What Are The Benefits Of Fasting In Shawwal?

Fasting during Shawwāl

The reasoning behind this tradition is that a good deed in Islam is rewarded 10 times, hence fasting 30 days during Ramadan and 6 days during Shawwāl is equivalent to fasting the whole year in fulfillment of the obligation.

Can I fast anytime in Shawwal?

One can fast the six days at any time during Shawwal, although the best of good deeds are those which are done soonest. Or, they may be done consecutively or separately during the month of Shawwal, according to what is easier for a person.

Is it compulsory to fast Shawwal?

Dear readers, although the fasting of Shawwal is not obligatory it is highly recommended as the above Prophetic sayings point out. They represent a unique opportunity for all Muslims to prepare for the rest of the year. Let us see how Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), treated voluntary fasts.

Do you have to make up your fasts before fasting Shawwal?

No. Simply not true. Your Ramadan fasts are not invalidated if you have not made up missed ones from Ramadans past. Now, that being said, it is strongly recommended to make up your missed fasts before the next Ramadan begins.

What is Shawwal in English?

Shawwal. Shawwāl is the tenth month of the lunar Islamic calendar. Shawwāl means to ‘lift or carry‘; so named because she-camels normally would be carrying a fetus at this time of year.

What month is after Shawwal?

The names of the months in the Islamic calendar are: Muharram; Safar; Rabi’ al-awwal; Rabi’ al-thani; Jumada al-awwal; Jumada al-thani; Rajab; Sha’aban; Ramadan; Shawwal; Dhu al-Qi’dah; Dhu al-Hijjah.

When should we fast in Dhul Hijjah?

Fasting on the first 9 days of Dhul Hijjah is highly recommended, and is an act that the Prophet (saw) partook in and encouraged others to do as well. The most important day for fasting during Dhul Hijjah comes on the 9th day, the day of Arafah, where 2 years’ worth of sins will be forgiven in light of fasting.

Can you fast on second day of Eid?

Eid al-Fitr is celebrated for one to three days, depending on the country. It is forbidden to fast on the Day of Eid, and a specific prayer is nominated for this day.

Can you fast the day after Eid ul Adha?

Days when fasting is forbidden

Eid al-Adha and three days following it, because Muhammad said “You are not to fast these days. … al-‘As said that he heard Muhammad say “Verily, Friday is an eid (holiday) for you, so do not fast on it unless you fast the day before or after it.”

Which day of Shawwal is today?

Islamic Date Today in India is 01 Rabi Al-Akhar 1443 as of 07 November, 2021.

When can you start fasting after Eid?

Fasting is an act of worship and devotion and can be performed in the first nine days for those not taking part in the Hajj. Muslims must not fast on the 10th day, which is when Eid ul Adha celebrations begin. Islamic scholars are unanimously agreed that it is haram (forbidden) to fast on the day of Eid ul Adha.

Which Islamic month is this in Pakistan?

The Islamic year starts with Muharram, and Gregorian starts with January. The Islamic months are Muharram, Safar, Rabi al-awwal, Rabi al-thani, Jumada al-awwal, Jumada al-thani, Rajab, Shaban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul Qadah & Dhul Hijja.

How do you make up missed Ramadan fasts?


Fasting is not a form of worship that one can perform on another’s behalf. So if a loved one passed away and he or she had days of Ramadan to make up, the family members should pay the redemption fee (fidyah) for the days missed on behalf of their deceased.

How do you compensate Ramadan fasting?

The month of Ramadan is a time for purification and reflection when all able Muslims should fast and abstain from vices. If you are not able to fast, you must either pay Fidya or Kaffarah to make up for each missed fast.

What is the meaning of Kaffarah?

By Language Kaffarah means “a trait that tends to the expiation or atonement of sin”. By Technique, it means a determined penalty that is done expiation for sin.

Are you allowed to brush your teeth when fasting?

Brush your teeth while you fast during Ramadan, but be careful that you don’t swallow anything. You can use any fluoride toothpaste, but make sure you don’t gulp it down. It is important that dental hygiene is paid heed to as one follows a strict regime during the holy month of Ramadan.

When can I shave after Eid ul Adha?

Why it is important not to trim/shave after 1st Dhul-Hijja

He considered trimming the moustache and beards before the first day of DhuI-Hijja to be Fitrat (Deen). This means that all the Muslims across the globe have to follow this before September 2, ten days before Eid-ul-Azha.

Can you listen to music in Ramadan?

During Ramadan, it is generally best to refrain from listening to music loudly. It may offend those who are fasting. However, it is acceptable to listen to music on your smartphone or iPod with the aid of headphones. … Also, don’t play loud music in your car.

Can I fast if I missed Sehri?

There is no mention in hadith or Qur’an which says, if one does not wake up for sehri they are exempt from fasting that day. If a Muslim does not eat suhoor, this is not a valid reason for being excused from fasting. … Not keeping the fast deliberately because of forgetfulness, a mistake or laziness is a sin.

How many Takbeer in Eid ul Fitr prayer?

Eid-e-Salat consists of two rak’ahs in which you have to say twelve takbeers in total. For now, as advised by Islamic scholars, people can offer Eid ul Fitr prayer at home. Once, you have offered the prayer, you can start your Eid celebrations in accordance with the government’s guidelines!

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