Is Theresia Van Astrea Still Alive?

Though a minor character overall, she is pivotal to the character arcs of her relatives and later serves as a secondary antagonist in Arc 5. After dying at the hands of the Hakugei 14 years ago, Wilhelm vowed to avenge her, which he does in Arc 3.

Does Reinhard hate Wilhelm?

Wilhelm van Astrea – Wilhelm and Reinhard do not get along well with each other due to Wilhelm blaming Reinhard for Theresia’s death to the Hakugei. However, Wilhelm made attempts to fix the relationship between them after they successfully defeated the Hakugei.

Is Reinhard in love with felt?

After the events of Arc 1, Reinhard took it upon himself to make Felt the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. … Despite such treatment, Reinhard displayed extreme devotion and affections towards his young mistress, always putting her before himself or anyone else.

Is Reinhard Subarus friend?

Currently, both Reinhard and Subaru harbour immense respect towards each other, with both of them swearing to each other that they’ll fill the other party’s shortcomings; Reinhard will play the role of a sword and Subaru will play the role of the tactician. They both consider each other as good and reliable friends.

Is Aldebaran a Subaru?

Appearance. Aldebaran stood at five feet and eight inches tall, making him the same height as Subaru Natsuki. When meeting Subaru for the first time, Al was pushing forty years old. Al’s frame was stocky and his body was covered in thick bulging muscles that gave him an imposing impression.

Is Otto a girl re Zero?

He also appears in various related works, including side stories, short stories and video games all based in the narrative universe of Re:Zero. Otto Suwen was a young man active in the Kingdom of Lugunica whose lineage consisted of many merchants. Otto himself was a merchant, although he wasn’t especially successful.

Why Roswaal knows about return by Death?

He’s considered an odd lord, especially due to his fondness for demi-humans like her to the point where he would hire them. In truth, he is only actually using her to control Subaru and coerce him into using Return by Death to fulfill his ambition of reviving his late master through the wits of his Gospel.

Does Reinhard die RE Zero?

Reinhard agrees, after which Regulus kills him instantly, but Reinhard is not dead for long, as he uses his Divine Protection of the Phoenix to revive himself.

Who is the strongest character in Re zero?

Reinhard van Astrea, the son of Heinkel Astrea and Louanna Astrea, is the strongest character in Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World. He is the current Sword Saint and a member of the Royal Guard. Reinhard is known as a “knight among knights” and is acting as Felt’s knight.

Who is the current sword saint in re Zero?

Reinhard van Astrea (ラインハルト・ヴァン・アストレア) is the current Sword Saint and a member of the Royal Guard, being the very strongest “weapon” the Kingdom has in its arsenal.

Who is the witch of vanity in re Zero?

As the possessor of the Vanity Witch Factor, Pandora was counted among the Witches of Sin, a collection of the people who wielded the nine Witch Factors that each corelated to one of the deadly sins. Due to her Witch Factor and her connection to the Witches, Pandora became known as the “Witch of Vanity.”

Who Killed the White Whale Re zero?

It was finally killed by a combined force of members from the Emilia, Crusch, and Anastasia Camps, with Wilhelm dealing the final blow to avenge his wife.

Is Wilhelm a sword saint?

Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 3 side story

It was only after single handedly defeating the entire Zellgef Squadron, that His Majesty granted Wilhelm his wish of freeing Theresia of her duties as the Sword Saint.

Does Echidna like Subaru?

Natsuki Subaru

The author has implied and outright stated that Echidna holds some degree of genuine affection/feelings toward Subaru even after he declined her contract. She flirted with him multiple times in her tea parties, although it is unknown if this was simply a facade to attain his attention.

Is Roswaal good or bad?

He is not evil, as he is simply doing everything to fulfill his goal. Roswaal wants to revive his teacher, Echidna, with the help of the dragon’s blood. He is not evil, as he is simply doing everything to fulfill his goal.

Does RAM like Garfiel?

1 Ram Has no Romantic Feelings for Garfiel

While many fans eventually started rooting for Garfiel to win over Ram, it just isn’t going to happen. Ram has no romantic feelings for Garfiel and is devoted entirely to Roswaal. even if she knows he would kill her for Echidna.

How strong is Aldebaran?

The measured strength of the magnetic field on Aldebaran is 0.22 Gauss.

Is Aldebaran from another world?

Eighteen years ago, the man known as “Aldebaran” was transported from Earth to another world.

Is Aldebaran a pride?

Aldebaran is the knight of Priscilla Barielle. He later joined the Witch Cult as the Sin Archbishop of Pride, but he later revealed that he joined them out of necessity and left them after the events at the Sanctuary in Arc 11.

Is Reinhard stronger than Puck?


The current Swordsman Reinhard is the strongest Swordsman of all time, surpassing even the original Swordsman Reid, and has the power to bring down a house with a single swing of his sword. … Even if Ram, Regulus, Sekhmet, and Puck(Beast mode) were to work together, they would not be able to beat Reinhard.

Does Satella really love Subaru?

Satella says that she loves Subaru for “giving her light, showing her the outside world, holding her hand when she was lonely, and kissing her when she was all alone,” and effectively giving her a reason to live. … That makes Satella to exist in the past and the future. With all her powers. Keeping Subaru alive.