posted prior to every home series. … For more information, call the roof hotline at 602-462-6262.

What baseball stadium has a lazy river?

At Riders Field, where the minor league baseball team Frisco RoughRiders play, fans can watch games from a 68,000-gallon lazy river, which is the largest water feature in a professional sporting venue, according to the league.

Does the Diamondbacks stadium have a pool?

At Chase Field in Phoenix, Diamondbacks has a setup that allows you to do both with the RideNow Powersports Pool. … Chase Field also has a center-right pool that will be rented to guests as a 35-guest suite during the 2011 season for $ 3,500 per game. Mark Grace was the first player to score a home run in the pool.

Is Minute Maid Park a retractable roof?

An open roof at Minute Maid Park is advantage to Astros, Braves hitters in World Series, meteorologist says. … As the Astros hitters hope for a win in Game six of the World Series, they may get a small lift from an open roof at the retractable stadium and favorable weather conditions.

Do I have to wear a mask at Chase Field?

The Arizona Diamondbacks said Wednesday that Chase Field’s limited seating due to the coronavirus pandemic will be lifted starting May 25. … Fans at Chase Field will still be required to wear masks after May 25, and the team is still “encouraging appropriate social distancing.”

Can you smoke at Chase Field?

Chase Field is a designated non-smoking facility. The stadium does allow fans to vape or smoke in marked areas located outside the stadium, at Gate A, Gate J, and Gate K. Electronic Cigarette use are not permitted in the seating areas, general concourse, suites, or restrooms.

What time does Diamondbacks stadium open?

Chase Field will open 90 minutes prior to first pitch for ALL home games.

How much does it cost to cool Chase Field?

At Chase Field summer can be pricey too. In August, the average daily cost for power is around $12,000 a day. Most of that cost is to cool the nearly 50,000 seats in the stadium.

Did the Diamondbacks get rid of the pool?

And, no, the team did not drain the pool after the Dodgers took a swim. Instead, they handled it the same way they did after the Diamondbacks entered the pool with uniforms already wet with sweat, beer and champagne: They shocked it with chemicals.

Is Chase Field Astroturf?

Chase Field, formerly Bank One Ballpark, is a baseball park located in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. … Chase Field was the first stadium built in the United States with a retractable roof over a natural-grass playing surface, which was replaced by synthetic turf in 2019.

How much are the pool seats at Jacksonville?

The Jacksonville Jaguars took out 9,500 seats in the north end zone of EverBank Field and replacing them with a two-level party deck that includes two swimming pools and 16 cabanas. For $12,500 a game or $250 per person, companies or fans can rent one of the four poolside cabanas on the first level.

Which MLB stadium has a pool?

Chase Field also has a swimming pool located in right-center field, which is rented to patrons as a suite holding 35 guests for $3,500 per game during the 2011 season.

What MLB team has a pool in the outfield?

The home of the Arizona Diamondbacks has an incredibly unique feature, a swimming pool behind the right-field fence.

Does Six Flags have a lazy river?

You deserve some rest and relaxation, and what better place to find it than on a Lazy River cruise. This slow-moving water trail, at a depth of only 3 ½ feet, weaves around the park and is just what you need when it is time to slow down and enjoy life at a mellow pace.

Are the Diamondbacks getting a new stadium?

The Arizona Diamondbacks will continue exploring new ballpark options around Maricopa County, but the National League ballclub intends to concentrate on plans for a $400 million to $500 million refurbishment of Chase Field now that the Arizona state legislature has approved a funding mechanism that will underwrite 80% …

What way does Chase Field face?

Chase Field Orientation to the Sun

Chase Field is one of the few stadiums in baseball that is pointed due north. When the roof is open, the sun rises over the right field foul pole in the morning and sets beyond the left field foul pole in the evening.