Is The Cornville Fire Still Active?

Two engines and fire crews are patrolling the established fire line around the community, according to an AZ State Forestry tweet. The Cornville Fire began just after noon near Page Springs Road near the Panorama Community, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.

Is the Cornville fire under control?

The fire is under investigation. Yavapai Apache police assisted with traffic control at the scene.

Is there a wildfire near Sedona AZ?

The Platypus and Rhinoceros fires are burning approximately four and six miles northwest of Sedona in Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness more than six miles from the nearest trailhead.

How close is the Rafael fire to Sedona?

The lightning-caused Rafael Fire 12 miles northwest of Sedona, Arizona grew substantially Sunday while being pushed by strong winds.

How close is the Rafael fire to Flagstaff?

The Rafael Fire is: 6 miles south of Interstate 40. 13 miles southwest of Flagstaff.

Where are fires burning in AZ?

Fires with or near full containment

  • Alamo Fire: 4,953 acres. 90% contained as of June 26.
  • Rock Butte Fires: 802 acres. 80% contained as of June 28.
  • Walnut Fire: 10,667 acres. …
  • Telegraph Fire: 180,757 acres. …
  • Slate Fire: 11,435 acres. …
  • Painted Fire: 936 acres. …
  • Rafael Fire: 78,065 acres. …
  • Snap Point Fire: 9,843 acres.

Is there a fire in Prescott right now?

There are currently no fire restrictions in effect on Prescott National Forest. There are currently no fire restrictions in effect on Prescott National Forest. Please see the news release dated July 23, 2020 for more information.

How many active fires are in Arizona?

PHOENIX – Arizona firefighters are battling multiple wildfires across the state as high temperatures continue. By April 2021, Arizona was already having an active wildfire season, which was expected per the National Weather Service’s 2021 wildfire forecast. The state now has over 20 active wildfires.

Where is the Sedona Fire?

Sedona Fire is at Lake Chelan.

Is there a fire near Ash Fork AZ?

The Monument Fire continues to burn 30 miles northwest of Ash Fork. The fire has burned nearly 18-hundred acres and is ten-percent contained. The fire was active Saturday, sending quite a bit of smoke up in the air.

Is Sedona open with the fires?

Local Permanent Fire Restrictions

Campfires are never allowed in the following areas: Fossil Creek (anywhere) Wet Beaver Creek (anywhere) Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona (except in developed campgrounds and recreation areas)

Is Rafael Fire still burning?

The Rafael Fire has burned over 78,000 acres and is now 59% contained.

Is Sedona Open due to fires?

Coconino National Forest has rescinded all fire restrictions, but fire is always a danger in the national forest lands around Sedona. … In addition, fireworks are never allowed on National Forest land.

Why is there so much smoke in Prescott Arizona?

The smoky haze you see around the Prescott/Prescott Valley area is from a controlled burn near Ponderosa Park. They burned 267 acres today and expect the smoke to linger this evening into tomorrow morning. … Prescribed fire is one tool managers use to lower the risk of severe wildfires.

Why does Sedona have bad air quality?

Air Quality Challenge: When windy, dust can impact asthmatics and those with allergies. Sedona is about an hour-and-a-half drive from Phoenix–which frequently has poor air quality due to a variety of factors, (today wood-burning), whereas Sedona frequently has clean air unless wind kicks up dust. …

Why is there so much smoke in the Verde Valley today?

VERDE VALLEY — Verde Valley residents may continue to see more smoke in the air today from multiple fires, according to fire officials. … The lightning-caused Pine Fire is located in the Pine Mountain Wilderness on the Verde Ranger District and has burned 70 acres, according to the Prescott National Forrest.

Are there forest fires in Arizona?

In 2020, more than 80% of Arizona’s fires were human caused. In all, 2,520 wildfires burned nearly 980,000 acres of state, federal, and tribal lands in almost every corner of the state. There is no ‘wildfire season’ anymore in Arizona. Fires can happen year-round.

Are there fires near Grand Canyon?

– Firefighters continue to monitor and manage several lightning-caused fires discovered last week on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The Aspen Fire, located on the Walhalla Plateau approximately 3.5 miles east of the North Rim developed area, is the most active and visible of the fires.

Is Tonto closed?

All trails are closed including NFS Roads 112, 580 and 221. … NFS Road 651 is open. Pinal and Sulphide Del Rey campgrounds are open.

Is it safe to visit Prescott Arizona?

Is Prescott, AZ Safe? The D grade means the rate of crime is higher than the average US city. Prescott is in the 16th percentile for safety, meaning 84% of cities are safer and 16% of cities are more dangerous.