Is It Bad To Turn Your Torsion Bars Up?

The general consensus is that you can get 1.5″ through the torsion bars lift with stock keys safely on a stock truck. If your torsion bars are not really saggy you could probably get upwards of 2.5″ total by maxing out the screws, but your CV axles will be binding and you will break stuff very quickly.

How far can I crank my torsion bars?

You can go as high as long as you maintain at least 5/8’s of a inch between the UCA and frame stop and that also includes needing to fix the OE shock due to being to short. Either a lower mount or longer shock.

Do you need an alignment after turning torsion bars?

Yes you do need an alignment, but I don’t think putting a few miles on without one will be a huge problem. Just make sure you get one ASAP.

Why you shouldn’t level your truck?

Your truck’s suspension could wear out faster.

Leveling kits for a truck can also place more pressure on your suspension components. The added stress from the modification could make them wear out at a faster rate compared to the usual wear-and-tear that they’d experience.

Do torsion bars sag over time?

as you turned it up, you are putting more stress on the torsion bar and eventually it begins to show fatigue and sags down more. it will keep sagging if you try to keep cranking up to the same height. torsion bars are rated at a load its made for at a certain height.

How do I make my torsion bar suspension ride better?

Ride height, and the associated suspension properties, can be altered simply by turning each side’s torsion-bar adjuster bolt. In Chrysler suspension systems, turning the bolt clockwise will increase ride height, while counterclockwise rotation will lower ride height.

How do I know if my torsion bars are cranking?

Registered. Look under the truck, where the torsion bar attaches to the crossmember, see if the bolts are all the way in (where the bolt head almost touches the brace). If that is the case then your torsion bars are cranked..

Do torsion bars affect camber?

Raising the front end via torsion bar will produce negative camber due to the upper control arm (uca) swinging down, and effectively pulling the top of the knuckle inward, which pulls the camber negative.

Can you drive without torsion bars?


How do you adjust torsion bars evenly?

Adjust the torsion bar. Turning the adjustment bolt clockwise will tighten it, raising the amount of load that can be placed on the bar. This will raise the vehicle when it is taken off the jack stand. Turning it counterclockwise will lower the available spring rate and cause the car to sit lower.

Can you install torsion keys wrong?

Yes,if the keys would be installed wrong,it would be almost impossible to install. But they might have put the wrong keys,because some 2500HD applications has 2 different index location at the factory.

Do leveling kits wear out ball joints?

leveling kits are somewhat known to prematurely wear the upper ball joints, but some shops will try and take advantage of this.

How much does it cost to get your truck leveled?

Buying and installing a leveling kit yourself might cost between $400 to $2000. With a professional, you might spend between $800 to $4000. Buying and installing a lift kit might cost between $400 to $4000 if you do it yourself. If getting it done from an expert, the price can range between $800 to $12,000.

Are leveling kits worth it?

A leveling kit is a perfect addition if you are looking to improve off-roading capabilities. Higher ground clearance and larger tires are ideal when venturing into mud, dirt, rocks, sand, and other terrains. It will prevent the front bumper and other parts from being damaged by rocks and debris.

What is positive and negative camber?

It is used in the design of steering and suspension. If the top of the wheel is farther out than the bottom (that is, away from the axle), it is called positive camber; if the bottom of the wheel is farther out than the top, it is called negative camber.

How does a torsion bar front end work?

A torsion bar works by resisting the torque placed on it. When one end of the torsion bar is affixed to an object that cannot be moved, the other end of the bar is twisted, thus causing torque to build up. … If there is not any force applied to the torsion bar, it will stay at the same position until force is applied.

Will torsion keys hurt my truck?

Yes, the keys will change the position of the torsion bars(lowers them), thus raising truck withoutcranking the torsion bars. They will also have an adjusting bolt to give you some more height adjustability without cranking the bars.

Can you weld a torsion bar?

NO. I have a lot of experience with Jag torsion bars..not only can’t you weld them..but they need to be referenced right and left. The bar is a spring..they should not even be switched side to side as the twist is referenced by the original machining and the subsequent years of twisting and reaction in the frame.

What is the purpose of torsion bars?

In automobiles a torsion bar is a long spring-steel element with one end held rigidly to the frame and the other end twisted by a lever connected to the axle. It thus provides a spring action for the vehicle. See also spring.

Are torsion bars necessary?

If you plan to leave your beloved 4×4 in factory form, then there’s really no reason to swap out the torsion bars. However, when it comes to adding additional weight to the vehicle like steel bumpers and winches, you should consider installing a suspension lift or performing a torsion-bar replacement.