Is Nelle Leaving General Hospital?

But that is not the case, and Nelle is in fact, Nina’s long-lost child, a fact confirmed by the show’s headwriters. When the character of Nina Reeves was introduced, she had been in a coma caused by her mother who was trying to make her miscarry.

Did Nelle really die?

However, Nelle has continued to pop up here and there since then, so you never know what will happen next, even after she’s been declared dead! Nelle first appeared in Port Charles on Aug. 8, 2016, with Chloe Lanier playing the newly-created role.

What cast member is leaving General Hospital?

‘General Hospital’ Longtime Villain Wes Ramsey Is Confirmed As Leaving The Soap.

Is Sasha on GH really pregnant?

General Hospital’s Sofia Mattsson is really good at keeping a secret! The happy actress took to social media over the weekend to reveal some big, exciting news… and we mean big! Now that Mattsson’s character, Sasha, is pregnant on the soap, she was finally able to share the news that she is expecting in real life.

Is Maxie leaving GH 2021?

The actress who portrays Maxie has recently explained that she will be absent from the set of the soap for a few weeks. However, she has made no announcement to suggest she is leaving the project for good.

Is Willow Nina’s daughter?

Regardless if it’s Nelle Benson or Willow Tait, that’s Nina’s biological daughter, Nina’s Wiley Quartermaine’s grandmother. If Nelle is her daughter, then Wiley is her biological grandson. However, Willow isn’t ruled out yet as Nina’s daughter.

Is Chloe Lanier coming back to General Hospital?

Both Van Etten and O’Connor have spoken about Chloe Lanier’s work, almost as if she was still on the soap. This could be a hint that her role isn’t over yet and she will be returning soon. Van Etten did admit that it is a lot of fun to have a performer like Chloe playing the role of Nelle.

Is Lulu coming back to GH?

Emme Rylan played Lulu Spencer on General Hospital from 2013 to 2020. She left the show in the fall of 2020 and has been traveling to different places with her family. Rylan recently revealed she will be leaving L.A and settling down in Missouri.

Who is Nina’s baby daddy on GH?

However, after he leaves, Ava is confronted by Morgan, Kiki’s boyfriend, about Ava lying to Silas, and it’s revealed that Silas is, in fact, Kiki’s biological father.

Who is the bad guy on General Hospital?

Cyrus Renault is a fictional character and a main antagonist on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.

Who is Nina’s daughter on Nov 2020?

Carly (Laura Wright) puts all the pieces together and realizes that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) was Nina’s long-lost child and immediately summons Jax (Ingo Rademacher) to her home, saying she has to see him right away.

Is Alexis leaving GH for good?

‘ Fortunately, they were relieved to know that Grahn is not leaving the series as the actress herself confirmed it. She reassured the fans that although Alexis is going through a difficult time in the show, she will be back.

Who has died from General Hospital?

Jay Pickett, ‘General Hospital’ Actor, Dies at 60 While Shooting Movie Scene

  • Veteran soap opera star Jay Pickett has died. …
  • Jim Heffel, Pickett’s friend, co-star and fellow producer on the film Treasure Valley, shared the tragic news in a Facebook post on Friday, along with some photos taken from the set of the movie.

Is Brenda coming back to General Hospital 2021?

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Says Vanessa Marcil Is Not Returning as Brenda |

Who is Carly from General Hospital dating?

August 26 is a very special day for GENERAL HOSPITAL stars and real-life couple Laura Wright (Carly) and Wes Ramsey (Peter) because that is the day that the pair experienced the first spark of a romance that is still going strong today!

Is Brooklyn on General Hospital really pregnant?

Is Amanda Setton pregnant in real life? Yes, Amanda was pregnant in real life at the time of shooting for the show. The star had decided to take maternity leave back in August 2020 to ensure her baby is born healthy.

What happened to Willow’s baby?

However, the infant Willow had given birth to had died in his crib and Brad had agreed to swap babies with Nelle Benson, so as Willow grew closer to Wiley and felt a pull towards the little boy, she had no idea it wasn’t actually her son.

Who is Carly on General Hospital married to in real life?

Personal life

Wright married architect John Wright on October 7, 1995. They have two children.

Why did Maxie leave GH?

Kirsten Storms is stepping back from General Hospital to focus on her health after undergoing brain surgery. … Storms was last seen on the July 19 episode of the daytime TV drama, during which her character, Maxie Jones, left Port Charles with her baby and went to Texas, where she’ll be for the foreseeable future.

Who is the longest running actor on General Hospital?

Created by Frank and Doris Hursley, the serial premiered on April 1, 1963. The longest-running cast member is Leslie Charleson, who has portrayed Monica Quartermaine since August 17, 1977, also making her one of the longest-tenured actors in American soap operas.

Did Maxie on GH have brain surgery?

“General Hospital” viewers won’t be seeing Maxie Jones on-screen for a while as the actress playing her, Kirsten Storms, recovers from brain surgery. … Maxie’s absence was necessitated because Storms, 37, underwent surgery in early June to remove a benign cyst from the lower part of her brain.