What Age Did Gracie Fields Die?

Death. Fields’ health declined in July 1979, when she contracted pneumonia after performing an open-air concert on the Royal Yacht which was docked in Capri’s harbour. After a spell in hospital, she seemed to be recovering, but died on 27 September 1979.

Why did Gracie Fields leave UK?

Miss Fields, born above her grandmother’s fish and chip shop in Rochdale, lost her British citizenship when she married the Italian director Monty Banks. When Italy joined the war against the Allies, she became an ‘enemy subject’.

What was Gracie Fields real name?

Dame Gracie Fields, original name Grace Stansfield, (born Jan. 9, 1898, Rochdale, Lancashire, Eng. —died Sept. 27, 1979, Capri, Italy), English music-hall comedienne.

What was George Burns wife’s name?

He was especially known as part of a popular comedy team with his wife, Gracie Allen. Burns began his career at age seven as a singer in the PeeWee Quartet and later performed as a dancer, skater, and comic. He met Allen in the early 1920s, and they married in 1926.

What happened to Molly’s daughter Annabelle?

Annabelle was taken from Molly in 1943 and told she was an orphan. Over the years she distanced herself from her Aboriginality. Annabelle’s big sister, Doris, was also taken when she was four. However, Doris found Molly again 21 years later at Jigalong, on the rabbit-proof fence in Western Australia.

Did Gracie Fields marry?

February 18: British singer and actress Gracie Fields married a Romanian radio repairman in a quiet ceremony in Italy on this day in 1952. The 54-year-old Allied forces’ favourite wed Boris Alperovici, 48, at the Church of San Stefano on the island of Capri, where they both lived.

What did Gracie die of?

He teamed from time to time with someone such as Carol Channing, but no longer was he the straight man feeding lines to a comedienne. Somewhere along the line, he had become genuinely funny in his own right. Gracie died in August 1964 of a heart attack. She was 58.

How did Monty Banks die?

Death. He held dual Italian and American citizenship. He died, reportedly in the arms of Fields, while traveling on the Orient Express train just outside Arona, Italy, of a heart attack, aged 52.

Which famous person lived on the island of Capri?

The most famous name to have actually lived on Capri is, of course, Tiberius. And one can walk among the ruins of the Villa Jovis, the largest of the 12 villas that the emperor is said to have built for himself there.

What was Gracie Fields famous for?

Dame Gracie Fields was a highly successful singer, comedian and actress, most famous for her song ‘Sally’ and the film Sally in our Alley.

Who is Vera Lynn’s daughter?

Virginia Lewis-Jones is Dame Vera Lynn’s daughter. She was born in 1946 and for a time accompanied her mother on tour as her dresser. She has had many careers including working in a fashion house, working for Warner Bros Records in California and as a researcher at the BBC.

What did Gracie Allen weigh?

She was petite, weighing 103 pounds and wearing a 4 1/2 shoe size. Allen had her first heart attack in the early 1950s and suffered heart problems over the next several years. She did not enjoy the intense pace of a weekly TV program, and on June 4, 1958, the couple filmed their last show.

How intelligent was Gracie Allen?

Gracie was entirely different off the stage.” In fact, Gracie Allen was extremely intelligent. She was also plagued with migraine headaches and later with heart disease, insecure about her own stature and wealth, badly scarred on her left arm from a childhood accident (she never wore revealing dresses because of it).

What school did Gracie Fields go to?

Born Grace Stansfield on January 9, 1898, in the town of Rochdale, Lancashire, England; died on the Italian island of Capri on September 27, 1979; daughter of Fred Stansfield (an engineer) and Sarah Jane (Jenny) Bamford Stansfield (a housewife and laundress); attended Rochdale public schools until age 13; married …