Is Louise Morrissey Married?

Artist Biography

She grew up with a love of music and after completing her schooling, began to sing with her brothers, Billy and Norman, as the Morrisseys Folk And Ballad Group.

Who is Trudi Lalor married to?

Irish country music star Trudi Lalor has opened up about her life with husband Billy Morrisey. Trudi, who is from Laois but lives just outside Cashel in Tipperary with Billy, told RSVP Live that she feels “blessed” to have him in her life.

Where was Louise Morrissey born?

She was born and raised in Bansha, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Louise’s career began at the age of fourteen with her brothers Billy and Norman, as part of the Morrissey’s folk group.

How long is Louise Morrissey married?

Irish country music star Trudi Lalor has been with her husband Billy Morrissey for a whopping 25 years, having tied the knot 11 years ago.

What age is Trudi Lalor age?

Voted third in Denmark’s popular music charts this week was Lovely Laois, sung by a 25-year-old Mountrath country and western singer, Trudi Lalor. The song features on her album Next Time Round.

Where is Trudi Lawlor from?

Trudi Lalor has been around on the country music scene for a few decades and in 2017 Trudi is still hitting the highways of Ireland and abroad bringing her golden voice to legions of fans. Her native town is Mountrath, deep in the heart of the Irish midlands in Co.

How old is Norman Morrissey?

Tipp FM presenter Norman Morrissey (51), Ballinlough West, Bansha, Co Tipperary, had denied charges that he assaulted a young woman, causing her harm, and inflicted criminal damage on a van on Halloween night of 2007.

Who is Billy Morrissey?

Bill Morrissey, a Potomac Officers Club member, serves as vice president and general manager for the civilian division at ASRC Federal, a role he has held since July 2018.